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Relacore Extra Review – Is Relacore Extra Safe for You?

Spot reduction weight loss has always come and vanished as a strategy to shape the body, adding to this brand is information detailing this intention are quite clear. Still, some brands for weight shedding account for this by claiming theirs is the true spot reduction product you’d always needed. It sounds like an enticing option at first notice, to believe one can pinpoint and access the layers of fat and make a part of the body really shine. It means one can expect a lot of results to appear fit specifically in one singled out area.

What is now an important key point of focus is discussing how this can be achieved? Perhaps with the all new and established developments in the field of science it is now a distinct possibility. What has to be fostered is a grand understanding of the evidence presented.

It is grand because there is an immense amount of things needing strict research. Fortunetly you can peer into the expectations the real situation in this outline.

What is it?

Looking to get rid of belly fat? Well apparently that is the main focus for this brand that has this statement littered all other their website. Of course less belly fat means overall less weight in the body, but particularly this brand works as a spot reduction technique.  So what is the main target of this brands claims? It’s essentially to help one better deal with the stress which leads to weight gain. This is certainly true that when one deals with a lot of stress it greatly reduces quality of life and makes it hard to lose weight even when one is dieting and exercising. In fact stress is one hard to deal with negative that can effect the body in viscous ways.  So this brand which claims to be America’s number one belly fat reducing pill was created to reduce the stress factor that leads to weight gain. Most importantly however is how did they figure out they were the number one provider of belly fat reducing pills? However this was discovered needs to be figured out in some sort of noticeable statistics. It’s these type of statements that make it hard to take a company seriously. However they still deserve a fair shake and therefore much more is needed in order to know about this brand.

The company has a newspaper looking article which mentions how it was originally intended to be a “good feeling providing” pill. Their words not mine. Apparently the news started reporting how stress was linked to overall weight gain. This company decided to change their marketing to add belly fat reduction was possible. They also added that recently they have added another component to their weight loss pills. Another new study came out which showed that a reduction of stress also increased the likelihood of graceful aging and a more youthful appearance and presence. So now they add this product is beneficial for helping tackle any of the effects that result from natural aging. So far it seems like the company is pretending to be modest and that somehow their formula has always been capable of so much more.

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This is a bit odd though, why would they brag about being ignorant enough to not know the full capabilities of their supplements? Either way we now have much more information to base our research on.

With that provided now it’s time to really dig deep into the roots of Relacore Extra.

Who makes it?

Utah founded Carter-Reed company has made this brand. They are currently in the midst of more than one class action lawsuit for claims that the company falsely labeled their products.  One winning lawsuit against the company made it possible for customers of the brand to receive compensation for the weight loss claims that were unproven.

It’s these types of false marketing campaigns that calls into question just how faithful these manufacturers are to providing truth. Due to this one has to maintain a watchful eye as to avoid any other improper dealings that the company may dish out.  This lawsuit came out in 2023 and customers received compensation. Right now there is another pending lawsuit for the company but documents as to what the official details have not been released yet.

Does Relacore Extra work?

A full 97 disgruntled customers beg to differ on this products intended beneficial aspects. Many have left angry reviews claiming they were duped into believing they would have changes. Of these 97 there were reports of no results at all happening and instead just lead to another host of issues I’ll discuss in the side effects column.

So unfortunately these customers were left without any changes and since so many have reported this exact same finding, it’s really a bad sore spot for the company. Clearly much more is needed to be acknowledged in order to satisfy customer demands for meaningful progress. It’s not a coincidence that 97 customers have reported no results. Something is clearly up as of all the supplements I’ve reviewed, this one ranks as one of the highest in lacking customer support. In fact it’s one of the very few that consistently has the exact same type of review.

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Relacore Extra Ingredients and Dosage

For unknown reasons the manufactures have plainly refused to add any of their ingredients on their website. These ingredients were hidden and hard to source and luckily someone added an image to show what was inside. It really is strange that the company would not want to at least describe what the key components where in this brand. They do not even provide an accurate dosage although it does say a serving is about 3 pills worth. Without fully knowing what to expect on this front it really brings a lot of mystery that should be figured out before purchase. Customers have the right and duty to know exactly what they’re putting into their bodies. This type of blind taking of a supplement is not only risky but really foolish. Why would you trust any company that avoids giving an accurate listing? Too many red flags are raised when this occurs and unfortunately this product has a lot that needs explaining in detail.

Looking at the ingredients for this product one notices a lot of vitamins and minerals including a ton of ingredients:


Are there possible side effects?

Some weird side effects have been reported that are not common in any other supplement I’ve reviewed. Some reports have noticed an increase in acne with a decrease in hair loss. It’s unclear how this is possible by looking at the ingredient profile. There are some huge amounts of vitamins added which are mostly flushed out through ones urine. Since the proprietary blend of main active ingredients features a lot of ingredients it does remain a possibility that a overconsumption of a particular additive could have caused these negative impacts.

Such is the nature of a proprietary blend that features so many of these ingredients. It really takes away all the information gathering a savvy researcher can do. Since anything in excessive amounts may cause a detrimental effect one is left to conclude that there is a potential imbalance that occurs when taking this brand. This is another red flag added to the multiple red flag flurries now accumulated on my research of this brand.

Making sure one gets a solid product without side effects is now entirely possible.


At the very least there is information that leads to fully realize this product clearly does not cut it.  All the overwhelming reviews on the negative spectrum make it a clear decision. Not only does this product disappoint so many customers, but it has too much to brag about with very little to produce. No proof is provided to back up the lofty claims.

Looking at the company and their history it becomes clear they have lied to customers in order to turn a profit. This was settled and they had to dish out settlement money to customers who purchased their items during a certain period. This is now seen in their new marketing which claims it can get rid of belly fat. This broad statement is not satisfied anywhere. Not only do they fail to add any studies where this occurred but they fail to even give a valid reason as to how this product is better than any other one. They are well known for claiming to spot reduce belly fat but this is more of a marketing gimmick then anything. Spot reduction has been proven time and time again to be kind of a joke. So the fact that this brand focuses its existence on this claim make it easy to see how they fail.

So with all the negative reviews, lacking evidence, history of class action lawsuits, unexplained nutrition facts it’s now quite easy to see. This brand fails to provide anything substantial to the table.

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