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Premium Pure Forskolin Review – The Truth About This Product.

With so many dietary supplements available, it may be difficult to discern which ones are truly beneficial for your health and which ones are no better than placebos. One of the biggest areas that this industry is growing, is with all natural substances. Such is the case with Premium Pure Forskolin, which declares that it may have it’s users roasting fat from their bodies without any change in their lifestyles. Sounds pretty miraculous, but can this weight management pill really walk on the water of its assertions? Or will it sink under the weight of allegations that aren’t completely based in truth? Read the article below to find out.

What is it?

It may be a bit confusing when searched up, but there are multiple websites that feature Premium Pure Forskolin. These websites all feature the same product, the difference being what the web address ends in, but it .com, .net or .org. There two websites for Premium Pure Forskolin that end in .net and .org are both blogs for the official website. Very obviously, the way that this product works is by implementing the use of forskolin. This ingredient is asserted to assist in metabolizing fat that has been stored within the body.

The way that Premium Pure Forskolin works, is by stimulating the cAMP, which is a molecule that activates the clemency of a hormone in the thyroid that in turn decimates fat deposits. There is no mention as to how else Premium Pure Forskolin operates to assist weight loss, such as acting as thermogenic agent, heightening energy levels or quashing the appetite. On the note of appetite, one of the three websites that features Premium Pure Forskolin does mention that this feature does also happen with use of this product, as well as elevating the state of mind. This however was not replicated in the other websites, so it leads me to believe that this particular website is just saying that forskolin does this so as to increase their sales numbers.

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Contra to other weight management supplements, Premium Pure Forskolin may be acquired with the lack of a prescription. It is widely available, however I believe it is important to note that there are other supplements that also contain forskolin, and that this concoction is just one of many. So even if you for some reason can’t purchase this product, there are always other options available.

Who makes it?

Despite there being three separate websites featuring Premium Pure Forskolin, none of them make any mention as to the manufacturer of this product. There are images of the front of the label available, but nowhere is a company name to be found. It’s never a good sign when companies fail to provide their names, or any real information about themselves, as it erodes any sense of legitimacy that they may have otherwise had. In the past I have reviewed products that turned out to be scams, and they also featured a lack of information on the companies that produced them. As is the case from this concoction, it seems very similar.

Also missing from any of these websites, are any sections dedicated to a community of users who may be able to share similar experiences with each other. While there are two separate blogs for Premium Pure Forskolin, neither of them mentions anything about the manufacturer, and instead both pretty much say the same things. In this sense, they are not very informative, and I wish they were more varied in the content that they provide.

Does Premium Pure Forskolin work?

While there is some evidence to suggest that forskolin may assist in annihilating fat deposits, the studies that were done on this substance were not from multiple double-blind studies, but from multiple cohort studies, or if it was from a double-blind study, the experiment was not replicated. There were some positive results that were seen, however they were not as superb as Premium Pure Forskolin may be marketing itself to be. Additionally, any change in weight was not very substantial, and more studies need to be done to prove that this ingredient is as dynamic as advertised. A problem that may arise for people using this product, is that the marketing copy that displays it, states that exercise and dieting are not necessary. Both of these are incredibly important facets for weight loss to be successful, and by simply saying that neither one is needed will greatly hamper any attempt people make to drop weight. Of the three websites that feature Premium Pure Forskolin, only one of them has any testimonials, with the other two completely lacking any at all. I understand that the other two websites are blogs, but featuring additional testimonials would have gone a long way in proving the legitimacy of this concoction.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always have independent testimonials from people who were satisfied with the results that they witnessed from using these products.

Premium Pure Forskolin Ingredients and Dosage

The only ingredient that may be found within Premium Pure Forskolin is, of course, forskolin. Of the 3 different websites that feature this substance, none of them list any information as to the amount of forskolin that may be found within them, nor any information as how to take this supplement. Despite this lack of data, generally speaking, forskolin supplements are taken in amounts of 250 mg for a supplement that contains 10% forskolin. These supplements are to be taken twice daily. There still need to be more studies done on this substance, as there is no optimal amount that scientists have agreed is the best dosage amount. And while this applies to supplements with 10% of the ingredient, again, none of the three websites mention anything about the details of Premium Pure Forskolin, so we have no way of knowing if this supplement is identical to the recommended amount or not.

There was no label provided by the creators of this product that revealed any supplement facts.

Are there potential side effects?

Just as many other substances, there are adverse reactions that may be experienced when taking forskolin supplements. Forskolin is known to sink the levels that blood pressure may reside at. As such hypotension may occur, which may in turn lead to nausea and dizziness. If you are someone who is already on blood thinning medication, it is not advised to take forskolin in conjunction with the medications, for again, conditions such as hypotension may occur. Finally forskolin may negatively interact with people who have pre-existing heart conditions, as there have been reports of fluctuations in heart rate, although these have been reported to not be very serious. A problem that arises however, is that there is no mention as to the amount that forskolin comes in within this product. The side effects that were mentioned happened at 150 mg that were taken on a daily basis. Without knowing how much forskolin is in Premium Pure Forskolin, we have no way of knowing if the adverse reactions will be experienced or even exacerbated.

Top Rated Products always clearly list the amounts that their ingredients come in.


A trick that is commonly employed by diet pills, is by using the word “natural”. When people see this word, they usually think it correlates to “robust” or “effective” when it really doesn’t. There have been clinical studies performed on forskolin, but the results have been mediocre at best. There still needs to be more research done on this substance before it may truly be called a supplement that is beneficial for weight management. What makes this goal much harder to reach however, is that the three different websites that list this product mention that exercise and diet are not necessary for weight loss to be seen. If people follow along these lines and believe this, that will greatly reduce the possibility of any weight being lost at all. There are products that pretend that they are miraculous creations that will get people to subtract weight from their frames as never before. As a consumer you would do well to be wary of these products, because in this life, there is no such thing as a miracle in pill form.

Top Rated Products may contain natural ingredients, but all are backed by clinical trials that support the dynamic allegations they make of themselves.

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