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Mangodrin Review – Is Mangodrin Safe for You?

Since it was originally released for the public to consume, Mangodrin has gone through some changes in regards to its ingredient lineup. No longer are there powerful stimulants such as synephrine which are only made more potent from the likes of yohimbe. Instead the makers of this concoction have created a product devoid of those ingredients, in the hopes that it may sell better than it’s previous itineration, and without people complaining of the side effects that were associated with it. Anytime a company includes substances that are or are similar to the afore mentioned, the likelihood that people will experience adverse reactions is only increased.

What is it?

Mangodrin asserts that it will get people to see results in weight loss in only two weeks! In a ten week time frame, the product asserts that people may even subtract up to 28 pounds from themselves! Additionally, quenching hunger pangs, magnifying energy levels, enhancing the state of mind, intensifying the metabolic rate, heightening mental dexterity and destroy belly fat deposits are all features that this concoction gasconades. The product description says that the reason that people have problems subtracting weight from their bodies, is that there is a hormone known as leptin, which governs the rate at which the body incinerates fat. With Mangodrin weight loss is promised by the leptin resistance being regulated in an optimal fashion.

While there is a lot of excitement on the product’s webpage, as well as an eye catching color scheme, there is very little information about how this product works exactly, which ingredients are known to do what and if there are any clinical studies that support any of the allegations that are raised in support of this concoction. Instead we are given alternative versions of Mangodrin from which we may choose to buy, as well as the makers mentioning the various magazines that this product has been featured in. So is this byproduct of substances really as good as the makers want potential buyers to believe?

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Or is this just another one of many products that has declarations that are larger than the facts about itself? If you seek the answers to these questions, read the article below.

Who makes it?

TruDerma is the Las Vegas, Nevada based company that can be credited for bringing Mangodrin into existence on this planet. Founded in 2023, this company specializes in goods that are meant to support weight management, muscle gaining as well as body reconditioning. The company focuses its energies in the marketing, distribution and development industries with a particular emphasis on nutraceuticals. Furthermore, the company prides itself on the basis that its products don’t contain illegal substances that may be harmful for human consumption. The company probably specifies this so that it may possibly pull in the crowd of people who have had negative experiences with companies that have been dishonest about this aspect of the diet pills they produce.

The company itself is only known for producing three different products, albeit there are multiple versions. In the case of Mangodrin, there are four different iterations: the combo AM/PM pack, the stimulant free version, the regular version and a version called Mangodrin 30 Caps. This is notwithstanding the blog that the company also has, which features articles on topics that range from what it calls “fab”, “fit” and “food”. Unlike other health supplement companies, there is no community section of their website where users can post openly to one another in a forum fashion. TruDerma does however have a social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.

Does Mangodrin work?

While marketing copy may always be optimistic and energetic, they are not the same as actual facts about the product itself. Mangodrin features no clinical studies that were performed either on the individual ingredients, nor on the product as a whole. As such, we cannot therefore prove that any of the allegations, such as weight loss in only two weeks as being truthful. Nowhere on the website is there any mention  as to a recommended exercise routine or diet plan that users should follow to ensure that results are accomplished. Because Mangodrin also contains the mood uplifting ingredient phenylethylamine HCl. The company also fails to provide any testimonials on the official website that would further back up that this product may indeed make a substantial difference in the amount of weight people will lose from their bodies. When I searched on to see how the users there felt about this concoction, it was revealed that this product had a mediocre average score of 3 out of 5 stars. Some users derogated this product because it was reported to do nothing in terms of quashing an overactive appetite. Others complained that the product made them sick, while others lambasted this concoction for have no overall effect whatsoever.

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Products that have reached a Top Rating are known to only have positive reviews, and have a void where the negative reviews would exist.

Mangodrin Ingredients and Dosage

Mangodrin includes within it 9 different substances, 6 of which are found within the concoction proprietary blend. The ingredients that are left out of that blend include folic acid (vitamin B9)  250 mcg, pyridoxine HCl (vitamin B6)  20 mg and cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12) 25 mcg. Their daily values number in at 63% for folic acid, 100% for pyridoxine HCl and 417% for cyanocobalamin. The ingredients that make up the proprietary blend include cissus quadrangularis, irvingia gabonensis, resveratrol, decaffeinated green tea, apple cider vinegar and phenethylamine HCl. While it is stated that there are 338 mg in the proprietary blend, the label makes no mention as to the amounts of the specific ingredients, nor the daily recommended value for them either. Of the ingredients in the proprietary blend, neither cissus quadrangularis nor irvingia gabonensis are known to be particularly competent in aiding in the subtraction of weight or quashing appetite.


Are there potential side effects?

With the subtraction of ingredients such as synephrine and yohimbe, there is no longer any chance of users experiencing the possible negative side effects that both of these substances are associated with. For the most part, Mangodrin has been reported to be pretty free of side effects, minus some complaints people have made mainly pertaining to headaches they have experienced, and in some cases nausea. I do think it is important however, to mention that there is still the possibility that some of these ingredients may still give side effects, which is why headaches have resulted from use of this concoction.. With the daily amount of pyridoxine HCl being at 1000%, there is the possibility that this may adversely react with people. Some of these side effects include headaches, nerve damage, changes in mood and severe fatigue. Because there are no listings as to the amount that the various substances in the proprietary blend are, there is a risk that irvingia gabonensis  may cause insomnia, flatulence and headaches. Cissus quadrangularis use may also result in headaches, as well as diarrhea, dry mouth, gas and insomnia.

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While this product no longer contains substances that may be potentially hazardous to an individual’s health and well being, that therefore doesn’t mean that it is automatically the most robust product available on the market. There are no clinical studies presented to users that have been sourced to any legitimate scientific journals that prove that this product does much of anything. There are also ingredients such as irvingia gabonensis and cissus quadrangularis that are not known to contribute to weight loss in a positive way. While the color coating on the official website and the excitement that the advertising copy contribute to a belief that this will have pounds descending from people’s bodies, that doesn’t mean that it actually works that well. If you really want to lose weight, always make sure that you are eating healthy food and exercising regularly. If you really want to get to the apex of your physical self, a weight loss pill that is proven to work through scientific trials is the only way to get there.

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