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MetaSlim Review – Is MetaSlim Safe for You?

While some diet pills choose to rely on concoctions that are created in laboratories, others instead opt to go the more traditional route, and are comprised of ingredients that have been used for ages. Such is the case with MetaSlim, or so it is marketed. This product hails from across the ocean from India, and it is this foreign exoticism that is used to get people excited to use this product. However, not not every product has been known to operate as optimally as they are advertised. Some don’t do much of anything other than replicating the effects that a placebo would cause. Is that the case with MetaSlim? Read on to find out.

What is it?

Running contra to other diet pills that feature a vast array of information about themselves, as well as the ingredients that constitute them, MetaSlim is limited to a single page. What caught my attention about this product, is that it does not come in a pill form, but a powder as well as an oil. The official website alleges that by adding water to MetaSlim, it is possible to see excessive weight removed from the body. In addition to this, MetaSlim is also assert to rejuvenate energy levels. This byproduct of substances also asserts that through it’s use digestive issues may be alleviated, as well as blood circulation being governed in a superb fashion.

It’s hard to tell how else this product works, as the website features a lot of extra filler. There are testimonials and there’s a whole spiel about how to avoid the issues that arise from obesity, but that is mainly what we are provided with. I also found it strange that the real explanation of MetaSlim isn’t revealed until you scroll to the bottom of the page. It’s almost as if the creators of this concoction are trying to hide the very details about it. Why they would do that I have no idea.

MetaSlim is also by no means cheap, and it will cost users an astronomical $120! This in and of itself may turn a lot of potential customers away. Coming from abroad does nothing to assuage my concerns that this product may in fact be a scam.

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Bulwarking my assertion about this, there are numerous comments on MetaSlim’s Facebook page that derogate this product to be of a fraudulent nature.

Who makes it?

Saptarishi Herbals is the company that may be accredited for creating MetaSlim. The company enjoys gasconading that all of the products that it manufacturers are acknowledged to be completely herbal. The company is also recognized to produce products that are known to help with addiction. I find it a bit strange however that despite featuring different products, when clicked on, nothing happens. It’s as if all you are allowed to do on their website is look at the various products that they feature and nothing more. I also find it peculiar that when a customer service window pops up, the agent says “welcome back”, despite the fact that I have never even been to their website before! This company is located in India, and if ordering from within the country, shipments may take a week to be received. If you are outside of the country, the amount of time it will take to receive a product is ten to twelve days, depending on your location.

While there is a Facebook page for MetaSlim, the company itself lacks any sort of social media presence. As social media is incredibly relevant for any company that is trying to get it’s name exposed to the world, I find it strange that Saptarishi Herbals would lack this essential facet of marketing. All we are supplied with is a Facebook page for MetaSlim that hasn’t been updated since 2023. It’s as if the creators of this concoction just gave up on trying to sell this product. It’s never a good sign when the company doesn’t update any information about itself or it’s goods. Additionally, there is no community section for users of Saptarishi Herbals to congregate, nor are there any blog posts and health related articles that more legitimate companies are equipt their websites with.

Does MetaSlim work?

The official website does not mention diet plans nor exercise routines that users may incorporate into their daily lives when using MetaSlim. Topically it may see that these aspects are mentioned, however it is left at that, being mentioned. Furthermore, the website of MetaSlim does not feature any clinical data that would back up the assertions that this product does indeed work as it is retailed to. There are no clinical trial provided for neither the ingredients that constitute MetaSlim, nor the product as a whole. In addition to this, the negative reviews that may be found on MetaSlim’s Facebook page bring me to the conclusion that all you will be losing with this product is money. With such reviews being present I cannot say that this product will work as it is marketed to.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always offer a plethora of information regarding the substances that constitute them, as well as data showing that the product as a whole is known to be competent in regards to weight loss.

MetaSlim Ingredients and Dosage

There are two sets of ingredients that MetaSlim is comprised of. These include an oil and a powder. All of the ingredients are more well known in India, but have not seen much use in western markets. A percentage amount is supplied of these ingredients but nothing more. There is 100 ml that makes up the oil of MetaSlim. These ingredients include bahera 0.03%, harad 0.03%, Haldi 0.05%, giloy 0.05%, daru haldi 0.05%, amaltas 0.05%, murva 0.04%, vasa 0.03%, atis 0.06%, bach 0.05%, pipali 0.07%, sounth 0.03%, salparni 0.07%, dalchini 0.03%, kali mich 0.05%, tulsi 0.03%, sarso tail 3.5%, elaichi 0.02% and baes Q.S., which does not have an amount included.

The powder of MetaSlim contains chappad 10gms, ajwain 7.0 gms, sendhav 2.0 gms, arjuna 7.0 gms, vaividang 15.0 gms, trifla 40.0 gms, nagaramortha 22.0 gms and erand tail Q.S., which does not have a listed amount.

There is no information as to how people are supposed to use either the oil or the powder that MetaSlim is comprised of. There is also a void where there would be information regarding how much of either the powder or oil should be used or when to use them.

The official website does not offer a label of this product.

Are there potential side effects?

There is not even so much as a mention of the words “side effects” anywhere on the official website. Yet just because there is no mention of it, that doesn’t necessarily mean that that is true. There are certain groups of people that should always be cautioned before using any kind of weight management supplement. Generally speaking, I would not advise women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are currently breastfeeding to take this product, as it is unknown how they may react to use of these products. Similarly, individuals who have not yet reached the age of 18 are not advised to use this product either. If you are someone who is on medication or who has a pre-existing health condition, it is advisable to contact a physician before using these concoctions.

Top Rated Products always clearly feature any adverse reactions that may be experienced from their use.


With an incredible lack of information, not to mention an astronomical price, MetaSlim comes off more as a scam than a legitimate product. There are no clinical trials provided to back up any assertions that this product will actually have people losing any substantial amount of weight. Everything that I have seen about this product has shown me that it will not deliver results in any way. There’s a lot of sweet coating all around the offical website, but not real substance. This is a prime example of the kind of product you should stay away from. If anything is taken from this byproduct of substances, it is what should be avoided.

Top Rated Products will never promise unrealistic results to their users.

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