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MetaboLite Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

Working to fulfill a healthy thyroid health one can imagine a deep rooted science based amount of strategy. However some brands claim thyroid supplementation is a key thing they intend to focus on.  By tackling this part of the body there ideally could be a lot of change. However this relies strictly on how well a product works and even then, a fine balance has to be established to make the reality of a proper dosage a clear noted option. There’s no need for a blind and unsafe decision making appeal.

In discovering for yourself the proper information there is to be taken in; plenty of resources are needed to accurately measure and review a supplement. Some brands clearly offer more reviews while others neglect to divulge the details.

The key thing to establish in your mind is time, if you don’t have free exclusive time it is hard to distinguish the multiple brands. So this is exactly why this outline is here, to steer you properly without a fault.

What is it?

A surprisingly limited amount of information is given by the makers of this supplement for weight loss. The makers add that it is good for thyroid support which of course is an important aspect of weight loss. They also include a notice that this is an added supplement to an already established weight loss program. This implies you have to do the work and commit to diet and exercise. It’s unknown how well this product works but apparently they have been producing this product for over 20 years.  There’s a brief description of some of the ingredients and that’s pretty much it. Not much fanfare of any kind or customer testimonials are offered.  An example of how lacking the product is by looking at the PDF they have for the explanation of this product, it has been limited to only about 2 paragraphs worth of information.

The 2 options for sales include a bulk 12 bottle supply and a one bottle supply. One bottle runs for $22.95 which will last approximately 20 days. The fact that the company does not really have much information is concerning. How else will customers know what to expect from this product if it is so limited in information? Clearly some more explanation is needed to show whether or not other people have experienced side effects or any other issues. The brand does share a similar label to MetaboLife, which also is a weight loss supplement. It’s unclear if the company is aware of this other brand but the fact they share almost the same name is a bit concerning. It appears at first glance to be a copycat type of product. One of the companies is seriously selling itself short.

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With that explanation out the way now we can focus on the information outside this manufacturers short and limited explanation. So time to investigate what is available from this particular brand.

Who makes it?

The makers go by the name of 4Life Research USA, LLC and they began their operations in Utah.  The CEO of the company is big on a certain field of immune system boosting properties. The main focus of the company is on what is called transfer factor.  They are molecules sent off by organisms that help support the immune system.

They offer quite a few supplements from bars, protein drinks and plenty else more.  They currently add this specific brand to a line up called ShapeRite which is a lineup of supplements. The idea behind these supplements is to help support weight loss through carbohydrate blockers, protein supplements and of course overall fat loss like abilities like the ones featured in MetaboLite. The company itself donates money to charity cases and they help start many philanthropic projects.

Currently the business is in good standing in the eyes of the better business bureau. This means customer satisfaction with issues has been of a satisfactory rate.

Does MetaboLite work?

The main marketed ingredient which is considered the main source of thyroid supplementation comes from an iodine rich source. In fact the rate of iodine is in the high spectrum, potentially too high as there are warnings on health sites that show it may disrupt the thyroid to unhealthy proportions. This in turn makes the product potentially work against a person instead of working with them.

There is not customer testimonials or way to review this product on the site so it’s hard to know what one can expect. Unfortunately this keeps reoccurring with the company for unknown reasons has refused to add any information as to this product’s effectiveness. Without a money back guarantee it further puts them in a bad position as how else can one safely try this product without knowing the full expectations? It just leaves too much to chance.

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MetaboLite Ingredients and Dosage

A sole capsule is needed before meals with a glass of water. It does not specifically say how many only that it should be consumed before a meal. For those that don’t get the average 3 meals it’s impossible to know if there’s a limit. It would have been good knowledge to know this important detail.

Also worth adding is the fact that dosing of this product should be watched under the close consideration of a trained medical physician. No other way should it be taken seeing as how it is intended to influence the thyroid. By shifting this thyroid it then becomes important to track any changes as it is a delicate balance that should be taken seriously. If it tips in the negative spectrum one won’t know until they face potential symptoms. Therefore one has to be aware of the potentials of this supplement before trying it.

Also problematic is the proprietary blend formula. Since it works deep in the body one cannot know if the results seen are coming from a certain ingredient. There’s spirulina here for example which unless noted is often full of potential contaminants. The digestive properties of bromelain, pineapple, and papaya are typically seen as a good addition. Meanwhile the buckthorne is added to help improve digestion and it is chock full of vitamins and minerals. Red wheat falls into the same basic category of adding some nutrients.

An observation can made of the contents of MetaboLite here:



Are there possible side effects?

There is a cause for concern in this category. Researching their main ingredient which is bladderwrack could be a potentially damaging ingredient. The effect it has on the thyroid can shift it into uncomfortable regions. As mentioned before a medical professional is often needed to intervene in order to properly track progress and to not have the thyroid shift too much. Since it is a sensitive part of the body whether it is too stimulated or under stimulated could lead to a potential hormone imbalance. Shocking enough to have too much of it stimulated could actually lead to even more weight gain. This is not the ideal circumstance however since it is a possible reality, customers should be aware that this is not as uncommon as one thinks.

Other potential issues come from the red wheat which of course is not gluten friendly.  Spirulina also has the potential to cause some nasty side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, and upset stomach. This might be why the healthy stomach aids were added, to help prevent any possible feelings of unease.

All together there is a lot more information needed in order for customers to know and evaluate their own bodies. It cannot be left up top chance with proprietary blends which make it impossible to know what one can possibly expect. Clearly more information is needed for a properly informed and well thought out decision.

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One would think with 20 years on the market that MetaboLite would have a lot more to show for itself in the field of weight loss. There’s really not much reasons given by the manufacturers to help influence a person into trying this brand. It’s not really compelling or really well thought out enough of a sales pitch.  Without knowing what other customers have felt they do not have the common courtesy of providing examples.  In the brand’s 20 years of existing it does not make any sense that they company would fail to provide sufficient proof that it actually works.

Overall it is truly impossible to make an informed decision. Once again the mystery is heightened through the use of proprietary blends. These combination of ingredients make it entirely impossible to track individual demands and dietary needs. Working within the thyroid these ingredients are meant to help hormones function at an optimum rate. This type of effect is usually left to doctors who can measure how the body will react to this brand. Without a money back guarantee it makes it hard to know if one can trust this product.  So in conclusion, there isn’t compelling enough data provided to support use.

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