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Relacore Extra Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Whether female or male, the one area that people most wish to see a change in when they want to slim down, is around their abdomen. Everyone dreams of having a flat, toned midsection, but alas, many find it much harder to obtain than they may think. While diet and exercise are important, there may be other factors at play that keep the layer of fat around the stomach muscles thicker than it should be. It is because of this that people end up turning to diet pills as a way to alleviate themselves of this problem that so plagues them.

That’s the case with Relacore Extra’s argument. The diet pill proclaims that stress plays a gigantic role in preserving belly fat to stick around, rather than melt off. With this in mind, it targets people who want to find themselves away from this midsection excess, and get healthier as well.

So can this product aid people in finding a thinner, happier version of themselves? The following article will answer this question.

What is it?

This concoction is a diet pill that alleges that it may help incinerate belly fat where it exists. It does this by elevating the state of mind in the user. With mood that is no longer stressed out, the user is then more able to burn off excess fat storages that would otherwise still exist.

The diet pill also asserts that in addition to this, it’s users may get a burst of energy, which helps combat the effects of fatigue. While this may all sound amazing, the company that has produced this product has faced lawsuits on false advertising of this product in particular. And with this blend costing $59.95, it made me more than second guess if throwing down the money was really worth it.

While it is true that there are references provide on the official website, these references however are in relation to aging and stress and not belly fat and stress.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

I searched for any information that the website could provide that stress and belly fat were linked, by no data was provided. Top Rated Products don’t have such a lack of information.

Who makes it?

Relacore Extra is manufactured by the Carter Reed Company, which has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah. The company does have a website, but when I was researching I found that it was currently not available.

When doing an internet search on this company, I found that there have been complaints pertaining to false advertising that was done, specifically in regards to Relacore Extra and other products that also go by it’s name. These cases were settled as of 2023, but personally it doesn’t help assuage any concerns I have about this product.

Past this I could not find much more information on this company. Relacore Extra’s website doesn’t feature any information about the company either. I always get a bad feeling when encounter companies that withhold information about themselves. I always think, if they are withholding this information, what else may they be hiding from consumers? I can’t confirm anything with solid evidence, but it does come off as fishy to me.

Does Relacore Extra work?

From what I could gather from the reviews that are available on this product, people have seen a change in their overall state of mind, which is beneficial. However, there were no substantial reports about anyone seeing any change in the fat around their abdomen, or for that matter in weight loss in general.

When looking into the specific ingredients, I can’t say that it was much of a surprise. Phosphatidylserine may help reform memory disorders, however it has no connection to weight management. Similarly poria is known to remedy skin ailments, but again, it has no real connection to weight loss either. Ingredients in Top Rated Products are always centered around weight loss.

These impotent ingredients are covered up by the other substances that go into this concoction. There are an array of minerals and vitamins such as Zinc, Vitamin B12, niacin and calcium that act as a veil and which all are undeniably healthy. But just because something is healthy, that doesn’t mean that it supports the ultimate goal of what a diet pill should be centered around: weight loss.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

While this diet pill may have users feeling more positive and inadvertently acts as a multivitamin, I cannot say that it will help anyone lose any weight.

Relacore Extra Ingredients and Dosage

Users are informed to take 2 pills twice daily with water.

  • Ascorbic acid- 1000 mg
  • Calcium carbonate- 100 mg
  • Thiamin- 15 mg
  • Riboflavin- 15 mg
  • Niacin- 50 mg
  • Pyridoxine HCl- 10 mg
  • Folic Acid- 400 mcg
  • Cyanocobalamin- 10 mcg
  • Biotin- 150 mcg
  • Magnesium Oxide- 100 mg
  • Zinc- 10 mg

Proprietary Blend:                                   240 mg

  • Passionflower powder- N/A
  • Magnolia (bark) powder- N/A
  • Chinese skullcap- N/A
  • Poria extract- N/A
  • Jujube extract- N/A
  • Perilla extract- N/A
  • Phosphatidylserine-               N/A


Are there potential side effects?

For the most part Relacore Extra is relatively free of side effects. But relatively free isn’t the same as completely free. Asian ginseng has been known to cause hypertension, dizziness, headaches, hypoglycemia, itching diarrhea and mood swings. In severe cases this may also cause damage to the liver. It is not advised to take this seedling for a duration that exceeds 6 months.

Chinese Skullcap is another ingredient that may adversely affect people who take it. There have been reports of the liver or lungs becoming inflamed from use of this plant substance. As such people who have liver conditions are not recommended to take this product.

It has also been expressed that women who are either currently pregnant or nursing should avoid use of this product.


While there is no doubt that there are substances in this product that are necessary for overall health to remain optimal, what we aren’t looking for is a multivitamin, but a diet pill. It’s on this front that this product fails. It doesn’t contain ingredients that are known to assist people in shedding off weight, but instead contains substances that are known to elevate mood. In my opinion this is a bit of a trap, because if you are feeling happy, well then you are going to perceive yourself to be losing more weight than you actually are.

Furthermore, the website for this product fails to provide any substantial scientific evidence to support any of its assertions. Stemming from a company that already has a history of issues with it’s marketing claims, I’d say it’d be best if you save the $60 it’s going to cost to buy this product for something that is actually proven to work.

Top Rated Products are known to be more potent, and leave less of a dent in your wallet as well.

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