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Reductil Review – Is Reductil Safe for You?

Finding the proper solution in the vast field of weight loss can take a lot of time wasting trail and of course, error. Prescription weight loss appears to be the ultimate solution for those who can handle what it entails. There is natural solutions that work though many believe that a prescription would be optimal. This more depends on the body and what one is apt to handle. Since there is a host of potential side effects one must review this fact to understand what can possibly occur.

One benefit from prescriptions is that whichever country of origin the manufacturer exists in, they are subject to some very strict testing. Often it is seen that plenty is revealed on what is possible and most likely to occur, though it is often tricky to read.

So setting aside the time consuming aspect this outline solely has the details you are in search of. It breaks down all the science behind what has been in place without bias and with a clear understanding.

What is it?

Standing as a prescription drug intended to handle obesity, Reductil is the UK name given to this drug which is also named Sibutramine. It does not currently have an official website as it has been banned from being used in the UK since about 2023. However it still makes the rounds and is available on many different websites. The idea behind the drug is to give relief to those who have a body mass index 30 or higher, or 27 and higher if one is experiencing an obesity related diseases.  Due to it being prescription only it also has a series of tests performed on it to ensure only the right people are meant to consume it. For people who do not meet the scale of obesity, this drug was not created with the intention or any other form of use beyond those who fit the scale on the body mass index.

The drug works almost immediately with reports on it seeing a 1 hour time frame where the effects begin to work.  It has its impact on the brain and it manipulates the “good feeling” hormones in the brain such as serotonin and dopamine. It basically is intended to help reduce the rate of hunger, tricking the brain into thinking it is satisfied and not in hunger mode.  However it still isn’t a wonder drug that requires no maintenance whatsoever. One must watch out for the intake of calorie rich foods. Also exercise is a necessary addition to this drug which is not intended to be consumed for a long time. It can only be taken in short periods and of course it must be taken under the supervision of a medical professional.

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This however can no longer happen in most countries as it is banned in most major places in the world including the US. Though because it is available online on certain 3rd party redistributors, it still deserves a fair shake. So peeling back the layers one sees a lot of information available for Reductil.

Who makes it?

2 different makers had their hand on this drug but the last one to own and manufacture it were the pharmaceutical giant Abbott Laboratories.  They’ve been a heavy hitting player in the making of drugs since 1888, beginning in Illinois.  Some of their major developments have been an HIV treatment drug as well as a series of meal replacement shakes named Ensure.

In 2023 they were hit with a $1.3 billion dollar mandatory settlement in the US for their role in illegally marketing their epilepsy drug in over 24 states. Still as of this writing it is the 3rd biggest dealing of a settlement in the history of the United States. Also because of this a 5 year investigation and inquiry was demanded on the company itself. Due to the major unproven claims by the company, it caused an uproar for the illegal dealings.

Speaking on the specifics of Reductil, it was banned by several countries for its role in increasing cardiovascular issues and seizures in many documented cases.  This caused first a banning by the FDA for a huge increase in the possibility to experience heart attack and stroke when taking this drug. Even with a doctor’s oversight the drug was seen as being far too damaging in relation to its usefulness.

Does Reductil work?

Since it works so deep in the brain this product will certainly produce results. The issue is however that any changes performed require a complete overhaul of willpower by takers of Reductil. A person can only take it with medical supervision and for a short amount of time. It is not a long term fix that can help reduce weight, it essentially momentarily tricks you into believing you’re not as hungry as you think you are.

Looking at many of the reviews people have reported modest changes while others claim it performed well, albeit with the risks associated. So to summarize, it may work for some but only for a short period and with a potential for many risks.

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Safer and legal options are available for proper weight loss in the body.

Reductil Ingredients and Dosage

The ingredient is Sibutramine HCI Monohydrate and it’s intended to be used under the watchful eye of a doctor. Therefore dosing should be discussed with the trained professional. However since it is now only available in the black market, it really becomes hard to know how to take this drug. What is even more troublesome is the legitimacy of buying this drug is no longer valid. One has to essentially buy from an illegal source if you reside in one of the many countries that have banned it. So realistically getting your hands on it is not only hard, but dosage strengths cannot be administered through a legal backing.

This product goes by many names, but the ingredients are the same. So this label doubles as an almost direct copy of Reductil:


Are there possible side effects?

There is quite a lot of potential damage one can do on their bodies with this drug. It would take too long to measure out all the side effects but I’ll report the most prominent.  There’s risk for potential seizure, kidney issues, heart attack, stroke, depression, increased heart and blood rate, anxiety and a pins and needles sensation. Of course all this has been felt by numerous customers as many reviews left online showcase just how potentially harmful the drug is.

What really distinguishes it is the fact that it was banned in many countries due to its potential for serious health risks. Usually a product that was once legal, and is now illegal has a high amount of potential failure in its structure. If one were to take in a supplement or other medication it also increases the potential risk for damage. So while the product has many potential side effects even in proper dosage strengths, it quickly gets increased when combined with other substances. Fortunately all the side effects have been listed on many drug information websites because this drug has been heavily studied.

Laundry lists full of side effects are not a necessary detriment when you consider the Top Products.


It’s unsettling to see as how there are still people online who market and sell this product. Not only has it been barred from use in many places since 2023 but it has been noted to cause a series of potential negatives. Unfortunately the drug continues to be sold in the black market. This is unfortunate as it was banned for a reason. It simply had far too many potential negatives in the eyes of government organizations including the FDA. So while it was once used under the guidance if a medical professional, not it is illegal to carry.

What makes it even more of an unusual thing is that it is only intended for a short term benefit that goes away once you stop supplementing with it. So it’s more of a tease as opposed to a real solution to a reduction in weight. Real changes still have to be added however including diet and exercise which is mandatory. Of course this drug does have some effect on appetite. However many other substances that are legal, cheaper, and safer can provide more substantial effects for real weight reduction.

The possible negative complications led to it being banned, and it still remains an issue. Many of the noted side effects before the ban were already a big issue that made it really uncomfortable to sample. However once it became clear there was a rise in heart attacks and stroke, the product was effectively taken off the shelves. This of course has not barred this drug from existing as shady websites still illegally sell the product. Adding to the frustration is the fact that those who sell it claim there are no side effects and that the drug is well taken. One quick search on the web stops this in its tracks. Not only has it shown potential for damage but it was banned because of it.

Much better wholesome options exist that are not only legal, but with customers who back up their use.

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