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Raspberry Ultra Drops Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

With new ideas for supplements in various different forms it makes for an appealing assortment. For example this brand of drops are presented in a unique fashion that on first glance make it seem like a medical prescription. It is seldom seen finding a supplement for weight reduction come via a droplet container. Since it is unlike the common capsules or pills it appears to be different from the pack. Still being unique is not the only thing needed to satisfy real knowledge of whether or not results are to be found.

So by looking at this guide you can feel secure in reading all about what Raspberry Ultra Drops can do. The information gathered and pooled is here in full to give you the satisfactory tools to make a choice to meet your unique characteristics.

So you can truly know and define your own demands instead of being lost in the sea of weight loss. With many different sources of information only the most essential is featured in this outline.

What is it?

Vials of this liquid formula exist which are meant to help satisfy customers demands for weight loss. Also said to be a part of this mix the ability to lose 1 to 2 pounds daily. This has to be one of the loftiest claims ever reported on a weight loss product, if it’s true this product is truly groundbreaking and capable of great things. Their key selling point is that they are introducing Raspberry Ketones as the main player in this formula. Due to it being added to a liquid vial, it is supposed to be 500 times more effective than supplements. This is all according to the marketing behind this product though no emphasis is given as to how this is possible. Already there are a lot of claimed possibilities here that seem too good to be true. In order to give the company a fair shake there still has to be a thorough review which I have mapped out in its entirety.

There is also the touted ability that this product is completely natural and completely safe for any and all.  Antioxidants are said to work here alongside detoxing ingredients.  All this comes together to help promote muscle gains, keep stabilized energy and even reduce any hunger pains.  One is supposed to receive all this with a permanent staying power. This is also included as a benefit, the ability for this product to permanently cause weight loss. The company keeps adding to their marketing campaign that these results will stick forever. However all these claims seem good on the surface, but no evidence is provided to suggest how it can possibly stay permanent. If one eats a lot won’t the weight return back? It’s confusing to be sure but still we have a uniquely marked weight loss product in the form of liquid droplets.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

So further examination is needed to really maintain a proper backing, let’s see exactly what is uncovered behind Raspberry Ultra Drops.

Who makes it?

This has to be a first where a company refuses to give their name or identification of any sort to contact them. All that is known about the whereabouts of this company is that they run out of Salt Lake City, Utah. There is a terms and conditions section on the website that remarks there is no money back or return for any products. So for any reason if one were to not experience results or have any issue at all, one would stick with the charge given by the makers. Whoever they may be.

After doing some research it became very clear why the company has gone incognito and refuses to hand out even basic essential details. It is because there have been countless customers leaving behind review on complaint and scam finder websites about this company’s practices. In fact there wasn’t one positive review in the sea of many to show that this company delivers in on their promises.

One of the major concerns customers had that echoed loud and often was that there is an auto billing practice applied to their products. This form of monthly billing is essentially an exclusive contract pinning customers to a monthly subscription. Once your financial information is given the company keeps billing according to several disgruntled customers who purchased this product. To add even more unnecessary insult to injury most of the complaints are from people adding they were charged without ever receiving the product. In fact many of the customers add they have tried countless times to try and stop the company from charging their credit cards.  Adding to the concern is the fact a quick search on Raspberry Ultra Drops has more claims as to scam claims than anything else.

Does Raspberry Ultra Drops work?

No form of proof is added or even any type of customer testimonials are offered up as proof. So without being able to examine the information all that one can do is look at the reviews on other sites to check if it actually serves a purpose.

Well by looking at other reviews it’s really impossible to know what if any effect this product may have. Most of the focus has been on either complaints of this company running a scam or claims people tried the product with no effect. Until more is published by the makers it makes it really an impossible task to find out if it actually works.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Far more responsive products are available now.

Raspberry Ultra Drops Ingredients and Dosage

There’s a few standard ingredients but without a notice of how much of each is added. There is some details about what each ingredient is meant to do. For example their green tea has thermogenic properties intended to burn off calories much quicker.  African mango also is included here as well as raspberry ketones of course. However the company does not add any details of how much each has.

What is offered by the company is that this product loses its abilities to lead to weight loss after 60 days. So this is intended to be cycled according to the makers. As far as proper dosing there isn’t anything else added other than to include diet and exercise for results.

An accurate up to date listing of Raspberry Ultra Drops can be seen in full:


Are there possible side effects?

Without knowing how much of each ingredient is inside one can only speculate as to what the most fully developed risk factors are. So to simplify it does have green tea without expressing the full caffeine content. Stimulants of this kind can be potentially overwhelming and cause many different issues one would do best to avoid. This includes headaches, dehydration, insomnia, tremors, fatigue, hyperactivity, sweating, irritability, and difficulty concentrating.  L-tyrosine and L-carnitine both share similar side effects, particularly in large doses(keep in mind this product fails to give full strength). Some of the possible side effects from these two are vomiting, increased nausea, headaches, and joint pain.

Knowing what goes into your body is essential for the avoidance of side effects.


Only when more information is revealed as to what is inside in exact amounts there is too much mystery in this product. Until the company reveals their name it will always cause an issue of mistrust with this brand. Even more alarming is how there is a habitual statement from many customers. Purchasers often report the exact same story in different words, they believe this company is operating a scam. It’s hard to blame these repeat customers when you take the information gathered from other customers. Many have been charged for products never received, while others continue to be charged for months with no way to cancel their monthly charges.

It truly is a gigantic red flag when most customers of this brand do not even remark on the quality, all the attention is paved on understanding how they can stop being charged money. Another giant issue that has yet to be resolved is the claims that this product is federally approved. This is not true as if it were there would be more exposure added to this product. Lies like these are clear violations that the company has yet to correct.

There are some interesting and up and coming ingredients added here. Also many big unfounded claims are added here. Claims of permanent weight loss and that there is up to 2 pounds of daily shedding possible when supplementing. However there is no explanation given as to how this is possible. No form of evidence is given and instead all that the company offers is a marketing campaign that seems too good to be true. In observing all the details provided by online accounts it becomes clear why is seems to seem like a scam. Many people have claimed this to be true, and until further information is handed by the company it is simply too much of a potential risk to ever think it could actually work as described.

Consuming the right products is an easy to accomplish task, take for example the products that are Highly Touted as proper weight loss products.

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