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Phenobestin Review – The Truth About This Product.

Once there was a time when a diet pill known as phentermine was widely hailed as the answer to the obesity problem that the United States was (and still is) facing. There were many users of this product, and with this army of people consuming this man made concoction, sales went up as the manufacturers had never experienced before. But the longer that this substance was available, the more it became apparent that there were problems with it. People were experiencing adverse reactions, in some cases so bad, that internal organs were damaged.

After the fallout of the diet pill known as phentermine, people have scoured the planet for a weight loss product that will assist them in finding their healthier, thinner selves. Many products attempted to fill this void, some with an astounding amount of success, others not being so competent.

The makers of Phenobestin declare that their product is just what these people are looking for, a safe alternative that will assist people in incinerating fat from their bodies.

What is it?

I do find it a bit peculiar though, that while saying how bad phentermine and it’s name brand version Adipex are, there are still advertisements to buy both products on the top of Phenobestin’s webpage. Phenobestin even sounds like phentermine, and even comes in the same dosage (37.5). It’s as if they are still trying to sell these products, while at the same time decrying them. Because of this, I found the website rather confusing, as it seems to try to sell those other products more than Phenobestin in some cases.

The product asserts that it does not contain ingredients that are known to be impotent such as hoodia gordonii and garcinia cambogia, but is made up of substances that are known to support weight management. In spite of this, there are no studies provided that back up any of these allegations. So what is the real story on this product? Is it really as superb as it’s creators gasconade it to be?

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Or is this just a knock off of a product that is known to garner more attention? Read the article below to have these questions answered.

Who makes it?

Phenobestin is manufactured by a company known as PharmaCo Labs, which has its headquarters in Stafford, Texas. The company is known to not only manufacture weight management products, but also wound and scar, allergy and pain management products as well. It is a bit strange to note however, that despite mentioning the different fields that they specialize in, nowhere on their website can you find a list of the products that that they make. In fact, their official website is a bit short on text, which I find peculiar. Usually companies have page after page listing the various aspects of themselves, yet what is provided here only feels like brief summaries.

The website does have a professional feel, with images and a color scheme that give a calm, assuring effect. Yet at the same time I can’t help but feel this is a bit of a cover, as like I have already stated, the information that it provides about itself is on the sparse side. And again, without even mentioning Phenobestin, I find this concerning, because it’s as if the company doesn’t want to be known for being its creator. There are other diet pills that I have reviewed that have manufacturers that seem to disown their products, and it usually means there is something wrong with the pill. From what I can tell here, this seems to be the case as well.

Does Phenobestin work?

While the website has pictures of happy looking people that apparently have taken Phenobestin, I was unable to find any independent reviewers that could verify that this is indeed a compelling concoction as it is advertised to be. In addition to this, I found a void in the place where there would be scientific studies that should be provided, which further solidifies my belief that this product doesn’t work as it is alleged to. Instead the company tries to distract people with bold lettering, pictures of smiling people, as well as images of doctors, as if these images were equivalent to a scientific study. The doctor’s image is used to reassure people that the product they are viewing has some level of legitimacy, even though the bottom of the page reveals that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not evaluated any statements that may be found on this diet pill’s website. This is a tactic that some diet pill companies utilize, and it works, as there are people out there who don’t do enough research on what they are looking to consume, and take a manufacturer’s word as fact. Let that be a lesson to anyone reading this, always do your own research on a product, and question their statements.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always provide legitimate studies that prove how dynamic they are. They don’t use distracting tactics to trick their potential customers into buying them.

Phenobestin Ingredients and Dosage

The ingredients that are found within Phenobestin include synephrine, yohimbine, methyl synephrine, phenylethylamine and theobromine. Caffeine anhydrous is the only ingredient in the entire group that is not included in the proprietary blend, and it comes in an amount of 150 mg. The proprietary blend also consists of 150 mg. Some of these substances are stimulants, while others are state of mind enhancers. Nowhere on the website however was I able to find any information on the dosage amounts of any of these ingredients. I found this very odd, as this is vital information that anyone looking to take a product would need to know, especially if they are sensitive to stimulants or if they have pre-existing conditions that may be effected by an excess of any one of these substances. Instead the website features testimonials of people who have seen results from the product, but they can still be a bit confusing, as with the words Adipex and phentermine being everywhere on the website, it almost seems as if it’s those products that are getting people results, and not Phenobestin!


Are there potential side effects?

The website is misleading in asserting that there are no adverse reactions associated with this concoction. With synephrine, methyl synephrine and yohimbine being ingredients in this brew, there are bound to be stimulant related side effects. Adverse reactions in relation to these ingredients include: anxiety, palpitations (rapid heart rate), nausea, headaches, elevated blood pressure levels (hypertension), insomnia, jitteriness and in more extreme cases myocardial infarction (heart attack) and cerebrovascular insult (stroke). Yohimbine is known to enhance the potency of stimulants, so the risk of side effects are greater. Phenylethylamine may cause agitation or anxiety, as well as accelerating the rate at which the heart beats (palpitations). In addition to this, people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia are not advised to consume this substance, as it has been seen to worsen the symptoms that are already present. Individual who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder are also not advised to take this phenylethylamine, as it may trigger the state of mind they are in to morph from a depressive state into a manic one.

People with pre-existing health conditions such as heart problems are not advised to take this product. In a similar fashion, women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are nursing are not recommended to take this product, as it is unknown if the embryo/baby will be negatively affected by this concoction. It is advisable to not test this out, and to instead steer clear of this product. Yet the official website makes no mention of this. You need to be careful of products that don’t list such things, as this is the kind of thing that every product should come equipt with. Without it, some users may falsely think that there are no negative interactions that may result from use of this byproduct of substances.

Top Rated Products are always very clear and honest about what side effects may be contracted from their use.


Just looking through the official website I’ve encountered numerous issues that dissuade me from having a favorable opinion of this product. There are no clinical studies provided to show that this in any way may help people lose weight. In fact there are so many mentions of other products, that it can be forgotten that this website is supposed to be centered around Phenobestin! What this ultimately comes off to me as, is that this is a company that is looking to sell products through smoke and mirrors; there is positive energy that is splayed all over the place, but nowhere is there any concrete evidence that this product will help at all. Instead of spending time with this knock off of a product, you’d be better off investing in a diet pill that will actually get you results, and not just say that it will.

Top Rated Products are all able to fully demonstrate that they are able to live up to the claims that they gasconade.

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