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Mega T Green Tea Review – Does it Really Work?

One often added ingredient  placed in supplements with the intention to burn fat is the well researched green tea. Due to the inexpensive cost of adding it and the positive connotation with green tea it is assumed it is wholesome and worthy of consumption.  Why should one take a supplement with just this ingredient if the tea can be found cheaper? Well some add a more potent strain while also including ingredients sorrounding it to give more effects. What requires immediate uncovering is the fundamental head scratcher, what makes it necessary?

One approach of accurately judging it is by observing the consumer history, manufacturer process, knowledge of all ingredients and of course distinguishing marketing and real truth. This takes plenty of time and also demands a full attention span which can last for days.

So much exists on Mega T Green Tea that most people cannot find the time to really understand. So the creation of this review supplies you with just that, all the details that exist on this brand condensed.

What is it?

These series of weight loss products all feature one common ingredient in green tea, added to help create a heightened metabolism and in turn burn fat. These commercials can be seen on TV and they often feature a simple before and after photo with an explanation that this product just works. Many of these brands are adorned with an all caps full bold statement that you can “LOSE UP TO 20 LBS”. Right underneath it though it mentions that this occurs with a diet and exercise plan, in a certain amount of time. This isn’t the most promising claim as with diet and exercise one can lose weight without this brand, if the time is long enough. A really strange claim to make but still, more information is needed beyond this marketing statement.

Offered here are diuretics, formulas with added antioxidants, some with probiotics for proper gut health, and even chewables in both berry and chocolate. Of course all of them have a bit of green tea added. The website even goes over the science of how this green tea extract can make a difference. While they do explain that calories are reduced and metabolism is increased, they do not add how. They add it is “scientifically formulated” but this is more of a buzz word instead of an actual statement that science proved it would work. So far the way they market this brand leaves a lot to be desired.

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What is known about this product is that it is in many stores and can often be found in convenience stores. Since it does have a wide distribution and it comes at a fairly cheap price it becomes important to distinguish what it can truly do vs what it claims to do. So here are all the details in plain.

Who makes it?

With home base in Florida, the makers North South Science, LLC have this brand as their sole series of products. In research for information as to the company and how they function, there was no information available. They do offer an address and a phone number intended to be support for those who are dealing with any issues. However nothing is offered as to their manufacturing process or how they run business.

What is known however is that no money back grantee is offered on any of the products. Until more information is revealed about the practices by this company one would be wise to approach with caution.

Does Mega T Green Tea work?

Well if taking their appeal that diet and exercise over a certain period of time will produce effects then yes, just like any other supplement would work in this very standard approach. However anything would work if one gets sufficient diet and exercise so it’s not a valid point to argue.

It is important to add there is caffeine in these brands. This will surely produce an effect on the body as would any other source of caffeine. The way it is intended to work as a fat burner and metabolism booster is definitely possible with any increase of caffeine. The real question is why this specific brand and not just a regular cup of green tea?

Many customer reports are split right down the center. Some claim they felt absolutely no effect(except side effects) and others add they did feel a change. Until more research is offered by the company on their specific formulas it appears caffeine is the real culprit behind the reported effects.

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Mega T Green Tea Ingredients and Dosage

Already noticeable is the reliance on common stimulants such as guarana, caffeine, and green tea. Caution must be exercised in this blend as the level of caffeine found within is not noted.

The decrease of blood pressure is the intended purpose of gotu kola while the herb fo ti is seen as a traditional Chinese answer to anti aging. Though there hasn’t been any proven studies on this.

Eleuthero root is another way of saying Siberian ginseng which has been touted as an anti stress ingredient. Garcinia Cambogia has had a rise in popularity due to its reported abilities to help reduce weight through an increase in metabolism. Bladderwrack kelp finally is a seaweed intended to reduce inflammation among other things. Each brand has their own formula but keep in mind the two common added ingredients are green tea and caffeine.  The manufacturer’s highly recommend to seek a diet and exercise plan through someone who knows that they’re doing. Also dosing is meant to be under the watchful eye of a medical pro. So while this is widely available it only has a small market in store, those who have the time and energy to seek extra guidance.  Also no more than 2 capsules are recommended a day in order to prevent any harmful side effects. So while it is readily available for purchase, a lot of energy has to be spent on finding out whether or not this product will work within one’s own demands.

Though many varieties exist for this brand here is a Mega T Green Tea product:


Are there possible side effects?

It’s hard to understand why the caffeine here would be added in a proprietary blend. It ensures people will never know how much to intake. Even under the recommended watch of a medical professional how will they be able to determine what to expect if it isn’t listed on the product?

Looking at the reviews was even less reassuring as many have reported their own individual effects. Some of the most common issues include headache, diarrhea, irritability, mood swings, increased anxiety, insomnia, tremors and uncomfortable rapid heart rate.  All these are common symptoms found when taking in too much caffeine.

The other ingredients however are also added to the proprietary formula. Though the makers add it is scientifically formulated this does not mean there is no risk for potential side effects. So until further notice it’s hard to know what one can potentially expect from this brand. However skimming through the multiple negative accounts it appears there is the possibility for several side effects.

Far less potentially harmful products exist out there for healthy weight loss.


A lot was promised by this product and it seemed to provide a wholesome approach to weight loss. With green tea being the only mandatory ingredient in these weight loss brands it makes it appear to be an all natural solution. It also is widely available in many markets for dirt cheap. However much like the old adage states if it is too good to be true, it probably is.

There is a lot of static given off by real customers who not only claim a series of side effects but they add they did not lose weight. Well the marketing behind this product is subtle and in certain ways it is being entirely truthful. For example their really silly claim of being able to reduce 20 pounds of weight with a certain amount of diet and exercise for a certain amount of time applies to anything in life. It could also apply for cheeseburgers. So while they do not lie on this front it is a bit manipulative.

So by examining the ingredients we are left with one conclusion. There’s no way to truly know how it will effect your body. In fact the overall view from observing the ingredients is that the idea of getting medical supervision would still be faulty. If they cannot determine the exact amounts then it becomes hard to know what expectations one may possibly have. While 2 capsules are needed a day and there is warning not to exceed dosage, still many have reported their own series of side effects. So until this is resolved, it’s too difficult to track one’s own dietary demands.

Far too much is at stake for a product that is far too hushed. The overwhelming customer opinions seal the deal, there isn’t much offered by this brand.

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