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Phenylethylamine Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Since the health and nutrition craze has stormed into the market with a deluge of products and substances that are all retailed to be the most efficient in meeting their stated goals, whatever they may be. Some products are meant to alleviate pain that is experienced the joints, while others are used to release toxins in from the body that may be causing people health complications. Still others allege that they could have the skin of their users look as if they were years younger.Weight management products are not an exception to this rule. While some of these substances are created in laboratories, others of them manifest naturally either in nature or in humans. Phenylethylamine is an interesting case, as it may be created either artificially or naturally. This chemical is most well recognized by the public to be present in red wine and chocolate, therefore giving it the nickname “the love drug”. So is this possibly the most dynamic substance to grace the weight loss market?

Or is it just one of many others, that doesn’t operate as efficiently as it may be advertised to? Let’s take a look at this substance and see what it’s all about.

What is it?

What has made this substance as a beloved ingredient in nutritional supplements as it currently is, is that it has sundry qualities that apply to fitness and general wellness. Phenylethylamine is known to uplift the user’s state mind, sharpen the state of mental focus and accrete levels of energy. What has made phenylethylamine attractive to weight management companies, is that there are assertions that this may also support weight loss. So does is this substance operate as good as some companies may play it off to be? Or is it’s true dynamicism overblown, and are people really just wasting money and time with this substance?

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Find out in the following article. The answers may be illuminate your perception of this chemical.

Who makes it?

In humans Phenylethylamine plays a role as a neurotransmitter and because it comes in much lower levels relative to alternative bioactive amino acids, it is recognized as a trace amine. As mentioned previously, it occurs naturally in consumable products such as chocolate and red wine. Because of this there is no single conglomeration that holds a monopoly over this chemical. Yet despite that, there are companies that utilize it in their products’ ingredient lists, as well as using it as a standalone supplement. Some of these companies include Live Long Nutrition, Brain On, NOW Foods, Dren and Source Naturals.

Does Phenylethylamine work?

While there is evidence that Phenylethylamine may indeed assist in enhancing a user’s state of emotional well being, evidence that it supports weight loss is not as robust. The evidence that it does affect weight loss comes from believed methods that support assertions that this sets up a blockade against fat absorption, quashes thoughts of hunger as well as leveling up the metabolic rate. The issue that arises from these declarations however, is that there have not been many studies to back up these assertions as full proof. And even if there are some weight loss benefits, they may be more limited to the short term, making this substance unideal for a long term weight management program. Because of its mood altering effects, I may even surmise that users may feel that they are losing more weight than they actually are, thereby putting people into a sense of security that is not actually true.

Furthermore I was unable to find many testimonials that truly verify this as a chemical that is successful in combating weight loss. The most that I have seen are the positive marketing copy that companies use that say elevate this substance’s status. A reason that companies ultimately do this is because they know that generally speaking, the average layperson has an ignorance of how effective Phenylethylamine actually is. Knowing they have this ignorance about a scientific sounding substance, they in turn hype it up so they can make money. The user only find themselves with a loss of money and nothing else, while the companies get richer. It’s important not to fall into this trap. If you are looking for something that will support your efforts over an extended period of time, this may not be it.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Phenylethylamine Ingredients and Dosage

Chemically Phenylethylamine, also known as PEA, consists of a single group of nitrogen that has been bounded by an abbreviated two-carbon chain with a ring of benzene. Unlike its chemical twin, amphetamine, Phenylethylamine does not have hydroxylations incorporated into the backbone of it’s makeup. The main difference that this has with amphetamine is that with amphetamine a methylation would occur to the final carbon that is bonded to the nitrogen group.

An average capsule of PEA is known to contain 500 to 750 milligrams of the chemical. While being spaced evenly with meals, this is optimally used when meals are evenly spaced out. In spite of this, when Phenylethylamine is included as an ingredient in a product, the amounts that it comes in may greatly vary. As such the side effects that may be experienced may vary from what the following section describes.

Are there potential side effects?

Potential users need to be aware that Phenylethylamine is not without it’s share of side effects. Mild adverse reactions that this has been known to cause people include dizziness, headaches, discomfort and nausea. Moreover health disorders related to the cardiovascular system may be caused by adrenergic nerve endings disengaging endogenous norepinephrine. The results of this would be heightened blood pressure levels (hypertension) as well as an accelerated heart rate (tachycardia). Because of this, people with heart conditions are not advised to consume this substance. In addition to this, people with a history of high blood pressure, people who are using monoamine oxidase inhibitors and individuals who are using other stimulants, such as products that are caffeine based, are also not advised to consume this substance.

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Just because a substance is well recognized in the weight loss world, that doesn’t necessarily mean that this also therefore completely verifies it as adequate in assisting people in shedding unwanted pounds from their bodies. Hoodia gordonii and raspberry ketones are two such examples of well known substances that essentially do nothing in assisting weight management. There may be some evidence that this may in fact reduce overall weight, however the studies that support this allegation are too sparse to really prove anything. Users may experience a rise in their mood, but they do so at the risk of experiencing adverse reactions. These side effects are also known to react negatively with people with certain kinds of pre-existing conditions. While the idea of this chemical aiding in weight loss is a nice thought, it doesn’t really get much farther than that.

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