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Meizitang Review – Is Meizitang Safe?

While there are many diet pills available that are known to be beneficial not only in regards to weight management, but other facets of health as well, this is not universally true of all diet pills. Some of them may contain ingredients that don’t work at all, while others may have substances within them that are known to be dangerous to consume. While there is a current craze for health supplements from natural ingredients, there are companies out there that take advantage of this craze, and make products that are made to appear to have people losing pounds from their bodies, when in actuality the truth is much different. China is notorious for diet pills that operate such as this. As Meizitang has it’s origins from the Middle Kingdom, I could not help be skeptical as well, as it is even advertised on their webpage that there are fake Meizitang pills in circulation. The myriad of websites that came up as I searched up this concoction would seem to bulwark this assertion.

So what is the deal with this weight management product anyway? Is it a dynamic product or is it something far less superior, possibly dangerous, or a combination of the two? Find out the answers to these questions below.

What is it?

It’s a bit confusing to circumnavigate, as there are an array of websites that all declare that they are the ones with the REAL Meizitang product, from what I was able to disertain, it’s that seems to be the legitimate website for the product. It is here that it is listed that Meizitang comes in a softgel capsule and that it is alleged to heighten the metabolic rate, detoxify the body and supply it with valuable minerals and amino acids as well as nix the absorption of fats into the body. The whole of this description is rather difficult to read, as the text that is provided is written in English that makes a plethora of grammatical mistakes, in addition to spelling errors.

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Meizitang also reports that people who take this product may lose 10 or more pounds in a week. Although there are other weight management pills that make pretty robust claims about themselves, this assertion is too robust, as there is no medical expert who would say that losing 10 pounds in a week is even healthy to do.

Who makes it?

The official website of Meizitang fails to mention who the creator of this concoction is. It’s never a good sign when the makers of a diet pill decline in providing who the manufacturer of their product is. There is not so much as an address of their headquarters, nor is their an email or phone number provided either.To me, it’s a clear sign that they have something that they would rather their customers not know about themselves, for why else would they not even reveal their name? You would think doing so would only increase their overall sales, and make their product come off as all the more legitimate. The most that we know about the maker of Meizitang, is that they are from China. Anything else is just an assumption, and cannot be concluded as factual in any way. I do find it interesting, that despite all this lack of information, the company still does understand the importance of social media, and as such, has pages on Twitter and Facebook dedicated to Meizitang.

Does Meizitang work?

Despite the poorly written English that is displayed on the official website that does sound confident, there have been no clinical trials done on either the individual ingredients nor the product as a whole. We really have nothing to go on other than the poorly worded descriptions that we are provided with. And this is only mentioning, if you get the “real” Meizitang. As stated earlier, there are several other versions of this product that are known to be fake. With such a wide array of frauds that are apparently flooding the market, it may be difficult to ascertain if in fact you do have the right version of Meizitang or if it’s just a copy. And even if it was the right kind of Meizitang, there’s no real proof that would bulwark the allegations that it would work.

When looking for reviews of this product, there seem to be many that assert that this product does indeed operate as intended. However with a bit of research, I was able to uncover that the website that runs this product is also known for producing fake reviews on another seemingly unrelated website. As for independent reviews, there seems to be an utter void where those reports should exist. When a company fakes their own reviews, that is enough reason to just quit looking into their products and look for something that is more legitimate. I would do this too, but so you, my readers, will be more aware of what exactly this Meizitang is, I have decided to make a full review of the other aspects of this fraudulent byproduct of substances, and it’s other aspects.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products would never use fake reviews so as to ensure that their sales numbers stay elevated.

Meizitang Ingredients and Dosage

There are 5 different ingredients that Meizitang is comprised of. It may be a bit confusing, as these ingredients are not the ones that are listed on the homepage. None of these ingredients have their daily recommended value, nor the weight amount that they come in. Instead, the manufacturer lists the percentage that these ingredients come in, which while somewhat informative, it still doesn’t give us a concrete value that we can measure. The ingredients include cassia seed extract (10%), ZiSu extract (25%), medical amylum (35%), oriental water plantain (13%) and fuling extract (17%). Cassia seed is known to act as a laxative, however it is not recommended to use as an ingredient for weight loss, because there may be dangerous health consequences that may arise if this is relied upon. Medical amylum is found in a variety of foods and has been used as a quencher of appetite. The remaining 3 ingredients, fuling extract, ZiSu extract and oriental water plantain, are not in anyway known to have an effect on subtracting pounds from the body. Ultimately, this means that the ways that this byproduct of substances operates, is through being an eliminator of hunger pangs and a laxative. With cassia seed only being 10% of the makeup of the diet pill, that means that most of the way that this is asserted to work is through appetite quashing.

Users are advised to take one capsule per day before breakfast or after with water that measures out to be 350-500cc. Additionally, users are not recommended to take more than the instructed amount. Furthermore, the makers of this product urge to not drink alcohol with this product, and to not skip any meals. I was unable to find a  label with a supplement list of this product.

Are there potential side effects?

Because of the incredible lack of information regarding Meizitang, it is unknown whether people may be adversely affected, either in minor or serious ways, from using this connection. All we have to go by, are what is mentioned on the official website. The only things that are mentioned are dizziness and nausea. There may be more dangerous adverse effects, but they aren’t listed. In addition to this, women who are nursing or in stages of pregnancy, people who are diabetic, morbidly obese, people who have health conditions related to the heart or hyperthyroidism are not advised to take this concoction. Also included in this list of people who are barred from taking Meizitang are people with a history of addiction, people over the age of 60 or under the age of 18, people who have glaucoma or prostatic hyperplasia or people who are on other forms of medication.

Top Rated Products have all been thoroughly tested to make sure that users are aware of the people who should not take them


With so many different diet pills available for purchase, the confusing part may be trying to decipher which ones are actually good to take. With Meizitang however, the answer is pretty simple; don’t take it. There are no clinical studies provided to show that this concoction will get you any kind of results, or for that matter that it is healthy to consume at all! The poorly written text on the official website does nothing to assuage my concerns that this is not in some way a scam. If you ever see this product or anything like it, do yourself a big favor, and avoid it at all costs.

Top Rated Products were not created to scam people away from their money, but to have them living healthier, longer lives.

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