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Lorcaserin Review – Does it Really Work?

Prescription weight loss brands require mass amounts of details from the FDA to truly know the reaches of the benefits offered. Although a person would believe this ensures it is healthy and the best for humans, side effects are still in the realm of possibilities and they are often found due to the ingredients inside. Sufficient studies are maintained to figure out expectations from a person, although sometimes studies are performed for a brief and limited year count. Usually side effect lists are incredibly lengthy and well researched for those seeking to find out a brands usefulness. However unique to you, many different outcomes may present themselves which require additional support.

Close supervision is key in taking prescription pills to shed weight off. This will cement things flowing on a secure path. By taking these details it uniquely shapes your experience, giving access to the possibilities. Currently very minimal products including Lorcaserin have been offered as a prescription.

With the research available and my capability to simplify, I’ve outlined the juiciest bits in full scope.

What is it?

This FDA approved drug is intended to help people lose weight in the long term.  When combining diet as well as exercise it also reduces the risk of obesity related diseases such as high blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar according to the makers. The generic name for the drug is Lorcaserin but it is marketed to the public as Belviq.  One must have a body mass index over 30 or 27, but to those in the 27 range one must have an obesity related issues..  There is also a full page dedicated to ensuring people know of all the potential side effects inherent with this brand.

Luckily since the product is FDA approved all the details on side effects and the potential for weight loss are clearly outlined and ready to be seen. The nature of an FDA approved drug implies the company had to run multiple long studies in order to secure all the necessary details on the specific drug. In fact the product has to legally list all the noted side effects before publishing. This grans customers the right to know of any potential complications and it makes it easy for one to make a solid choice.

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There is a lot of information we managed to condense so without further ado, let’s investigate further into Lorcaserin.

Who makes it?

The San Diego company Arena Pharmaceuticals made this product and after much analysis it was approved by the FDA in 2023.  It’s not often a drug intended for weight loss is actually approved by the FDA but this one made it. There was initial concern over safety and that is why it took a while for the FDA to allow it to be sold. It ran a 2 year long and a 1 year long study to test for effectiveness.

Though because it is FDA approved that does not mean there is not a potential risk factor associated with the brand. In fact on the front page of the website there is mention of several side effects that we will cover later.

Does Lorcaserin work?

They offer statistics based off year long studies showing that less than half of the recipients lost 5% body fat.. .While 22.4% of the people lost 15% within a year. A bit modest but the fact the studies have been shown in some trials is a good sign. Also one must actually be considered fairly obese before taking this product, a grading scale on the body mass index needs to be reached to those interested in purchase.  Doctors also must know of a patients medical history in order to ensure that the side effects won’t interfere with their quality of life. According to the makers one must reveal all their personal history in order to find out if the drug will produce safe effects.

Many have reported their own findings and many include several issues dealing with side effects. Some claim to have lost weight but the overwhelming consensus is the few pounds lost are not sustained and that the side effects overwhelm. Customers on various websites have reported a mental fog and lack of energy. Those who stopped taking the drug completely have noticed their mental faculties returning. However even those who claimed to have lost weight repeat the same idea, it just isn’t worth feeling potentially miserable for such small gains in weight loss.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Less intrusive Top Rated products now on the market offer weight loss without worry of potential side effects.

Lorcaserin Ingredients and Dosage

Lorcaserin is the only active ingredient found within and it is recommended to consult with a doctor to figure out proper dosage strength. In fact a lot of information needs to be divulged to a doctor before actually figuring out if this product is useful for consumption. Unfortunately there are several issues that may potentially arise, causing ones full medical history to be uncovered before even considering treatment.

The label of the brand is as follows:


Are there possible side effects?

A full host of potential side effects have been listed due to the nature of the drug. In fact it would be rare to see no side effects at all. Some of the most disastrous potential effects include mental problems, hallucinations, slow heart beat, a decrease in blood cell count, and worsened memory. Due to the product working in the brain there is a potential risk factor in neurological health.

The product is also known to potentially cause drug dependence and it is scheduled as an illicit substance if used outside of a medication. There’s apparently a potential for addiction hence why it is federally controlled. The good thing about this product being FDA approved is that most if not all of the harmful side effects are outlined. However when looking at the potential risks it calls to question as to how useful it actually is. Considering all the above mentioned possibilities for complications, it really sours any benefit one may experience.

More suitable options in the Top Product list have better options for more well rounded weight loss.


It’s great to have FDA approval and to feature weight loss for those who are obese. It is true in fact that this brand will help some reduce some weight. However the key word is some, there isn’t much of a drastic change one can expect from this brand. Instead it just has minimal if any changes in weight. This wouldn’t be so bad had it not been for the invasive nature of this brand. One has to reevaluate their diet and exercise as well as consult with a medical professional to see if the product would actually do any favors. One cannot have any serious medical problems and in fact the brand may cause further health problems in some.

One can expect a laundry list of potential side effects that can effect ones quality of life in a potentially harmful way. There’s the possibility for losing memory and feeling out of it, unable to process information the same. The real issue is that with all this provided, one does not have as much potential weight loss as some of the other more natural counterparts. This product is unique in that it has a patented ingredient, however there are less invasive strategies for weight loss available.

In looking at the Top Products one can expect an all natural source of weight loss.

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