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RealDose Review – Is RealDose Safe for You?

When a medical professional gives their positive input it makes a product seem all of a sudden substantially more significant. Especially when you are faced with a supplement for losing weight, you cannot help but feel like one will benefit with much more than a non recommended brand. Still, what is mandatory before assuming it is meant to produce results is of course, a knowledge of the product and the company. The past has shown that a recommendation can simply be a business investment. Just like spokespersons, an exchange of money is done to garner their support.

So more important to the decision making is for you to understand what the company history and qualifications are of a product. If the ingredients are sound then surely there is much more to be expected.

If however it falls under question then the answer is easy to figure out, you’re paying for marketing. So to give you the distinguishing results RealDose has been broken down to its real components, all reviewed here.

What is it?

A series of medical doctor backed supplements intended to be all natural, based in science and studied in clinical trials. The intention is to help provide supplementation for weight loss, omega 3’s, and meal supplements that are actually sampled on humans. On the first paragraph explanation for these products it mentions how their supplements exist are actually tested on real people. The overall pitch is that supplements are often tested with certain ingredients that are stronger than what other company’s add..  Also added is the idea that by the time companies figure out pricing,  many brands feature inferior or substitute ingredients based off a stronger more wholesome source. These particular supplements are intended to house all the original ingredients in real studies performed, to help customers feel safe and secure in getting the most potent stuff available. Adding to the allure is that the company adds a money back guarantee on all the statements they make. So if one doesn’t experience what the company promises then one receives their money back.  However diet and exercise are still mandatory in order to experience results. It’s uncertain how much is needed but this in some ways can take away from the guarantee of promised results.

One interesting and unique aspect of the company is that they claim their products run a so called “Mom Test”. It essentially means they would never offer any of these products to people unless they were willing to give it to their own mothers. It’s a bit of a corny sentiment and there isn’t any way to actually know if this is true. However with a 365 day money back guarantee the company does seem to at least acknowledge that some people may not appreciate the supplements.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Overall by examining the product on the front end it appears they spend a lot of time reassuring customers that these supplements will work. They add never before seen guarantees and make some giant claims that look like the company means business. It’s not often a company will make the claim that their product is the most science backed, pure, and most original all in one. So it now becomes important to figure out, how exactly does it and will it work?

Who makes it?

RealDose Nutrition LLC comes out of the state of Colorado. As of this writing there really isn’t much details about the company’s practices. This makes it hard to know if they actually honor their hard to believe money back guarantee.

What is known however is that it has a doctor’s recommendation, in fact Dr. Steven Sisskind, a family medicine doctor claims clinical research went into each of their ingredients. What is odd is the fact a that a family doctor would be involved in the making of supplements intended for weight loss and brain health. Also the supplements here are not all clinically researched by the company itself. Instead they take into account past research and use it to push their own individual products.

Stated on the company “About Us” section there is mention that the company strives to improve health products to better people’s lives. This can be seen with their complementary “health plan” which incorporates information for both stress management and dietary advice. One of the reasons they company adds this is because the supplements they offer are intended to go alongside a healthy lifestyle change in all facets of health. For $280 a month customers also have access to 30 minutes of one on one sessions for an additional $70 for each session. It’s unknown if the quality of information is any good as no reviews on this information currently exist online.

Does RealDose work?

30 negative reviews on their omega 3 formula beg to differ on the company’s products being useful. About 31 people on a company review site add that they did not like their other products either because it didn’t do as much as it claimed, or that it it did nothing at all.  There are even a few claims of the money back guarantee being worthless and that the company is running a scam because of their lies. It’s unknown if this has been verified and since not much information exists on the company, though it definitely becomes important to watch out for the claims of it working being truthful.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Customer approved brands offer much more in the field of weight loss.

RealDose Ingredients and Dosage

A basic rundown of the ingredients are as follows. There’s a patented version of black pepper for better absorption of the ingredients. A patented caffeine version of green coffee, essentially an immature coffee bean that is high in antioxidants and has thermogenic calorie burning properties. Dolichos Biflorus is a seed intended to reduce body fat, it has shown some potential for reducing weight in clinical trials.  Rhodiola has been added here which is a natural herb intended to improve overall mood and to prevent depression. Finally a leaf extract in the form of betel is intended to improve digestion and oddly enough it increases appetite.

While the company offers some studies to show how these ingredients work it still remains to be seen how their other formula’s beyond their omega 3 work. Looking at this label by itself it appears there is only 2 basic weight loss formula ingredients added here. What causes concern is that the product costs $67 for a month’s supply. One also has to tack themselves unto a contract for a month in order to receive the product. With the lack of knowledge on the assurance of a money back policy it them becomes a potential issue.

The clear labeling for the supplement facts are as follows:


Are there possible side effects?

Some concern is raised by the addition of betel extract. It has shown the potential to be harmful towards a person’s DNA. Other of the ingredients have not had a long enough study time to ensure of potential long term effects. Therefore it becomes important to track and monitor one’s individual response in order to ensure one is consuming these supplements with the utmost of caution.

More backed up knowledge is is available from the supplements that are available now.


There certainly is a uniquely marketed product being sold here, one that claims many different unique strategies unseen in many supplement company’s. Also the product themselves do have some interesting ingredients added intended to be as original to the clinical trials it markets itself over. So by doing this it at least has something to show for itself by following supposed guidelines set forth by some studies products.

After taking a closer look at the company the reality comes out however. There have been more concerned and alarmed customers as opposed to the few in favor of this company. Looking at the ingredients of their weight loss formula confirms the fact with some ingredients that are promising but not as potent as needed. This can be seen with the realization that customers must add diet and exercise in order to see any results. So not only does there have to be additional maintenance but it downgrades the money back guarantee offered. The guarantee is made in order to make people feel secure and less likely to not purchase. However if the guarantee is over results, the company can argue that the lack of results is due to customer laziness and not lack of effectiveness of the ingredients. Also a few of the customers left online reports of not being able to actually return the product with their money intact.

Since there isn’t much information provided by the company and most of the reviews left are negative, it’s hard to see how effective and useful the products really are. Only having a strong pitch is not enough to satisfy demand. Much more is needed and should be provided in order for customers to feel like they are receiving their money’s worth. Also worth adding is the endorsement of a doctor who does not have a background in the field of weight loss. It then calls into account the overall appeal of these supplements.

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