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Neuro Trim Review – The Truth About This Product.

While a certain brand may be successful, that does not therefore mean that all the products that they manufacture are instant hits. Sometimes some of these products may fail, and as such they remain only memories from the people who enjoyed them. Such is the case of Neuro Trim, which was last seen to be sold in 2023. While it did have an audience of people who became fans of the product, it was not enough to keep the brew on the market place.

What made this product stand out from other weight subduction products was that, it came in the form of a drink that did not need to be mixed at all, just shook a bit. The weight management industry is overly saturated with pills, teas and shakes, the latter two of which need the customer to actually put effort into making it, while Neuro Trim was ready to go from the moment it was received.

Today’s article will review what this product was, good and bad, and what may have lead to it’s eventual downfall.

What is it?

Neuro Trim was a diet drink that declared that it had the ability to quash hunger pangs, intensify the metabolic rate, support weight subduction and deliver antioxidants to the body, thereby supporting anti-aging capabilities. The makers of this product were also quick to point out that their concoction was by no means a miracle in liquid form; regular exercise and a nutritious, calorie deficient diet were necessary to see results that pertained to weight management.

The way that Neuro Trim asserted it would go about this, is by using a certain kind of fiber that was concocted within the brew. There were also allegations that Neuro Trim had the ability to alleviate stress levels and sleeping problems as well. While this may sound incredibly spectacular, that didn’t therefore mean that this really worked as well as it actually did.

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In some ways, I feel as if the bottle that this came in (which is similar in form to all the other bottles that the brand of this product manufacture their goods come in) acts as a bit of a distraction, as it does catch positive eye attention.

Who makes it?

Neuro is the Burbank, California based company that was responsible for putting Neuro Trim on the market. The company is known for the drinks that it produces under its brand name, each different drink having a specific purpose. In the case of Neuro Trim, this was used to aid weight management, but there are other drinks that have different functions. For example, Neuro Sonic is used to intensify energy levels, Neuro Sleep is, quite obviously, to be used as an aid for sleep and Neuro Daily is used to bulwark the immune system so that it is operating at it’s most efficient level possible. The company alleges that it has employed scientists to examine what is the best combination of substances to put into different drinks that may benefit people in the most exceptional way possible. the company is aware of the importance of social media in the contemporary marketing world and as such, it has a presence on an array of social media channels, the likes of which include YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram.

Does Neuro Trim work?

Despite the company asserting that its products were formulated by scientists, nowhere was I able to find any clinical studies that were performed on Neuro Trim. Additionally, there is also a void in the area where there would be clinical studies that would have been performed on the individual ingredients themselves. The problem with this brew is that while it says that it may quash hunger pangs, that doesn’t necessarily change the lifestyle and eating habits of the user. Sure, the company may declare that exercise and diet are important, but they did not go into detail as to how a change in this may be beneficial to weight subduction. There were no diet plans provided that would have supported their stated cause of weight subtraction. Without doing this, the user may still be eating unhealthy, and even though they may be consuming less, that does not therefore make the user any more healthy than they were. From the reviews I was able to find, individuals derogated this product for it’s unappetizing taste, the adverse reactions that were experienced from it, as well as others decrying this concoction for not having any effect on weight management at all.

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Neuro Trim Ingredients and Dosage

It may be a bit confusing to ascertain the ingredients that may be found within Neuro Trim, as there are different sources that report different things. When checking, I found that there was an ingredient listed on in the product description that wasn’t mentioned on the label! To get the most accurate information, I have decided to go with what is written on the label, and not what others have stated. From this, I see that there are two ingredients of which Neuro Trim is comprised of. This include vitamin D, which weighs in with a mass of 200 IU, which is 50% of the recommended daily value. The other ingredient is purified Konjac fiber, which comes in an amount of 1 gram, and is within the proprietary blend. Other ingredients that have been mentioned to be found in this concoction (which are not listed on the label) include resveratrol and SerinAid, which is a patented form of the neural aid Phosphatidylserine. I find it a bit strange that they would specify that konjac fiber is in the proprietary blend, as it is the only ingredient mentioned! What then is the use of having a proprietary blend? Why not just have it separately? Konjac fiber is known to come from the same origin as glucomannan, which has become beloved in recent years due to its perceived  robustness in aiding weight loss. Users were instructed to consume this beverage 30 minutes before each major meal of the day. However, being that Neuro Trim came in packs of 12, that would mean that a supply would only last 4 days! You wouldn’t even be able to get through a week without needing to order more!


Are there potential side effects?

From what I have read, there were no side effects listed from use of this product. That however, has not stopped some people from reporting adverse reactions that they have experienced. One user decried this product for causing diarrhea, as well as heartburn. I think it is also important to note that konjac root is essentially the same as glucomannan, and as such, there may be similar adverse reactions that may result from its use. This fiber is known to expand in the stomach, and if too much of it is consumed, it may cause constipation, or in a more severe case, intestinal blockage. While konjac root has been known to cause blockage in the throat and possibly be a choking hazard, because it comes in a liquid form in Neuro Trim, I would not say that this would be an issue with this product.

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Ultimately, it seems that this product just could not get people to catch on to use it enough. The results that were promised may not have surfaced in too great a number of users, which would have led to this brew becoming discontinued. While there was nothing really harmful that was found within Neuro Trim, the ingredients were not known to be all that dynamic is supporting weight loss. Furthermore, there were no clinical studies performed on either the ingredients, nor the product as a whole that would have authenticated that this was indeed a robust blend. While the company that manufactured this product is still in existence, Neuro Trim is but a faint and fading memory. Hopefully this product’s shortcomings will assist you in understanding what makes an exceptional weight management product, and what does not.

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