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Profibe Review – The Truth About This Product.

In the world of pound destruction very popular items that exist are in the possession of the title of food stand-in drinks. By employing these drinks in replacement of a duo of the meals on your current menu, the pounds you no longer desire to be in possession of will allegedly be banished from your body. The sound of this is ideal pound destruction, if there was no existence of the fact pertaining towards an unreliability in many of these drinks.

Profibe is a food stand-in drink the design of which is to heighten the amount of energization as well as additionally your physical health in a myriad of various ways. Unfortunately, none of these benefits actually include weight loss. While shakes similar to Profibe contain ingredients to act in assistance with destroying hunger for snacks, Profibe is geared more towards alkalizing your blood and improving the way various aspects of your body’s health like your digestive and immune systems function. If you’re still curious about Profibe, read on to discover what I learned about this product.

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What is It?

A prime health concern possessed by people regards their cholesterol. Having high cholesterol makes it possible to be very unhealthy, and people do all kinds of things to lower it, from eating special cereals to taking health supplements. One supplement that’s designed to deplenish your cholesterol is called Profibe. It is a powder lacking in taste and intended to be mixed in with water and consumed to deplenish your cholesterol. In accordance with the official information about Profibe that’s been released, Profibe can impact your health in numerous beneficial methods. One good effect it can allegedly have is eliminating plaque from your arteries which can often be responsible for strokes and heart attacks. Profibe’s creators also say that it can regulate your blood sugar, particularly aiding you if you’re diabetic.

If your desire is to deplenish your cholesterol, Profibe may sound appealing to you. However, that might not be what you want. Instead, your quest might be for a shake or drink that can help eliminate some calories from your diet by replacing the meals you eat. It is my hope that this exposition will help you get a better understanding of what Profibe can and cannot do.

Who Makes It?

The company that makes Profibe is also called Profibe. It was founded in 1993 by two men named Dr. James J. Cerda as well as Charles Burgin, who is an organic chemist. Their profiles on the official Profibe website detail many of the awards they’ve won and medical research reports they’ve published.

Speaking of the official Profibe website, it isn’t great. It’s not laid out in an easily understandable manner. While the Profibe website does contain Profibe’s nutritional information and ingredients, this information posssesses a difficulty to locate. Profibe’s website also contains what seems to be some really long essays written by Cerda and Burgin that it is not in my imagination for any potential customers taking the time to go over. There exists some brief testimonials on the website, but there is an impossibility of being able to know if these reviews are legitimate.

There is a minor amount of contact information so you can at least reach out to Profibe. For example, there is a phone number, a fax number, an email address and a physical address for the company’s location in South Daytona, Florida.

You can buy Profibe directly from its official website. A 2-pack of Profibe costs $37.95. A container of Profibe contains 44 servings, so it should actually last you quite a while. Unfortunately, Profibe doesn’t come with an assurance of your money being returned. It will be impossible for you to obtain a refund if you fail to enjoy Profibe.

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Does Profibe Work?

Many positive testimonials for Profibe exist on its official website, but there’s no possibility know if they come from actual users or if the truth is that they can be revealed as fake reviews posted by the company itself to convince you that you should try Profibe. Fortunately there are more trustworthy reviews on sites like Amazon, written by people who have actually tried Profibe. A lot of these reviews are positive; according to the reviews, Profibe can actually deplenish your cholesterol. However, not a lot of people seem to use Profibe to lose weight, so it may not be a good substitute for high-calorie meals.

Profibe’s Ingredients and Dosage

It took me a while searching on Profibe’s website, but I eventually found where the company listed Profibe’s nutritional information. I’ve reproduced it here so you inspection by yourself is not necessary:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 50 N/A
Calories from fat 5 N/A
Total Fat 0.5 g 1%
Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
Trans Fat 0 g 0%
Cholesterol 0 mg 0%
Total Carbs 7 g 2%
Dietary Fiber 6 g 23%
Protein 4 g 7%

There is some important information we can learn from this. Using this information we can figure out if Profibe can work as a substitute for the meals you eat so you can get less calories and fat. First, let’s see how many calories and how much fat is in Profibe itself.

Calories and Fat:

There are 50 calories in Profibe’s formula. That’s really low for a product that’s supposed to take the place of your meals. Many meal replacement shakes often have up to 150 or 200 calories. Most have at least 90 or 100. Of the 50 calories in Profibe, only 5 come from fat. Since we know that, we can figure out the percentage of fat in a single serving of Profibe. Here’s how to figure out what percentage of a single serving comes from fat:

(Calories from fat ÷ Total calories in the product) x 100 = Percentage of fat

(5 ÷ 50) x 100 = 10%

The FDA says that only products with less than 5% fat in a single serving qualify as low-fat. With 10% fat in a single serving, that means that Profibe doesn’t quite qualify. However, this is a pretty low number when it comes to meal replacement products. If you want a substitute for your meals that doesn’t have a lot of fat in it, you can do much worse than Profibe. Calories and fat aren’t the only things to pay attention to. Since the main draw of Profibe is its fiber, let’s examine its fiber content.


Profibe’s official website talks a lot about how getting healthy amounts of fiber is the key to lowering your cholesterol if it’s too high. Sure enough Profibe contains a pretty good amount of fiber. Profibe contains 6 grams, which should be good for gradually lowering your cholesterol if you take it once or twice a day for a while. This amount also seems like it would help Profibe function as a replacement for the meals you eat. Fiber is usually used in meal substitution drinks in order to keep you full, which is important if you’re going to be skipping meals. With 6 grams of fiber, Profibe would probably do a decent job of keeping your stomach feeling satisfied even with less food.


While meal replacement products use fiber to keep you full, protein can also help with that aspect. More importantly, protein will give you energy and keep you feeling healthy, which is important because eating less food will make you feel a little weak.

While Profibe is in possession of high quantity of fibers, its protein levels are extremely low. It only has 4 protein grams, which is a lot less than most meal substitution drinks, which often have 20 or 25 protein grams. With only about a quarter of that amount, Profibe won’t keep you feeling as strong as other diet drinks.

Next let’s examine Profibe’s ingredients:

Soy protein Guar gum Citrus pectin
Arabic gum Vanilla Calcium

Profibe makes a big deal about being kosher, gluten-free and free of genetically modified organisms, but it is not my preference for there to be soy protein in this formula. A lot of diet drinks and powders use soy as an originating protein source, but it’s actually not as preferable for you as people used to think.

Profibe also mentions that it is not in possession of grapefruit, because apparently the pectin that comes from grapefruit can interfere with different kinds of medication.

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Are There Possible Side Effects?

As mentioned above, the protein in Profibe comes from soy, which isn’t a very healthy source of protein. If you ingest soy protein for too long, it can have negative consequences on your body. Prolonged consumption of soy can weaken your immunal system, and deplenish the hormone amount in your thyroid. Both of these things can lead to serious health complications, so you may want to require caution about how long you take Profibe for.

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Profibe is a supplement to help you deplenish your cholesterol, as a result of fibers in its formula. However, it is also employable as a stand-in for your meals to gradually shed some pounds. The amount of fiber in its formula should be appropriate to keep your stomach feeling satisfied even if you skip meals and eat less food. However, I am bothered by the lack of protein in its formula. Worse, the protein that is in Profibe comes from soy, which isn’t a healthy source of protein. If you’re worried about the consequences of consuming soy protein, you should look for a different product to deplenish your cholesterol or aid you in losing weight.

Our fully approved list of items is present for you to use in your location of superior supplements than this one.

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