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Phendimetrazine Review – Is Phendimetrazine Safe for You?

While we all know what it takes to see a decrease in the amount of weight that we carry around with us on a daily basis, there are people out there that are still struggling to lose weight, despite regularly exercising and implementing a diet that is improved from bad habits. Because of genetic traits or for a host of other reasons, these individuals aren’t able to see any significant change in their weight no matter what they do. For these people diet pills are the salvation that they turn to so that they may become healthier.

Phendimetrazine retails itself to be just such a product that is designed to help it’s users break free of the hunger pangs that keep them in a cycle of overeating.

While it is true this may act as an aid, is it really enough to get users the results they pine endlessly for? In the following article I will break down this product, so you can better decide if this is something you would be interested in.

What is it?

Phendimetrazine is a diet pill that is used to help obese users quash their appetites. Unlike other diet pills, this one is specifically for people who are overweight. Chemically this substance is known to be analogous with amphetamine.

Also unlike other weight loss products, Phendimetrazine lacks its own website, making the possibility of customer testimonials less prevalent and the chance of getting a free trial of this product non-existent. Top Rated Products are not known to lack such qualities.

Furthermore, this product is only available to obtain with a physician’s prescription. There is also no mention of a money-back guarantee if you ever find yourself unhappy with this product. It’s these kinds of limitations that may keep some potential users away from this product.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Although on the other hand, at least with the prescription you also get the supervision of a health expert along with it. That’s more than non-prescription based diet pills can say.

Who makes it?

Sandoz Inc. is the company responsible for creating Phendimetrazine. With a company history spanning the course of over 120 years, this company has been recognized to be the leader of generic pharmaceutical grade drugs. The have a development team that oversees all aspects of the drugs they make, starting from the development of the substance all the way to the finished product as a medicine.

The company likes to gasconade that it gets it’s success from the diverse background that it’s employees come from. This does not stop with their employees, as they also enjoy diversifying the markets that they sell their products in, which has aided them in becoming such a powerhouse in the pharmaceutical world.

There are additional areas that Sandoz Inc. has spread its reaches to, outside the realm of generic pharmaceuticals. These areas include oncology injectables, biosimilars, therapeutic areas, anti-infectives and respiratory products.

Does Phendimetrazine work?

While it may be true that Phendimetrazine addresses the issue of appetite, there are other factors that are important to weight loss that this product has remained silent on. Those factors are triggering thermogenesis, smoldering fat from the body and revamping the metabolic rate. There is some proof that this may heighten energy levels, but without addressing all the other key points, I can’t say for certain that this will be a competent product. Top Rated Products are known to address all contributing factors to weight loss.

What is important to know about this product is that it is for use in the short term. This is because the active ingredient in this substance is known to be habit forming. Sometimes people have tried to walk away from this, cold turkey, but as a result have experienced withdrawal symptoms. If users aren’t careful they may experience this, or they may get a different experience on the other side of the spectrum; overdosing.

If you are someone who has a history of abuse with alcohol and drugs, you should take heed of this article. It’s easy to find a replacement substance when you already have a history of addiction. A diet pill should never act as a replacement for a known narcotic. Moreover even if you are someone that has not experienced the trials of addiction, there is the possibility that this pharmaceutical substance may still trigger it with prolonged use.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

While there may be cases of this supporting weight management, the downsides I feel outweigh any potential benefits.

Phendimetrazine Ingredients and Dosage

If this is taken in an instant release tablet, users are instructed to take 1 tablet an hour before meals, 2-3 times a day. If taken from a slow release capsule, users are to take 1 capsule in the morning 30-60 minutes before a meal. This product is intended for adult use only.

  • Instant release tablet- 35 mg
  • Slow release capsule- 105 mg


Are there potential side effects?

 The side effects alone from this may be enough to deter some people from using this product. These adverse reactions include: Insomnia, dizziness, blurred vision, stomach discomfort, irritability, dry mouth, hyperventilation, headaches, breathing problems, nausea, frequent urination, vomiting and having trouble with coordination, speaking or concentrating.

As I stated earlier, it is possible to overdose on this substance. If these adverse effects are ever experienced, notify a physician immediately: Panic, loss of consciousness, palpitations, irregular heartbeat, convulsions, lightheadedness, depressed thoughts and violent actions.


Just because a company may have an impressive history and a global reach, that doesn’t necessarily mean that all of it’s products are known to be completely superb. While this substance may decrease the desire of obese people to want to eat more, at the same time there are other facets of weight loss that are not addressed, like the metabolic rate and thermogenesis.

Moreover, this product has it’s fair share of side effects that come along side it’s use. Not only does this limit the people who may want to use this product, but the potential for abuse makes the potential audience even narrower. When trying to manage weight to a healthy level, it is imperative that people understand that sacrifices need to be made to get results. Your overall well being however, shouldn’t be one of these things.

Top Rated Products are guaranteed to not harm their users in the ways that this product may.

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