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Releana Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) based diet is one of the more contentious diets out there. There have been an assortment of other weight management plans associated with diet pills, but this one in particular has been known to cause a bit of an uproar, if not more so. There are those that would stand by what this is marketed to do, asserting that this is the true answer to weight loss. There are others however, who question the diet plan that goes along with the use of HCG drops. Releana is a product that utilizes this weight loss plan.

Since being released, it seems as if the company has fallen on somewhat hard times, as the website that this was featured on is now up for sale. There is still information regarding this diet plan on the internet, but information on it is more scarce than it once was. So what is the whole story about this weight loss plan?

Does it work in an optimal manner? Or does it leave anything that would be desired? These issues will be dissected in the following article.

What is it?

Releana is a weight loss liquid which is unlike diet pills, shakes, creams and teas that are available on the market. At one point in time there was a website that featured this product and everything that it was asserted to be able to accomplish. Yet when I search it up now, I get a plethora of third party references, but not the original. It is believed that with use of Releana, as well as incorporating an incredibly low calorie diet, that a subtraction in overall pounds on the body is but inevitable.

There are other HCG diets out there, but what makes Releana unique from the pack, is that whereas other HCG plans get you to use the product and then rest for a duration of time, Releana instead urges its users to keep on going until their target weight is reached. It was asserted that this was initially created from the CEO of the company witness the effects that this weight loss product could potentially give people after visiting a small village in South Africa. The way that Releana is alleged to contribute to weight management, is through quashing the appetite and setting the metabolic rate on reset, so therefore it will run more efficiently than it had been prior to implementing Releana.

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However despite this, there is no mention on a possible elevation of energy levels, no manipulation of the metabolic rate through thyroid support, thermogenesis or otherwise, and no talk of how annihilating deposits of fat would occur, or for that matter, how exercise plays a factor, if at all. It instead focuses solely on the two aforementioned points.

Who makes it?

The company that was known to make Releana went by the name of Millennium Medical Spa LLC. Unfortunately, the company’s official website is no longer available. When checking LinkedIn, I was able to find that the company’s CEO has started another company named Releana Corporation, but as before, I was unable to find any information pertaining to this company, notwithstanding the CEO. I am not sure what happened to this company, but it doesn’t seem to have stood the test of time in a superb manner, as there is less information about it available than before. Of what I was able to find, are addresses within Orange County, California, but this hasn’t gotten me any further than where I originated.

Does Releana  work?

The Releana diet plan insists that its users consume only 500-800 calories a day, which is supposed to be used in conjunction with the Releana product. The problem that I have hear is that, if a user is going to stop their usual habits and only consume this much, well then of course there will be a drop in weight! Because of this, it can’t really be said for sure that it really is the HCG drop that is working or the incredibly restrictive diet plan. The other problem with such a diet plan, is that essentially, it is a diet based on starvation. While aesthetically this may seem to work, the problem is that after the diet is done, the weight will most likely return to normal. There is also an issue with the deficiencies in vital nutrients, minerals and vitamins that would come along with implementing such a diet. It is true that there is an emphasis on making sure that the food that is consumed is full of the aforementioned essential substances, but on a diet so low on calories, I find it hard to believe that this will work as it should. There have been some clinical studies on this concoction, but they have not correlated well with the assertions that have been made about Releana.

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Releana Ingredients and Dosage

The primary ingredient within Releana is HCG, also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin. This is a hormone that is produced during the period of time a woman is pregnant. This is to be used in conjunction with the calorie deficient diet plan that has made this product and other HCG products notorious. Users are instructed to use 2 sprays of the drops, in an ideal world, with 12 hours separating the administrations. The spray is to be administered under the tongue, and it is to be held there for a duration lasting 3 minutes. While there is a diet plan, there is no exercise regimen included with this product.

There was no ingredient label available for this product.

Are there potential side effects?

On a macro level, Releana has been acknowledged to be pretty free of adverse reactions. However that is not the same as being completely free of side effects. There are users who have reported flu like symptoms, problems sleeping (insomnia) as well as headaches. Early puberty was reported to been caused by administering Releana into prepubescent boys. In rare circumstances, Releana has cause multiple pregnancies, as well as ovarian hyperstimulation in some female users. It is important to be aware that Releana has not been tested in the long run, and as such, there may be unknown complications that may arise from this product’s use. Because of the deficit on calories that is to go alongside Releana use, it is not recommended that women who are breastfeeding or in stages of pregnancy to use this product. Moreover, people who have pre-existing health conditions or who are on other forms of medication are advised to consult a doctor about using this diet drop and plan.

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There are many people that may have become weary with impotent diet pills that they seem to spend enormous amounts of money on. An HCG drop with it’s accompanying diet plan may seem like the answer people have been looking for. However, I would not advise using this, as if any subtraction in pounds does happen, this may mainly be attributed to the diet plan being so low on calorie intake on a daily basis. There is no real evidence that the actual diet drop will operate as it is intended to. All that will most likely happen, is that people will lose weight because they are not eating as much. Once they have obtained the weight that they have set as a target, there is a high possibility that the user may revert back to their previous lifestyle habits, thereby negating any progress that was made. There is also the danger that the user will become vastly deficient in minerals, vitamins and nutrients that have been left out of their diet due to the diet plan. While definitely an intriguing take on weight loss, I cannot recommend that people try this. Instead, there are conventional methods that are proven to be much more dynamic and that won’t restrict an individual’s lifestyle in such a drastic way. To achieve weight loss there are sacrifices that need to be made. However, unless you are trying to lose weight due to severe health complications, that doesn’t mean that the very nature of your everyday life needs to be overhauled.

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