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Phentremine Review – Does it Really Work?

Within the wild landscape of supplements you will often see a lot of emphasis spent on making a product compete directly with another. No big concern for that is really necessary as competition is seen in many different types of products. What is a level unseen however is when a product exists to straight mimic other actual products for weight loss that require a prescription. The common RX label is often copied to a degree that a customer might become confused how they are taking an over the counter supplement in such a easy fashion.

However the reason why it is made to look in such a way is not just clever marketing. Sometimes it can be a piggy backing session meant to lure customers in believing they are receiving a brand with the strength of only the most potent drugs on the market. Some may take offense to such a thing but the key thing to realize is a full review is still needed.

If it exists and it is intended to burn through fat, then it deserves a full review on the reality behind how it serves its purpose.

What is it?

It is intended to produce hunger reducing effects as well as a metabolism increase in the body.  Now at this point it must be added that there is no official website on the brand.  In the search of information on what it actually is there is plenty of copycat brands with a slight alteration to their name. They even copy the actual print of the label but make slight differences. This brand actually is named after a weight loss drug that is for prescription only. What makes Phentremine a truly unique product is that there are many retailers that sell supplements but that actually do not make supplements which feature it. It is very confusing as no way is offered to truly know what there is about this supplement that makes it unique. Not even a sentence is offered by the 3rd party retailers which sell the brand.

Truly odd seeing as how at least there often is an appeal to claim why a supplement is better than others. All that is mention is the 2 key things it is meant to do. No ingredient list is offered, no explanation of the process, no breakdown of ingredients, no customer reviews, and no other way of identifying the brand are actually supplied here. Since it leaves a lot of doubt all that can be researched is what very limited non company affiliated information exists.

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This has to be one of the first time a product is so widely available with such a lack of information to help guide customers.

Who makes it?

USP pharma is labeled on the front of these bottles.

However it appears that the USP pharma shares a similar name to the United States Pharmacopeia which is a scientific non profit which devotes their time to researching the quality of supplements across the world.  It has a history dating back to 1820.

No mention is added to the history of the actual name of the company which once again has  attempted to copy a big named company in the hopes of securing a profit. This type of lacking information makes it really hard to know what the manufacturing process and quality behind the product really are. Since they label themselves to be similarly tied to other companies it also makes it hard to search for the right company. It is frustrating to see the lack of disclosure that makes the company so elusive. It is as if they are attempting to escape criticism and instead make it appear as if  they are actually the part of a government entity.

Does Phentremine work?

No form of finding out how the product is intended to work exists in any form. Without knowing the ingredients or what came about in the making it is truly impossible to ever know the reality behind this supplement.

What is really remarkable is how the advertising is limited to saying the product is made in the US and that it will reduce appetite and increase metabolism. No joke that is the entirety of the explanation into how the product works.

Without having at least 1 review to view it leaves a lot of uncertainty as to the possible expectations found in Phentremine.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

You can gain the full disclosure of a product by looking at these reviews available now.

Phentremine Ingredients and Dosage

No information exists on the proper dosing and ingredients added. I cannot even make an attempt to suggest what is found here since no label is offered by the 3rd party retailers. It does sell and apparently is in stock often so any purchases made might show what the product has inside. However there is no way of truly knowing, it may just come in the bottle without a label. No indicators exist on what is present here in any form whatsoever.

Though it is customary to have a supplement listing, this product does not have one available to read at all.

Are there possible side effects?

Much like the other components of this brand there is no indication of what can be expected. However since no money back guarantee is offered in any shape or form, all the use of this and its possible side effects are left on the customers.

These one month supply bottles do not come from reputable 3rd party sellers, instead these websites have a lot of ads and banners. They claim an Amazon link is available to see customer reviews and this would have been good as Amazon has a good return policy. However since it is now here, there is no way of knowing what to expect in terms of side effects. Any and all issues felt are to be handled by the customer only without a way to resolve such issues. Therefore the product fails to accurately provide the safety required for a smart decision on whether or not to purchase their supplement.

Knowing what to expect in a product should be essential, and avoiding side effects is now a very real possible outcome.


In one of the most landslide type of introductions this supplement named Phentremine is a true ghost in the world of supplements for getting rid of weight. You cannot view any of the company history, or the way the product is manufactured. It is labeled as being created in the US, but this is even uncertain as the company name is actually never revealed. There is a name on the bottle which appears to be the company but it actually is a play on the United States Pharmacopeia which does not make supplements. They instead review them so clearly they are not the makers of this brand.

Then trying to see what is inside is also not possible. All that is really made an option is the ability to purchase this one month supply bottle for $44. Without any sort of money back return it leaves customers in the dark. You cannot even take an educated guess to assume what is to happen if you were to take this product.

It was really shady when you realize that many different supplements exist with the play on the same name of a weight loss prescription type drug. Many exact same looking bottles with a slight alteration exist which are intended to trick customers into thinking they are receiving a potent blend. You won’t know anything at all when you take this brand, it is all left to chance and there is no reason to try it.

This truly is the most information lacking supplement ever seen in all the supplements I’ve ever reviewed. So without any reason even of a minor consequence offered, it remains clear. The product is not backed by a company and instead if left to be sold by non money returning websites which appear to be here only to sell. No customer concern is offered and no useful information is given. It leaves too much doubt to be taken seriously.

Much more possible positives can come about when you take the proper supplements for weight loss.

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