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Raspberry Ketone Review – Is Raspberry Ketone Safe for You?

It cannot be helped with newly introduced ingredients, there is a plenty of devotion on what it is intended to supply and marketing on how beneficial it remains. Often a few papers of research will be cited which are intended to show the masterful nature of an extract. Science has produced new things to sample, and especially flooding the marketplace are the fairly new Raspberry Ketones. Some claim it is powerfully positive at shedding of unsightly pounds.

However raising the truly valuable and important question remains, if Raspberry Ketones can actually produce the results it so often is told to manifest. Also what should one look for? The data to this including many other important insights is now completed. There is substantial and readily present amounts of information that is available. It will grant you the knack to really digest the possibilities and potential of this new extract.

Clearing through the hype will simplify easy the information and allow the proper decision to be an easy choice. So presented here is the potential and reality of Raspberry Ketones.

What is it?

Raspberry Ketones are extracts that give raspberry and other fruits their signature smell. In fact they have been added to things like perfumes and even cosmetics for their alluring smell.  They’ve had a rise in popularity leading to mostly being extracted for the sole purpose of reducing weight, however it has also been linked to reported gains in hair growth in men. It takes a lot of effort to extract it naturally and due to this it sells for over $20,000 per kilogram. Therefore many companies add a synthetic version in order to prevent a huge spike in price.

Due to it’s relatively new use, there’s been a lot of unanswered questions as to the effectiveness for Raspberry Ketones. It sprang into popularity after Dr. Oz advocated for its use.

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However a lot more knowledge needs to be presented before one can make a safe decision on this products use. With that said, there’s plenty of information that has arisen that can be read here.

Who makes it?

Some manufacturers sell this product as a standalone, others include it into their weight loss formula blends. It’s important to watch out for the dosage strength as companies vary from high to significantly low milligrams of this extract. Also due to the nature of processing, one receives a synthetic version of Raspberry Ketones. Therefore one needs to do their own research to ensure one will receive a higher quality brand meant to fit in one’s dietary plan.

Does Raspberry Ketone work?

The intended purpose of the product is to increase the rate of fat breakdown in the body.  It enhances lipolysis which helps increase the effects of the fat loss hormone norepinephrine.  It also helps boost metabolism and regulate blood sugar levels. This has been linked to ketones because of their similar structure such as that of capsaicin found in chili peppers, both of which increase metabolism.  The belief behind it is that the basic metabolic rate would be increased through the day leading to a decline in absorbed calories. These lessened calories then hypothetically lead to less weight gain. Of course this wouldn’t be enough to satisfy customer knowledge of how this product may work. That’s why a study was conducted to test out whether or not this product would be deemed as functional.

There have been studies done on lab rats who were fed a high fat diet and given a huge dose of Raspberry Ketones. The rats who were given the ketones had a reduction of belly and liver fat storage than those who did not receive the dosage.. Though no human studies have been performed some companies offer customer testimonials to showcase effectiveness.

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Raspberry Ketone Ingredients and Dosage

Typically brands will offer a two a day pill strategy for supplementation of this brand. Dosage strength also ranges usually between 100mg to 500mg, depending on the specific provider. There is suggestion however to consult a doctor for certain people whose metabolism needs to be watched out for.  As mentioned before the FDA did approve this product in the GRAS certification. However taking anything in excess can lead to complications. So it is important for one to carefully follow the information provided by manufacturers.

A sampling of a common nutrition facts for Raspberry Ketones is as follows:


Are there possible side effects?

It’s hard to say as many manufacturers have their own version of this formula. Some add extra fat burning properties such as extra stimulants or caffeine.  Some brands that came up that include extra caffeine should be considered carefully as to avoid any possible side effects. Adding caffeine to a weight loss product is not necessary and alternative functioning brands can make this goal happen. Other important factors to consider is if the brand are come from a solid source.

Also due to the nature of this products similarity with synephrine, there is a possibility for it to lead to jitteriness and increased heart rate. While not studies for this yet there is some anecdotal evidence to suggest this may become a factor.  It therefore raises the belief that one should ease into this product as more information is still needed for a responsible opinion.

Other brands may just offer Raspberry Ketones as a stand alone and then it becomes important to understand the quality of the manufacturing process.  For example some brands do not come from a GMP certified facility, GMP meaning the manufacturing process has been seen as a safe ground for processing. It can be tricky having to research the very best products that feature this ingredient.

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Raspberry Ketones have some promising new research to detail how the product works. There has been a rate of decreased fat not just in the stomach but the liver as well in some recorded studies. The product has been declared to be GRAS, which means the FDA ensured the product is “Generally Recognized as Safe”. This ensures the product has to the best of the abilities of the governing body, has not shown any significant warning signs to side effects. However one may still have to check in with one’s doctor to ensure that it does not interfere with any medicine according to online reports. Also the products similarity to another chemical in the body makes it vital for a customer to fully know what to look out for in terms of side effects. Though not guaranteed there is the general belief that there could be some potential side effects. Certain potential effects include a sense of a jump in heart rate or even a sense of jitteriness.

The product is relatively new and it didn’t take off as a weight loss sensation until about 2023.  Considering this fact it is then necessary to find the right source of information, that’s why this review site was created in fact.

With the several brands that market this product,  a thoughtful customer should consider a company’s history and of course reviews like these.  Also it is important to read the labels and ensure the quality of the blend or the extract.

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