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Metabolife Ultra Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

With Metabolife being such a well known brand name, it’s really not surprising that they would decide to branch out from their original product to produce off shoots. This is something that companies usually do once they reach a certain level of success. Sometimes it so happens that the newly introduced products end up having more popularity than the original concoction! Despite this, I still can’t help but notice the disclaimer at the bottom of the page that reads that the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) have not evaluated any statements pertaining to the products being sold. Without this being done, I find it a bit hard to find legitimacy in the statements that are made. However I am not a perfect individual, and my judgement has been wrong in past situations.

So what is the case then with Metabolife Ultra, does it work as it is advertised to, or does it fall flat, being unable to produce the results it promises? The article below will illuminate the answer to this question.

What is it?

Supplied to users in a box with a white background that has a rainbow variety of colors on it’s logo, Metabolife Ultra is an extension of the Metabolife brand. The product asserts that have users witnessing an overall reduction in the amount of food that they ingest, as well as having them slim down in size, discard superfluous weight and observing their BMIs (Body Mass Index) getting lowered. Contra to other diet pills that just make statements, Metabolife Ultra makes mention that there is clinical data that proves the ingredients within this concoction are beneficial for weight management.

The page itself that this product is mentioned on is rather brief. There is a brief description of how Metabolife Ultra works, warnings associated with it as well as suggested use, but that is about all we, the prospective buyers, are supplied with. There is no mention as to how the ingredients themselves operate in assisting with weight loss.

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Moreover, there is no mention as to other important facets of weight loss, namely intensifying the metabolic rate through thermogenesis or otherwise, leveling up energy, decimating fat deposits or prohibiting the absorption of fats within the body.

Who makes it?

Twinlab is the company that is known for manufacturing Metabolife Ultra. Founded in 1968, the company is renowned for creating products that pertain to the wellness and health industries. Other areas that the company has expanded to include nutrition for children, everyday and natal use, bariatric support, specialty, weight management and fitness and sports supplements. The company is known to have facilities in New York, Utah and Michigan. Metabolife is one of an array of brands that may be found under the Twinlab umbrella.

This company is also known for having distributors not only on the domestic front, but on the international level as well. The places that these distributors are located include locations in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Central America, South America, Africa and countries that reside within the Pacific theater. I do find it peculiar however, that despite being so incredibly recognized, Twinlab lacks any presence on social media. Social media is an incredibly important facet of marketing in today’s contemporary world, and to not employ this significant aspect I see as only damaging the company in the future. This will be especially true if they continue to not do so.

Does Metabolife Ultra work?

While there is truth to the fact that there is a clinical study mentioned in the product description of Metabolife Ultra, as I mentioned in the intro, there is still a disclaimer that mentions the FDA has not evaluated any of these statements. After each and every bullet point they make this little asterisk is present, which leads me to believe that we cannot completely rely on what this concoction has to say about itself. There are other diet pills that I have reviewed that supply more information, such as supplying the study itself that says the byproduct of substances in question does indeed operate as it should. What we are given here is a quick summary with no links as to where the study on Metabolife Ultra was done. Additionally, I find it important to mention, that if any reduction in overall weight was seen, that is because the diets people had were controlled to 2,000 and there was regular exercise implemented as well. Not incorporating either of these into a daily routine are bound to produce results that add up to null. Moreover, one of the ingredients, chromate, is comprised of chromium picolinate, which clinical studies have shown, may actually result in weight gain if the user is not active.

I also noticed that there are lack of reviews featured on the company’s webpage for Metabolife Ultra. Testimonials go a long way in bulwarking statements that are made in product descriptions, and without them, the product feels a bit empty. I was however, able to find independent reviews from third party suppliers. While some success in weight loss was seen, and there are always going to be people who love a product regardless of what anyone else says. There are others that have derogated this product as impotent and/or causing adverse reactions (this is elaborated on later.)

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Metabolife Ultra Ingredients and Dosage

There are 7 different ingredients that are known to make up Metabolife Ultra. 4 of these ingredients are known to be nutrients and minerals. These include sodium (20 mg, and in an amount that is under 1% the daily recommended value), calcium (90 mg, 9%), potassium  (130 mg, 4%) and chromium (133 mcg, 111%). The remaining three ingredients are Meratrim blend  (267 mg), garcinia cambogia fruit extract (600 mg) and caffeine (100 mg). These last three have no mention as to the daily recommended dosages. Garcinia cambogia comes in this product in it’s patented form, which is known as SuperCitriMax, which provides 360 mg of hydroxycitric acid. The form that Metabolife Ultra comes in is through a caplet. Users are instructed to take 1 caplet three times a day a half hour before meals. Furthermore users are instructed to not take more than 3 caplets in a given day. I find it important to mention that this concoction comes in bottles containing 45 caplets. So with a dosage of 3 caplets a day, that means that a bottle will therefore run out in 15 days! So barely half way through a month you are going to need to purchase more of this concoction!


Are there potential side effects?

The amount of caffeine present in Metabolife Ultra is a little bit more than one cup of coffee. However, being that this product is taken 3 times a day, this therefore means that you get 3 times the dosing of this stimulant. Adverse reactions that are related to caffeine use include palpitations (accelerated heart rate), nausea, anxiety, jitters, hypertension (heightened blood pressure), problems sleeping (insomnia), nervousness, headaches and irritability. Persons under 18 years of age as well as women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are nursing are not advised to take this product. Furthermore, people with pre-existing health conditions, such as high blood pressure, people who are on other forms of medication, people who have heart disorders, psychiatric disorders, circulation problems, sensitivity to stimulants and mood disorders are advised to first contact a doctor before using Metabolife Ultra.

Top Rated Products may feature caffeine in their ingredient lineup, but this substance does not come in amounts that would be detrimental to a user’s health.


Having a well recognized brand name is one thing, but just because something is known by a vast audience, that doesn’t mean that it is certain that results will be delivered in an optimal fashion. The caffeine content that is present in this concoction is high enough that it may adversely react with people, and because of this, certain groups of people are barred from using this byproduct of substances. Additionally, while there is a scientific study that is mentioned, the company fails to provide any links to the publication that this was in. Nor are there any explanations as to how the individual ingredients of this concoction work. And that’s not even mentioning that a bottle of this product will be completely consumed in just over two weeks! Because of all these reasons, I cannot recommend people waste their money and time with this product, as there are many others that are known by experts to be more exceptional.

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