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Phenolox Review – Does it Really Work?

There is a metaphorical ocean of diet pills available in either stores or on the internet that many people may use to hit their target weights that they dream of achieving. Some of these users may want to lose a few pounds for a vacation or event they may be attending. Others are losing weight because of health related complications. Still other may be athletic, but are competing in physical tournaments, and want their conditions to be at their apexes.

This ocean of weight management pills consumes all of these potential users. It is an ocean so gargantuan, that it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused with all the different options, the different substances and terminology that are associated with diet pills. Limitless options may make it difficult to decipher which ones works and which one is as good as an imaginary diet pill.

Phenolox storms into the playing field as a product that asserts that it can quash appetite and put the metabolic rate at it’s apex, all while not containing any stimulants!

What is it?

While Phenolox does include caffeine free versions of green tea and methylxanthine, it does contain synephrine, which is known to be an incredibly powerful stimulant. It’s probably through this that Phenolox tries to live up to its allegations that it can supply people with energy throughout the day.

Costing $52.99, Phenolox is by no means a cheap product. Usually when products have such a high price, there is a belief held by consumers that it must mean that it is therefore very robust. But this is not always the case, as sometimes it’s just overblown by the company, which is trying to make as much money as they can. So what is the deal with this product?

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Is it really such a superb product?  Or does it fall into the realm of being subpar and forgettable? The following article will clarify all this.

Who makes it?

The Florida based company known as Metabolic Nutrition is the manufacturer of Phenolox. The company has been in business for over twenty-five years, and they declare that their products are only of the highest caliber, and that they make sure they taste delicious too. The company also asserts that customer service is an important aspect that they strive to make sure is only of optimal quality. Metabolic Nutrition endeavours to make sure that it is a company that has principles in the realms of ethics, health and business that are of above average quality. Unlike other companies that only ship within their own countries, Metabolic Nutrition serves an international community. It’s products can be ordered either online or by phone. In the event that a customer does not like the product that they have purchased, the company provides a thirty day guarantee, where the user can either swap the product that they had for another, or they can get a refund in the form of money as well.

The company provides an assortment of different products, with some pertaining to weight management, while others are more centered around fitness, proteins, amino acids, metabolism, endurance and general health. Unlike other companies where you are only able to try the product by buying it, Metabolic Nutrition offers samples to people who are curious but unsure if they are willing to make a purchase just yet. The company’s website additionally offers a section dedicated to it’s members, so as to foster a community between users. Furthermore, there is also another section that is dedicated to the science behind fitness and well being. This section has a plethora of blog posts that cover a range of topics. In addition to this, the company’s official website also offers a section where users may ask the scientists that are in residence at the company health related questions that they may have.

Does Phenolox work?

While Phenolox does make mention that there are studies that prove that the ingredients in this concoction are known to endorse weight loss, there is a void where the clinical trials should have been provided. Moreover, that is talking about the ingredients. The website makes no mention as to if the product is actually as compelling as the advertising copy makes it out to be. Of the reviews that I have read, there are reports of people who did see results, but so long as they kept taking the Phenolox capsules. Once they stopped taking this, the results that they previously saw seemed to have vanished like they never existed. Still other users have reported that they witnessed no results at all after consuming this byproduct of substances. Furthermore, there have also been reports of people whose bodies adjusted to the formula, and once it did the results became non-existent. This in turn may lead to a seemingly never ending cycle of using the product, only to buy more, all in the hopes of attaining a physical state that is completely dependent upon this byproduct of substances.

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Phenolox Ingredients and Dosage

In spite of it’s own product description, Phenolox does contain a stimulant, which comes in the form of synephrine. Furthermore, I find it a bit confusing that the makers would say that methylxanthine in this brew does not contain caffeine, as caffeine is a methylxanthine. Other ingredients in this concoction include things such as coleus forskohlii, which has became beloved in the weight management world as an eliminator of appetite. Yet studies have shown that in actuality, this is not known to really have as much of an effect as it is advertised to. Many of the ingredients in this brew (which include all of the ones mentioned above), are comprised in a proprietary blend. The problem however, is that there is no mention as to how much of any of these ingredients there are. There are amounts listed for the various B vitamins that are present, such as vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) which comes in 100 mg, vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCl) 4.25 mg, chromium 175 mcg and niacin (vitamin B3) 20 mg. It should be noted however, that all these come in amounts mostly much more than the daily recommended dosage. The exception to this rule is niacin, which has exactly 100% of the recommended daily dosage.


Are there potential side effects?

As with most weight management products, there is also a risk of contracting side effects with Phenolox. Synephrine is known to be an immensely powerful stimulant, and is actually chemically similar to ephedra, which was made illegal because of all the negative health consequences that unlucky users had experienced. Being so similar, synephrine also runs the risk of having the same adverse reactions. These include anxiety, palpitations, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, jitters, nervousness and even stroke or heart attack. People with pre-existing health conditions, such as heart problems, are not advised to ingest this product. Women who are nursing or who are in stages of pregnancy are not advised to take this product as well, as the substances in this concoction may adversely react with an embryo/baby. Phenolox was meant for use in healthy adults, and as such children are not meant to use this product. Sulbutiamine is another ingredient that is known to adversely react with people, and it is known to possibly negatively affect the user’s state of mind. People who are on antidepressant medication are advised to consult a physician before using this substance.

Top Rated Products do not contain ingredients that are known to be potentially dangerous to their users.


Without any clinical data being handed to potential users, it’s hard to say if this is really something that will support weight loss. While there have been some success stories, these seem to be short lived as results stopped once the user’s bodies got used to the proprietary blend or if they happened to stop using the product altogether. The kind of product to look out for, is the kind that sustains results over a long term period. Those are the kind of products that will give you lasting results. Additionally it is also those products that have a higher likelihood of having trial based scientific data that make the products all the more valid. It’s these superior products that you should be looking out for, not ones like this. It may be a challenge to differentiate which products are worth your hard earned money and time, but with a some research on the internet, you should be able to be able to find a weight management product that is truly superb.

If you are looking for a product that will definitely get you the results you are looking for, check out our page on Top Rated Products.

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