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OxyElite Pro Review – Is OxyElite Pro Safe?

It’s always important to know what kind of diet pill you are dealing with. While some are meant for people who are morbidly obese, others are meant for the casual dieter whose goal is to look good at the beach during summer. Sometimes this difference is incredibly important, as the products may not be meant for certain audiences, due to the ingredients that are contained within. The case of OxyElite Pro has both these audiences in mind, as well as people who are looking to improve their physical abilities, having weight loss being an accompanying feature.

The concoction enjoys gasconading itself, saying that it “melts” the competition that is currently available on the market, being similar in nature to a summer heat wave. Even so, diet pill companies have a way of embellishing their marketing copy.

Having heard of a recall by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), I couldn’t help but wonder if this product really was all that great for human consumption. So is it? The following article will answer this question.

What is it?

Contrasting with other diet pills that only focus one one facet of weight loss, OxyElite Pro instead focuses its energies on all different aspects. These aspects include wiping out fat deposits, launching the metabolic rate to higher levels, giving the user a burst of energy and provoking thermogenesis.

In addition to this, this concoction also gasconades that it quashes any irritating hunger pangs, as well as improving the user’s mental dexterity. While it does make pretty confident declarations about itself all over it’s official website, there are no clinical studies provided to back up any of these allegations.

In spite of everything this product has to say about itself, the FDA has previously had this byproduct of substances recalled. This is because previous iterations of the product have contained a chemical known as 1,3 dimethylamine (DMAA). This substance was made illegal by the government body because it is known to cause people to have seizures, myocardial infarctions, psychotic episodes and even death.

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Top Rated Products don’t ever contain dangerous, banned substances in their ingredient list.

Who makes it?

USP Labs is the company responsible for conjuring OxyElite Pro into existence. The Dallas, Texas based company markets itself not only toward people who are looking to drop a few pounds from their bodies, but to individuals who have a keen interest in the fitness world as well. Strangely enough, OxyElite Pro is only available on it’s own official website, and cannot be found on USP Labs website.

This of course may be attributed to the fact that the product was recalled by the FDA in the past. When things like this happen, it is not uncommon for companies to try to distance themselves from these products, lest the rest of their brands get negatively affected by the association. If this is the case with OxyElite Pro, it would not surprise me.

The company however does not limit itself to just supplying individuals with dietary supplements. Included on their website are also articles on training and nutrition that are supposed to help people reach the apex of their physical capacities.

Does OxyElite Pro work?

The way that this product is alleged to work, is by affecting the thyroid. In the thyroid there are hormones known as triiodothyronine (T3) and thyroxine (T4), which effect the metabolic rate. With OxyElite Pro, the T4 hormones are increased, which in turn aids the T3 hormones in accelerating metabolism. It is because of this that this product acts as a thermogenic agent.

While this sounds very scientific, the website did not publish and clinical trials or other scientific findings to back up that this does indeed lead to people losing weight as an end result. Top Rated Products always have clinical data backing their declarations. Users may additionally experience a rush of energy pulse through them, but just because someone may feel energized that does not instantly translate into weight loss being inevitable.

I’ve read numerous user reviews of people deflaming this product for the adverse effects it has been known to cause. Some of these complaints included conditions such as liver damage and heart attack.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

It is because of this that I cannot in a sound state of mind recommend other people to take this product.

OxyElite Pro Ingredients and Dosage

Users are instructed to take one to two capsules before eating anything in the morning. An additional serving of one to two capsules is instructed to be taken six to eight hours later, again on an empty stomach. Because of the potency of the capsules, users are informed to start with a single capsule. Additionally users are advised to not take more than four capsules in a day.

  • Caffeine- 100 mg

Proprietary Blend-                                                        119.5 mg

  • Bauhinia purpurea L. extract- N/A
  • Bacopa monnieri extract- N/A
  • 1,3 dimethylamylamine HCl- N/A
  • Cirsium oligophyllum extract-           N/A
  • Pausinystalia johimbe bark extract- N/A


Are there potential side effects?

Because of the powerful stimulants incorporated in this product, OxyElite Pro is far from a side effect free product. This is in spite of what is stated on the official website, which states that adverse reactions won’t happen unless people don’t go by what the label instructs.

1,3 dimethylamylamine  is a powerful stimulant, that is only made more robust through the inclusion of yohimbine. This ingredient has been known to cause heart attacks, psychiatric disorders, seizures and death.

Being that this concoction contains stimulants, other side effects from this may include: anxiety, insomnia, jitters, palpitations, hypertension and nausea. As stated in the preceding paragraph, yohimbe is known to make stimulants more potent, so the likelyhood of these adverse effects is heightened.

Women who are nursing or pregnant, people on other medications that affect the thyroid and those who are soon going to be undergoing surgery are not recommended to take this product.


For those of you out there who are looking to lose weight for health related reasons, it is important to find just the right diet pill. This one has  an ingredient that has been known to cause severe adverse reactions in users, which led to it being recalled.

Just because outwardly a product may seem to have a plausible argument in defense of it’s use, it is always important to do your own outside research on the health supplements you are planning on taking. The last thing you want is for your health to be severely harmed without you knowing what it was that was the cause.

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