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Prime Drive Review – Is Prime Drive Safe?

There is no shortage of weight loss brands that are intended to work on all the facets which can contribute to weight loss. Often you will see the marketing seems to be almost exactly the same. There are claims of supposed fat loss completed through less appetite and a higher metabolism. Ingredients said to do all the necessary aspects that will help you reach weight loss at a level better than any other.

It can be very discouraging when you see the exact same appeals and then to top it off it is hard to know where to start. Are the opinions offered actually real or are they fabricated? Does the supposed weight loss come at a guarantee and if so how likely is the company going to actually give money back in case of an issue?

Well a full examination for the possibilities found in Prime Drive are all outlined in full here.

Measured to give all the best parts and to help you form your own educated decision using all the details presented.

What is it?

An exotic blend of South American based ingredients are said to encompass this weight loss product. The idea behind it is to of course provide energy, fat loss and a higher metabolism all in a few fruity weight loss powders. Orange limeade, strawberry lemon and cherry pomegranate are the flavors provided here.  The clinically tested ingredients have been studied apparently and the results were positive. With weight loss showing in some interesting losses. Apparently 11.44 pounds were lost in 45 days in comparison to the placebo group who only lost 0.66 pounds. Of course it is not clear as to what the exact measurements were in the study. The results were not published but apparently the company claims these results have been published. They have just neglected to provide them for easy viewing. It is also not know what were the ingredients tested.

Really all that is presented above is the only bits of information given by the company. There is a section on the website for written reviews and there is an ingredient listing but they do not add much in terms of how they measured weight loss.

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It is unfortunate because if what they claim is true, then there is some beneficial aspects to be seen which were proven. Still, a solid review is needed in order to help satisfy demands on whether or not Prime Drive is worth the admission.

Who makes it?

The company behind Prime Drive makes a numerous amount of supplements from weight loss products, products for high school age teens, vitamins, sleep aids, digestive aids, and several other products. They have been operational since 2004 and their home base is in the state of Nebraska.

They add in their about us section a detail of what they believe in. It is mentioned that supplements alone are not the root cause of change. Apparently they acknowledge their supplements are intended to be taken alongside diet and exercise routines with lots of hydration and plenty of rest to aid in real gains.

A lawsuit was handed down by another company for patent infringement and the details of the case have not been released in full yet.

Does Prime Drive work?

Well as far as providing their own proof the company has neglected to give the details surrounding the supposed studies.

As far as online reviews there hasn’t been enough customer input to really judge the product. This is a bit of an issue as the product is not brand new so there should be a semblance of an analysis left behind from real customers. It is not a good sign as a quality product at least has some buzz going on.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Results are available when you take the right supplements.

Prime Drive Ingredients and Dosage

First thing to know about it is that the manufacturers add not to take it too close to bedtime as it may impair sleep.  4 hours before bed is the recommended cutoff point due to caffeine.

Green tea, caffeine and guarana are all stimulants. Both guarana and green tea due have antioxidants but their caffeine input should be studied in case of too much stimulatory effects on the body.

Other ingredients include citrus aurantium and theobromine which are both stimulants. Citrus aurantium or bitter orange has been said to produce fat loss with caffeine, but the effects on the heart have been considered to be too much for most people to handle.

Polydextrose and inulin are both form of fiber which are considered cheap, meaning they are easy to manufacture and are often added to processed foods.

CLA has been shown to potentially increase energy in the body while damiana leaf supposedly leads to lessened fatigue However the results on damiana are preliminary and there is not enough evidence to show if it really can do what some claim it can do.

Here is one of the 3 flavors represented which showcase Prime Drive:


Are there possible side effects?

Most definitely there are some potential things you should avoid. First off there is a cocktail of stimulants found inside with guarana, green tea leaf, caffeine, citrus aurantium, theobromine and yerba mate. The idea behind this is to increase metabolism but it has been shown to potentially increase heart rate and blood pressure. The issue of heart rate should not be taken lightly as it has been linked to potential hospitalization in some people. Even those that are used to stimulants it is recognized as not being the most safe combination to put inside your body.

Citrus aurantium and caffeine alone for example has shown potential side effects that have caused people to really lose their wits. So it must be taken with extreme caution if one were to supplement with.

Other possible effects can include anxiety, restlessness, insomnia(which the manufacturers warn to watch out for), sweating, rapid heart rate and mood swings.

Until more is revealed as far as customer reviews it is impossible to know the full extent of issues present here.

Avoiding any adverse side effects is possible while still retaining the fat loss you crave.


There is some interesting qualities behind this product which make it seem very unique. First off they have a lot of promises of fat loss in such a grand manner that it has peaked interest. First off they claim people lost around 11 pounds in just 45 days. However there is no support for this at all. The company makes this claim and provides absolutely no way to reference how this came about. So there is no doubt if they released these findings that people would flock to it. If it has been shown then why wouldn’t the company actually release the information to show how it works? Well much like the rest of the findings it seems to be because it just is not as good as they claim it to be.

The real evidence appears when you look at the ingredients used. Essentially it is a cocktail of stimulants of so many different kinds and any of which are considered by some to be most safe in combination. Now that all these stimulants come together it further causes a risk factor that must be taken seriously. Some of the combinations found here have actually shown to potentially hospitalize people due to an extreme heart rate. So to have this much focus placed on providing all these stimulants cannot be taken lightly, it is potentially dangerous.

Since there is no sufficient amount of customer reviews it also calls into account the quality of the product. Usually a product that makes this many claims backs it up with customer support. This product has no online presence and not much really exists on the way they do business. Finding out whether or not they are legitimate is an important question to answer as it leaves too much doubt as it stands.

Until more is revealed there is no real good reason offered as to how this product will produce good results. Too much speculation exists on the quality and effectiveness.

Quality products are available without the need to sample various potentially harmful products.

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