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PGX Review – Is PGX Safe?

Fiber intended to provide weight loss is not a unique concept, in fact it is recommended to take fiber in food form to provide a healthy system. What is novel is putting them to supplements, meaning an additional amount of fiber. The intention is to reduce weight and sometimes brands offer even more benefits, some claiming lower blood sugar, cholesterol, and appetite control. Ideal if they work and if it is worth the asking sales price.

What requires a full mapped out idea is if the juice is truly worth the inevitable squeeze. Also in taking more fiber what are the possibilities as far as bathroom time? Inevitably this will arise as the nature of fiber works in this way. So to maximize the weight loss potential and to keep one from being disturbed there has to be a fine balance.

Where exactly does PGX stand?

Well all the complicated research has been presented here to give you the tools to make a decision for your own self. Here below is PGX in its full scope.

What is it?

Whether taken as softgels or even on the go packets intended to be mixed in drinks, this fiber complex formula has been created to reduce the intake of food. Not only does the company promise feeling satiated after a meal, but they also add that blood sugar levels and cholesterol are also brought to healthy levels.  Typically these type of products which feature fiber can be found in more wholesome foods such as oatmeal however,  this product is specifically created to help one lose weight and provide a host of positive differences in the body.  In fact the product claims to change lives for the better. A broad statement for sure but it is nice the company at least shares a policy as to the dedication of their product.

The product is also void of any stimulants and is also all natural, gluten free, and even marketed as side effect free. Clearly this is a great aspect of the product, but just because something is natural does not mean it is good for you. This patented product does claim to be backed by science and apparently double blind studies were performed on the drug. This is not often the case for supplements which does peak a consumers interest seeing as how depending on the studies, it saves people a lot of time on asking questions whether or not a product will be effective and safe.

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However there are still a lot of uncovered details that need to be observed before in order to make an educated decision.

Who makes it?

Canadian based InovoBiologic Inc, creates multiple varietals of PGX such as nutritional bars as well as sourcing various ingredients.  They have a few patented ingredients based off pomegranate extract and berries as well as many others.  The company works to give other brands the raw materials needed to make a supplement work. It’s unclear how they extract these ingredients or if they have a certain hold on ingredients. Also while they add their own patented products as a sampling of their extent of progress, no information exists right now as to what companies they provide materials towards. This makes it hard to know if the company has a long standing tradition of offering wholesome and functional ingredients.

The FDA sent the company a letter in response to the company’s attempts to consider their fiber blend as GRAS. GRAS of course is the FDA’s labeling of a product as being generally recognized as safe. The FDA responded by saying they understand the manufactures claims but still more is needed before it can actually fit this label.

Does PGX work?

Well the company would lead one to believe that of course, not only does it work but they have studies to back up claims. However keep in mind these tests have been administered by the company themselves, therefore one must take it with a grain of salt before considering. It isn’t to say the findings are unfounded but a smart consumer would be better left to do their own research instead of blindly trusting a company who makes their own rules and may potentially manipulate their own results. This then leaves us with customer opinions of which there are many for PGX.

Some customers have reported a small change which makes sense as any form of fiber can cause a change to one’s body type. The real question is how much contribution does this product have in comparison to just whole food fiber sources. The answer is still unknown and unfortunately this product has only shown a modest change in people’s dietary habits.  Others have been less than fortunate and have said they did not lose weight or feel adequately satiated. This might be due in part due to the low fiber.

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PGX Ingredients and Dosage

It may seem complicated at first glance but with further investigation one sees the true nature of this product. There is a form of fiber taken from algae and a common thickener which is added to processed foods.  Finally a form of fiber in the form of a plant called konjac. So far these ingredients can expand in the stomach and take up space limiting the amount of food one can intake.. However they are not the most optimum form of fiber. If one were to get these ingredients separately not only would it be cheaper but one could get even more fiber.  2 grams of fiber is a really low amount and this could be found elsewhere for less price and better value.  Also fiber can be found in many foods that are really inexpensive and easily found. The formula behind this product is just not enough to help those in need of a powerhouse supplement.

There’s a surprising amount of lacking fiber found in this product. Currently only 2 grams are offered which is very rare to see in fiber brands. Their softgel formula has the following facts available:


Are there possible side effects?

Some common complaints added by consumers is the reality of bloating and uneasy stomach. This is not often the case for other fiber sources so obviously something in this formula has lead to certain customers feeling of unease. Not only is it an uneasy feeling but it makes living life harder considering that one has to worry about embarrassing bathroom issues.

One common thing that happens with fiber supplements is a sudden need to frequent the bathroom often. This is just the nature of a fiber product, they can potentially cause these issues in the body.  Another issue that has been discovered in the konjac-mannan root is the fact that there has been a warning over choking hazards in the past. It’s unclear if this can happen with this brand as well. What needs to be established is a way to know the full listing of side effects. It doesn’t match up when you consider the company claims no side effects are possible with this brand. Customers beg to differ with some explaining they felt a host of digestive issues. Until this is mentioned and corrected as a possible fault of the product it leaves much to be desired as to the company’s accountability.

Looking at the best products one sees a trend, Fully Functional while still being safe.


One can’t help but feel like something good is to come from this product. From their sleek website to their claims of having double blind studies performed on their products to show it can help with weight loss. This is important and should be considered, however since the company ran their own studies on their own products, one cannot fully trust these results without looking at what others have said.

The very nature of a fiber supplement leads one to notice there are other options available for supplementation that are cheaper. Of course fiber is good, but why spend extra cash on it when one can just eat whole foods which can provide even more fiber than what is contained here.  Also concerning is that the product has only a small amount of fiber added equaling only 2 grams. It’s hard to see much benefit in such a small dosage. One also does not have to face the potential side effects that have been reported by customers.

While the product is all natural and it certainly has many options from bars to pills, the fact remains there are better fiber sources out there. Also some need more than just a hunger satisfying property. One needs more options in a supplement that can help get rid of unsightly weight. It just feels like too weak of a product when you look at the strength and the lacking customer support. No real reason is offered by the company as to how this product is more superior to natural fiber or even other brands.  In fact one is left with the conclusion that this product is a small contributor to fiber which is found in odd ingredients that are not the most optimum source for weight loss.

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