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Orlistat Review – Does it Really Work?

While there are several factors that go into weight loss, an important factor that some companies have looked into is fat absorption. To deal with this issue, some have found as a solution ways to prohibit this fat from entering the body at all. Such is the case with Orlistat. Since this substance has been incepted into the market, it has become well recognized as a combatant in the crusade against obesity, and the negative health consequences that are associated with it.

Unlike other products that come from natural sources such as plants, this product is synthetically made. Scientists spent hours of a countless amount attempting to make this the most exceptional weight loss product available. While this may make some people feel uncomfortable, others are more open to trying new and different ways to help make excess weight non-existent. While products made from natural products are in vogue, that hasn’t stopped the production of synthetic diet pills.

So is this product really all that it’s cracked up to be? The answer to this question may be found below.

What is it?

Along with a regular exercise routine and a low-calorie diet, Orlistat shines its lights on adult individuals who are looking to slim down a few sizes. Having been approved by the FDA, this capsule based product blocks the body from absorbing fats that may be found in food.

While it is true that there are other diet pills that retail themselves to be stunners, Orlistat makes no such allegations. It stays as grounded in reality as possible, informing its potential users that taking the pill by itself will not automatically result in weight being dropped from the body.

There are however drawbacks of taking this product. There have been extreme cases of people taking this product and experiencing organ failure, specifically the liver and kidneys. These results have led to lawsuits against manufacturing companies. Additionally because Orlistat blocks fat from being absorbed, people who take certain kinds of medication, such as kinds that are used for seizures, are more at risk with this product than regular people.

It may seem hard to find at first, but Orlistat is not the common name that you will find if you look to obtain this product. That is because Orlistat is the generic name of the substance. There are two brand names that you need to look out for if you want to buy.

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The first is from a prescription, with that brand name being Xenical. If acquired over-the-counter, this substance then goes by the name Alli.

Who makes it?

GlaxoSmithKline is the British based company that has brought Orlistat into the world. The pharmaceutical conglomerate was once known as the world’s 6th largest pharmaceutical manufacturer. In addition to pharmaceuticals, the company has also been responsible for the release of oral health care products, nutritional supplements, over-the-counter prescription products as well as vaccines.

This company however is not one that has been free of scandal. Going back to 2023, the company has been in the line of fire, as there have been lawsuits pertaining to the products and practices of the company. These include false information on who may take certain products, to giving doctors kickbacks to have their concoctions advertised to patients. Since the lawsuits have subsided the company has done restructuring, so as to ensure that similar instances don’t resurface.

Does Orlistat work?

To reiterate, Orlistat is used to avert fat from being ingurgitating into the body. The advertising for this laboratory made byproduct mentions that about one quarter of the fats that people consume in their daily lives may be blocked from entering the body. Instead this miscellaneous fat is voided in the toilet as excretia.

With less fat being consumed, that means that overall the daily calorie intake drops as well. While in theory this seems to hold water, the product does mention that it is important not to eat foods with high concentrations of fat in them. Doing so may negate any levels of potency that Orlistat may have.

This product has shown to have some level of potency, but from the reviews that I’ve read through, Orlistat really only keeps working as long as you use it. Once it’s use is discontinued, people have decried this product, asserting that the pounds that were once lost come right back.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

This is a non-issue with Top Rated Products. To me it seems that to make sure the weight stays off with this product, you need to fall into some kind of addictive cycle, which is something that I cannot recommend people to get into.

Orlistat Ingredients and Dosage

Users are instructed to take 3 capsules a day. If taken on a prescription, users are informed to follow their doctor’s orders.

Orlistat comes in both 60mg and 120mg increments.

Are there potential side effects?

Orlistat is a drug that is no stranger to adverse reactions. People who have used this product have reported that they have experienced: changes in bowel movements (uncontrollable or increased), intestinal gas, oily spotting and fatty/oily stool. The last of which may happen as the fats that aren’t absorbed tend to get released as stool in such a fashion.

Since Orlistat blocks fat from being absorbed into the body, this may also become a problem with people who have trouble absorbing foods. People with gallbladder disorders may experience a buildup of bile after taking this product. Also affected from this drug are people who take medications that are used to treat seizures, as these medications are usually fat soluble.

Another concerning issue that has surfaced more increasingly over the years, is that there have been cases where people have experienced kidney or liver failure after consuming this product. Inevitably this has lead to lawsuits and warnings about who should and should not take this product, but the number of these kinds of cases is only expected to rise. Top Rated Products won’t ever severely harm your internal organs in such a way.


With the scientific world making so many amazing strides, it’s easy to fall into the thought process that whatever is made in a laboratory must mean that it is a safe and compelling product. While that may be the case for some products, sadly that is not the case for this one. While some may drop pounds off themselves, once product use was discontinued, it was as if they had never taken the diet pill before.

This is notwithstanding the side effects that people have experienced from this product. Ranging from the mild oily spotting the more severe cases of liver failure, there’s much about this product to be cautious about. If you are overweight and looking to get healthier and more fit, that is always a good option. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to put your personal well being on the line to get there.

Top Rated Products are always a safe option for weight management.

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