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Osolean Review – The Truth About This Product.

The weight loss community is growing increasingly distrusting of diet pills, after products lacking in legitimacy have resulted in people similar to yourself giving products that are fake their money. Quickly taking the place of diet pills as the most popular form of health supplement is the diet shake. These (hopefully) tasty and nutritious shakes are frequently designed to serve as meal replacements, delivering you with energetic means that provide possibilities for your energy to persist all day as well as things comprised in their formulas that will result in your superior body shape. I imagine that anyone would rather drink a tasty chocolate shake than take a diet pill, so it makes sense that shakes of the variety of meal replacements more popular than ever.

When the fact is considered that the existence of so many items are present, consideration must be possessed for how to select the correct item for your desires.

I possess the potential to be your assistant in aiding you to make this selection; join my inspection of this popular item to widen your knowledge about food stand-in drinks.

What is It?

Many people don’t like diet pills or other products like that so they’d rather drink shakes and beverages to help them shed pounds. These shakes are often packages as powders that you mix into water to make a shake or drink. One of those products like that is Osolean, a powdered-drink that is supposed to help you lose weight. One of the benefits of Osolean is that its formula contains no fat so you might like it if you’re trying to avoid fat. A lot of people use drinks like this

2 scoops of Osolean are mixed into water or food twice daily. The label recommends that you use it 20 minutes before breakfast and dinner but you can probably use it whenever is right for you as long as you take it around those times.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

But is using Osolean an adequate way to help yourself lose weight? Hopefully this review will help you find out if Osolean is the right product that’s necessary for your weight loss plans.

Who Makes It?

Osolean was created by Mannatech Science, which is a supplement company that makes a number of products for your health and fitness needs. There is not a lot of information about Mannatech on their own website; you can’t tell when the organization was founded but there is a list of Mannatech’s team including the company CEO who is named Robert A. Sninnot.

There is a good amount of information about all of Mannatech Science’s products on their official website. They tell you what is in each product and give details about each ingredient. They also include reproductions of the labels from the products’ packaging which means you can find out important nutritional information about each of the products. This is also true for Osolean so we can learn a lot about it. However, it is disappointing that you can’t buy Osolean straight from the Mannatech science website because that means it doesn’t come with any sort of satisfaction guarantee or return policy. What are you supposed to do with it if you are unhappy? It doesn’t look like you can return it and you’re stuck with it.

There is some contact information for Mannatech Science on the official website. There is an address for where the company is located in Texas and a phone number too. There is also an email address and a website to go to if you are a Mannatech Associate. You can also register for site updates if you want to keep up with what is going on with Mannatech Science’s website.

Does Osolean Work?

There is not a big number of reviews of Osolean anywhere on the internet. This is not good because it doesn’t really help you know if Osolean is an effective drink or not.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

For peace of mind you should only use products that you know have helped people shed pounds.

Osolean’s Ingredients and Dosage

The following nutritional information is available on this product’s official website and packaging:

Amount Per Serving Percent Daily Value
Calories 45 N/A
Calories from fat 0 mg N/A
Total Fat 0 g 0%
Saturated Fat 0 g 0%
Trans Fat 0 g 0%
Cholesterol < 5 mg < 1%
Total Carbs < 1 g < 1%
Dietary Fiber 0 g 0%
Sugars 0 g N/A
Protein 10 g 20%

A lot of people utilize drinks like this to substitute meals so they can take in less calories and lose weight in a gradual way. By looking at the nutritional information above we can determine if you can use Osolean like that. There are four things to pay attention: calories, fat, protein and fiber. Let’s examine each one.

Calories and Fat:

As can be seen, Osolean is a fat-free drink. It has 45 calories but none of them come from fat. This may appeal to dieters who are looking to get less fat and calories from their supplements. Osolean also has very little cholesterol and no sugar, which also might appeal to you.


A critical reason that fiber is so important in beverages for weight loss is because many people use drinks such as this to cut out meals. If your food and meal intake decreases you are going to be hungry before long, which means you will want to eat and that defeats the purpose for dieting. Beverages to lose weight use fiber in their formulas to keep your stomach feeling satisfied and satiated so you won’t be tempted to overeat through the day.

Osolean however does not contain any fiber in its ingredients so it isn’t going to satisfy your stomach or keep you feeling full. This means it probably won’t make a good substitution for any of your meals and it won’t make as good a diet drink as other beverages like this one.


Protein is another ingredient to keep you satiated but it is more important because it does more things. It also keeps you feeling strong, healthy and energized even though you’re getting less food. It stops you from feeling weakened and malnourished through the day.

There are only 10 grams of protein in Osolean. This is a low number compared to products that take the place of your meals. You might start feeling a little weak if you don’t eat enough food along with Osolean, which means it’s not the ideal weight loss drink. You can’t use it to take the place of your meals and I’m not sure how it’s actually supposed to help you shed pounds or lose weight.

Osolean contains the following ingredients:

Partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate Whey mineral complex Sialic acid
Milk Soy lecithin

This isn’t a big number of ingredients so let us individually inspect each one.

Partially hydrolyzed whey protein isolate: this is cow’s milk that isolated during the process that makes cheese. Many consider the ingredient to be the highest quality protein and a source of valine, isoleucine and leucine which are all amino acids. A significant amount of calcium can also be obtained from this ingredient. This is also one of the proteins for the human body to take in that is easier than other proteins. Its low levels of lactose also makes it better for people who are lactose intolerant.

Sialic acid: these are molecules of sugar that are found commonly in animal tissues. They are found in all human tissues but nowhere more than the brain. N-acetylneuraminic constitutes the sialic acid that is most in human cells

Whey mineral complex: to get this calcium-rich ingredient you filter whey. This ingredient is also comprised of phosphorous, potassium, magnesium, iron, sodium and potassium. Nutrition drinks usually use it as an additive.

Soy lecithin: this is from soybean oil, it made of phospholipids that happen in them naturally. Three different phospholips are in this soybean-based ingredient called phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphoatidycholin and phosphatidylinositol. It is superior to soy protein isolate but if you have sensitivity to soy you might still not want to use it.

I don’t really have any problems with these ingredients. Osolean is gluten free and none of the ingredients have been genetically modified. Many dieters tend to try avoid gluten and GMO’s so you shouldn’t have any problems with Osolean if you are looking for a product without those things.

Natural ingredients are important in products and should be important to your needs. We have a list of where you can find ingredients that are natural and what supplements they are in.

Are There Possible Side Effects?

No reports of any side effects of Osolean can be found in any reviews written by people who have tried or used this product consistently. But there are not a lot of those reviews so I am not sure if that’s good enough to know that there cannot be side effects. Be careful and always check what side effects might occur from ingredients as a result of them being included in a supplement’s formula.

Products that cost the same amount of money are on the market and we can assist in finding them for you.


Osolean doesn’t look like it’s employable as a drink that can be had instead of the meals you’re used to help you lose weight gradually. It appears to be more of a protein source than anything but it doesn’t even contain that much protein when compared to other drink powders. The only good thing about it is that its formula doesn’t have any fat inside it. So if you want either a protein supplement or a meal replacer, you have better options available to you.

Check out our list of approved products and let us help you find a supplement good and suited for the weight loss you need and want.

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    This is a Excelente product , i am using i have 10 day and really i see change on my body .

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