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OxySelect Pink Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

Specialty honed in products for women specifically are intended to provide changes that would not suit men. Usually this is the result of a lot of marketing coming to terms with realizing niche markets are better to focus on. The belief asserted is that when you look at both men and women, there are clear differences. A supplement containing testosterone enhancing properties would not be suitable for a woman. While estrogen laden products for men would also not sell well.

So to make a product for just one sex seems like the ideal solution. It allows for a particular sex to reap benefits better suited for them. While there is controversy on this practice, it still is applied to supplements. Some feel the manipulation of hormones is better suited with a medical professional, not just an over the counter.

However if there are beneficial aspects specialty catered towards a specific group of people then surely it must be some groundbreaking stuff. That is why this review exists, to let you decide for your own self whether it is beneficial to your demands.

What is it?

This fat burning supplement has been created with just women in mind.  According to the makers the ingredients here are only the most potent and uniquely fat burning components around. They add a certain dosage strength is included in order to give just the right effects necessary. According to the marketing, other companies have several ingredients but only OxySelect Pink has the right blend with the highest amount safely possible.  The idea here is to give a potent, gut enhancing, on the clock working supplement for weight loss.

Although there are 3 testimonials and a promise of a 90 day money back guarantee, there is no explanation given as to why this product only benefits women. It is nice they add a bit of information to show how some of the ingredients have been clinically tested, still it requires more information to know why females are the only targeted audience.

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There is a mention this product will affect appetite and energy, which is nice but why just for women? Still more information is available on this product to show what it can really do.

Who makes it?

The Florida group Advantage Nutraceuticals, LLC has apparently been around since 2003. However besides a disconnected phone number and an address to their warehouse, they offer no information as to their policies or the way they handle business.

In 2003 the FDA issues a warning on 6 of the company’s brands for false labeling which claimed their products could cure certain illnesses. The warning letter was apparently not taken seriously and later the FDA raided the facility, forcibly removing them from the manufacturers warehouse.

About $55,000 in supplements were confiscated directly from the makers. This inappropriate labeling of the product being able to cure diseases was taken seriously and it calls into account the current practices. Since the company seems to not want to represent itself it is uncertain if there are current unsubstantiated marketing claims made by the official company.

Does OxySelect Pink work?

There are currently 29 reviews left on and other than the company’s testimonials, there is not much information left by customers.

The mix of people either add that it was a waste of money and no results at all were felt, or that with added diet and exercise there would be a reduction in weight. However since there is caffeine present, naturally that might give someone an extra push to workout. So it might be attributed to strictly caffeine which of course can be gained in other cheaper sources.

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OxySelect Pink Ingredients and Dosage

A maximum of 2 capsules are recommended either before breakfast or lunch, or before a workout with a 12 ounce cup of water.

Observing the ingredients there is some vitamins such as vitamin c for immune system support, vitamin d for healthy bones and mood, niacin for blood flow, b vitamins for metabolism, and a patented version of chromium for helping give healthy blood sugar.

There is also added immature green coffee bean for antioxidants and thermogenic effects. Caffeine for energy and mental stimulation. Raspberry ketones for a heightened metabolism as well.

Also to the mix is ginger root for digestion, coenzyme q10 for producing energy and of course irvingia gabonensis intended to give a better support to the body for fat loss. What is not explained however is how any of these ingredients work better for women. Since it has been made only for women one would expect there to be an explanation offered as to why this is so. Looking at the ingredients there is no estrogen compounds at all.

Here is the labeling for the OxySelect Pink brand in full:


Are there possible side effects?

A lot of the reports on this brand are of no positive effects at all. Some have reported experiencing headaches, extreme nausea, stomach cramps, sweating, jitters, bloating, anxiety and some even added they saw weight gain.

Looking at the ingredient list there is a lot of niacin added which may be detrimental and may cause flush skin and allergic reactions. Caffeine of course has the possibility of anxiety and rapid heart rate as well as insomnia. It is also unknown if the brand is GMP certified, as it appears they are not since the manufacturers do not mention it, there is an increased potential risk. GMP certification allows for the product in question to be made in an FDA approved facility, to ensure repeat and standards for quality. Without this certification it leaves all the handling to be established by the company. Risky due to the past claims made by the company which were not seen as truthful by the FDA.

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While OxySelect Pink has a visually appealing website and a lot of information given to explaining why they choose some of their ingredients, there is still a lot lacking. For one thing the lack of information about the company is a red flag. Especially when you consider the company has no website and no explanation as to their practices. It is especially concerning when you observe the past issues that showed the company made elaborate claims on many of their brands. This lead to the FDA raiding the company for not willing to comply and make the necessary changes. The issue they have now is that the company does not certify their product to be GMP quality assured. With the manufacturer’s track record there has to be further work done in order for customers to truly be able to trust the company.

Also worth noting is the lack of customer reviews that exist. With so few trying this brand all that exists are mostly negative reviews. A few of the positive reviews had to do about the energy given and the weight loss made possible with diet and exercise. No doubt since there is caffeine inside that caffeine is the strict source of change people saw. There are some promising ingredients such as Raspberry Ketones and even African Mango AKA Irvingia Gabonensis, but how is one to know of the actual quality without a certified acknowledgment of the current state of the company. There should be more information provided by the company so people know that the claims made are not fraudulent. With the past history of lying for several of their brands it requires even more oversight. Instead what the company has provided is just a disconnected phone and no way to truly check in on them in case of any wrongdoing.

So in summary there is a caffeine laden product, no explanation as to why it is for women only, a history of lying about health claims, a past FDA raid, lacking positive reviews, and no real way to get a hold of the company easily.

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