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Phen Tabz Review – Is Phen Tabz Safe for You?

The phen mentioned in Phen Tabz is directly extracted from a famous US based prescription pill that is a very intense stimulant and amphetamine source. Many brands have used it to suggest the image of an extra drop in weight. Since there cannot be prescription additives in this over the counter, they intend to provide what is a similar amphetamine effects found in the patented Phentermine. Of course to supplement with such a brand, one needs to feel secure in sampling stimulants as it falls underneath this exact same category.

So if one feels OK in taking such a product, one must know of what can be fully expected. Assumptions are never good when dealing with your own money, especially when it is meant to provide shifts in the body.

Having a pulse on knowing what benefits is vital, but security and of course an accurate listing of ingredients is also important. You will discover in the outline just what is to be expected for your own decision making process.

What is it?

This weight loss brand used to come in the form of a prescription pill but the company launched a new formula entitled Phen Tabz which is an over the counter supplement. The intended purpose of these pills are to suppress appetite, reduce the rate of fat absorption and increase metabolism. It intends to do this with a formula consisting of caffeine and other stimulants. While not the most advanced formula the makers do say one can lose up to 2.5 pounds per week. Certainly not anything to scoff out if it is in fact true.  They also add that it is safe for long term use(not often printed on stimulant heavy products) and that it is of prescription strength. While not a prescription the fact they claim it is just as strong may be something to watch out for. Often for any type of prescription like drugs it becomes very important for a customer to keep an eye out for side effects. Also since it is this heavy of a caliber supplement, a savvy customer would do good by making sure one checks in with a physician to ensure no complications.

The brand is offered either solo or in bulk for greater reduction of price. One odd thing I noticed was that the company does not actually offer direct sales of an item. They add one gets enrolled into a month long supply of this product. It appears that what this means is the company offers their brand in an enrollment plan. These types of practices should only be tried if the company is reputable(which I’ll uncover in the next section) and if there isn’t any hidden texts. Sometimes companies will enforce a mandatory spending amount and locked in contracts to avoid customers from leaving the product behind. Also to add to the worry is the fact no money back guarantee is offered of any kind.

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So far the product has some things it needs to repair but seeing as how it labels itself to be an ultimate weight loss pill, it’s important to separate reality from fiction.

Who makes it?

Self described as the most trusted international provider of designer pharmacology. The company Lexium International has 3 main supplements for weight loss, anti aging and overall health. Though they say they’re the most trusted brand they certainly do not have a big footprint. All one really gets to see is a small social media presence but not much exists about the company’s reliability or practices.

It’s not really reassuring when you notice how the company refuses to put out any information as to how they run things. It makes it clear that the company is truly not as big as it claims to be and this can be seen with the only 3 brands they market. If the company is so trusted then it would make sense to see other people talking about their brands in mass. It’s a bit disconcerting to see how limited the information on this company is. One should watch out for slick groups that put out good marketing without backing it up.

Does Phen Tabz work?

Here is where the road splits for this brand. There is actually a website that has just one review and it’s a positive one. Unfortunately it is also doctored, they even include a video by the company from supposed customers. Judging by the poor acting and obvious line reading it’s apparent it was not a truthful representation. Though this does not mean the brand does not work, it is a red flag.

Finally in the quest for information on this brand there really wasn’t much to go on. One of their brands has all negative reviews which claim it didn’t work. However trying to find out if Phen Tabz actually works was a hard to discover question mark. This is not a good sign as the brand has been around for some time yet for unknown reasons the information is scarce on customer opinions. Clearly if this brand comes from the most trusted company in the world there would be a lot more information available.

Until this issue is resolved it paints a very bad picture.

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Phen Tabz Ingredients and Dosage

One might think there is some really intense engineering when looking at the bottles offerings. However one of the ingredients is just the chemical name for caffeine. The other ingredients are bitter orange and an extract of synephrine named octopamine. Octopamine is banned by the World’s Anti Doping Agency or WADA. Therefore precaution must be taken when considering this brand.  Overall though the company mentions this product should be supplemented on an empty stomach for up to 2 times a day. It clearly mentions one should drink a full glass of water(to avoid dehydration) and to make sure one only supplements early in the day with 2 pills maximum. This is due to the possibility for side effects and to avoid any over stimulation. Also worth putting on paper is the reality that stimulants like these are often recommended to be taken alongside the support of a medical professional. Knowing one’s medical history can help one know whether or not supplementation with these types of ingredients would be a smart decision.

Just 3 ingredients can be seen on the labels of Phen Tabz bottles, all which are lumped into a proprietary blend seen here:


Are there possible side effects?

One can almost count on it. There’s not many ingredients but a lot is going on. Essentially the entire basis of this product is to provide 3 different stimulants. Caffeine which is a cheap additive that can provide some short term effects. It also has the capability to increase anxiety, cause jitteriness and paranoia. This is also a possibility with bitter orange and octopamine. Both of these have been shown to potentially cause a sudden increase in heart rate. This can be in the form of uncomfortable levels. In fact combining caffeine into the mix is often not recommended for those with heart issues. Even those without cardiac problems still have to make sure they check in on themselves to prevent any potential damage. It’s not uncommon to hear of this mixture of ingredients causing a series of possible side effects.

Also worth adding is that since this product has stimulants it can keep one from sleeping regularly. Typically supplements like these are only intended for a short period as is often the case, the potential for disrupting sleep patterns is a problematic possibility.

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The mystery behind this brand is still something that needs to be resolved before even considering putting into your body. Don’t forget the company does not have any money back guarantee and their claims of being the world’s most trusted company is completely absurd. If this were true the information on them would be more widespread instead of being limited to their own marketing.

Speaking on Phen Tabz the idea of having a pharmaceutical strength supplement is a tricky one. While it is good to get your money’s worth, it sounds far too extreme for customers. to expect a good outcome. Looking at the ingredients confirms this. There are only stimulants present that need a close watch to ensure you are getting it in safe doses. Having too much of it can cause a number of issues that are uncomfortable. There’s the lack of sleep, anxiety, rapid heart rate and overall bad sense of self which are real possibilities. Worth adding is the fact that stimulants are not long term solutions to weight loss. They often fall under the radar and lose their potency.

One needs a far more balanced product that still works, not something like this that offers no real incentive to purchase. The fake reviews are overcompensation techniques to pretend one is dealing with a masterful product. With a lack of customer reviews, company footprint, lack of long term use and unfounded claims, it’s easy to see why this product fails to impress.

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