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Nopalea Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

All natural extracts have made the rounds as healthy and time tested ingredients for some level of weight reduction. Since there is usually a lot of history it would make it easy to just let history speak for its own self. However some brands get crafty and add another host of benefits which are seen in elite level supplements. Which Nopalea the extract is meant to come provided from a wholesome source. Still, taking for granted what is possible is no way of using any supplement.

So before thinking results are inevitable, one must review how effective it can be to track your own demands. Not taking it for its supposed use is the accurate approach, it will allow you the chance to accurately find what is essential. So by observing the details you suddenly will notice how it all comes to form.

Instead of having to muddle through the fog, understood here are the pieces needed for a good wholesome decision. There’s plenty to see here in terms of understood facts, now you can see if it is for you.

What is it?

Nopal is in the title of this product which is the Spanish way of saying cactus. This cactus infused beverage contains bioflavonoids and antioxidants intended to improve the immune system and provide overall wellness. While a cactus beverage does not sound very appetizing, there are added fruits here to soften the flavor.  This product is manufactured by an extensive process which is meant to preserve the quality. One of the ways this happens is by each cactus instead of being picked up through a machine, it is hand picked and refrigerated after pureeing. So essentially the makers keep a close eye to ensure the quality is preserved.

Straight from the Sonora desert where there is an abundance of nopal cactus fruit is where this product is sourced from. While this product has a lot of ingredients added most of it is included to give it a better taste. Apparently freshly squeezed cactus does not have a very tasty profile. Either way this ready to drink beverage contains about 5, 6 ounce portions in each of these purple colored bottles.  The real selling point that gets hammered on the Nopalea website is the ability of this beverage to help provide overall nutritional support. This company has an interesting history that I’ll uncover briefly.

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For those on the quest of a beverage for overall health, this brand intends to satisfy demand. However one has to look past the marketing and really observe what is offered here. Too many brands come along with a promising ingredient that fail to deliver. So let’s see how Nopalea ranks.

Who makes it?

TriVita are a company that operate in Arizona. Their products range from supplements intended to provide weight loss, overall nutrition, and wellness herb formulas. Each of these are available through the retailers with an incentive for giving their members a discounted rate for all products.

They made headlines when the FTC sent out a notice that the company had made false claims for the Nopalea brand. Apparently they ran marketing ads which said it would relieve pain, improve breathing and stop aching from joints and muscles. The Federal Trade Commission demanded the company stop these ads and enforced a 3.5 million settlement to customers of the brand.

The CEO for the company even claimed that there were over 200 scientific articles which proved the product would provide these type of results. Luckily the governing body came in and made sure customers would no longer be deceived by this practice. Due to the TV ads which ran claiming to provide these positives, there was a quick enforcement and penalty. However with all this mentioned now one must pay close attention and see what the company claims Nopalea is capable of.

Does Nopalea work?

Cactus does have some health properties such as fiber and vitamin C. However much of what is added here is meant to mask the flavor of the blended cactus. At this expensive price point of $39.99 without shipping and handling charges for roughly 5 glasses worth. One might be better off getting the exact same effects for a few dollars. Also worth adding is that cactus is somewhat nutritious but it clearly isn’t worth this much money.

Until a report is published or customer testimonials are offered by the company there really is no reason why one should try this specific product over natural blended cactus. Customers on review sites mention this fact often, that one can experience a positive result from a much cheaper blending of ingredients.

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More substantial efforts for weight loss can be achieved in the right brands.

Nopalea Ingredients and Dosage

Basically there are a few stabilizers, sweeteners, texture ingredients, beet juice for coloring and of course the cactus. The reason why there is beet juice added is because the cactus here is supposed to be of a purple color. So the beet compensates by making it look like one is getting extra nutrition from the cactus.

Other fruit flavoring is added not through juice, but from things like orange juice crystals and cranberry powder. These are added which make it appear as if one will be getting more nutrition, however the vitamin content is really low here. It basically has a little bit of carbohydrates no no percentage of the daily value needed of any of the nutrients. It’s weird because fresh cactus would have at least some fiber and vitamins. Somehow this product only has trace amounts that rank up to 0%.

3 to 6 ounces a day are recommended and this bottle serves about 5 cups worth when drank at 6 ounces. This is an incredibly low amount of juice present here.

One another confusing aspect is it recommends to be drank for 60 days, no explanation is given as to why. Also not explained is how to know exactly what is needed. They recommend to take it per one’s anti-inflammatory needs. This can be hard to figure out as not many people know how to calculate inflammation. Clearly more information is needed as this product fails to provide substantial reasoning behind their dosing strategy.

Here’s a picture of the up to date nutritional facts provided by the company for Nopalea:


Are there possible side effects?

One of the benefits of this product is that there isn’t much going on in terms of side effects. Besides a bit of nausea and potential stomach related issues there isn’t much cause for alarm in the department of side effects. However this is because there really isn’t much going on anywhere. The product is so lacking in substantial active ingredients that it is essentially a watered down supplement. Most of the complaints from customers are due to the non effect they experienced. Not only was it underwhelming for many, but most said they experienced nothing.

Much more substantial products can be purchased for greater benefit.


One of the most alarming things here is the past history of lies and abuse. Not only did $3.5 million dollar penalty go down on this company but they were seen as essentially lying about all the health claims they made. Not one of the original claims was founded by any science and that’s why customers were given their money back, it just didn’t work. So now we have this product which is intended for immune support and anti-inflammatory help.

Well the truth of it is this product is highly blown up in price. No justification is offered as to why one should try this brand. It does not offer anything new and instead is essentially a batch of flavoring and stabilizing agents void of much nutrition. Only trace amounts of vitamins are found which mean the product has been stripped of its most natural components.

Real fresh cactus shows a much more well rounded nutritional profile for a lot cheaper. So something in this product has been included to bring down the rate of nutritional support. For unknown reasons the manufacturers claim the product is meant for certain things, but no reason is given as to why this expensive product is worth more than the natural cactus in its basic and more fulfilling role. Most of the reviews left by real customers remark one can buy a lot of this products basic offerings and add fruit to make the exact same beverage for much cheaper.  Many complaints add to the fire which claim there’s no reasoning given as to why one should spend excess cash for a product that has less nutrition, more price, and extra unnecessary additives. Nopalea has very little to offer in customers eyes and the widespread complaints make it obvious as to why this is so.

There’s a reason the product is flavored with red beet juice, it’s because it gives it the natural purple hue that is naturally found in cactus. Since one sees very little in the nutritional label it is obvious there is something missing. So while the product is overpriced, has a bad company history and doesn’t offer much in some customers eyes, it’s clear why this product fails to impress. It simply doesn’t cut it.

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