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LookSlim 90 Review – Is LookSlim 90 Safe?

Products like LookSlim 90 which feature just one ingredient are created to provide a change in weight with a potent extract. The idea of course is to give off the reduction in weight needed with an ingredient that does not need any more support than what is added. Ideally this would mean a lot of attention on providing the strongest ingredient available, with hopefully a balanced profile to avoid any side effects. Still a lot of research must then be offered to show why it exists in this way, proof is needed showcasing how unique the extract is.

For some products like this one there is a lot of marketing left on radio ads to target older clients. Typically it can be tricky to know if the ads are actually truthful, luckily there is an official website for LookSlim 90. A lot of interesting details came up surrounding this brand which are all to be outlined.

This review exists to simplify the process of making a sound and accurate decision for your own needs. It gets past the hype and provides you with the full representation.

What is it?

Stimulant free weight loss is the intended purpose of this brand. All it features is just one ingredient in Raspberry Ketones which is meant to provide all the change needed for a drop in weight.  The company also offers on their website what they claim to be “radio ad discounts” which makes the price go from $69.95 to $49.95 for a month’s supply. They also offer bulk discounts on the product as well.  The claim made by the company is that with supplementation it can lead to a natural reduction of body fat.  Stamina and energy are also provided for people who are deemed “underweight” or in “good physical condition”. Apparently the product also works for people not looking to lose weight as well. However the effect for weight loss is intended to process fats and sugars a lot better. No studies are given to support these claims however there are a few written testimonials from people.

The website also offers a section for diet advice which is fairly simple stuff. They add it would be best to not drink soda, to eat enough vegetables, to limit portion sizes and to drink enough water. All of these are fairly known tips and it is not really that informative.  It is strange that they add this when people add they did not change their diets.

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Another concern is about how the company makes a claim that this product is a “protein supplement”.  This is not true at all if the ingredients they claim to have are true.

Who makes it?

This Illinois based company has been around since 2006 and they are run by a husband and wife duo.

Apparently there is no company background offered for the makers from themselves or from any other source. There are claims from certain customers that they called the company a few times to get an “old man” pick up the phone in different hours of the day. So it appears it is operated by this person but there is no real information given as to how the company manages their business.

Does LookSlim 90 work?

Although very few reviews exist on the brand, almost all of them are negative experiences. It would have been nice to get some before and after pictures from the makers instead of written testimonials as they might be botched.

Still without having a lot of reviews it appears at least from looking at the small amount of accounts, many customers have been left unsatisfied.

There is a very important unexplained claim that comes from the 90, in LookSlim 90. This is that the product is to be taken as a 90 day strategy to ensure there is sufficient weight loss. However they do not outline at all how this process is intended to work. The main ingredient inside has not been tested to show that a 90 day strategy is to be taken. So while the product claims this is the best way to show effects, they provide no proof to show how this is so. Even more concerning is the reality that this important detail is only mentioned in a sentence without further explanation.

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LookSlim 90 Ingredients and Dosage

Well according to the creators there is only Raspberry Ketones as the active ingredient. The rest is gelatin and additives meant to provide shape for the capsules this brand is in. However without having a representation of the amount of Raspberry Ketones there is no way to know what there is to expect.

It is mentioned that one should take 2 capsules with water before bedtime, and to not eat anything after taking the brand. So late night snacks are out of the equation. It would have been great however if they allowed a representation as to how this product has been scheduled to be taken as usually Raspberry Ketone supplements can be taken any time of the day.

Usually these reviews feature an ingredient listing, however LookSlim 90 has none to offer and no one has displayed one online. Without accurately knowing what is inside it makes it hard to track a person’s individual demands, which is key in supplementation.

Are there possible side effects?

Although the makers claim it is made with only safe and natural ingredients with no side effects, there is no way to verify what is inside the brand. Since the product is not GMP certified it also makes it so one cannot trust the facility that it is made in. Without knowing how it is created, what is inside, and how much is inside it makers it hard to know what potential side effects can occur. As of now the potential risk factor is unknown but serious caution should be taken as no money back guarantee is offered.

Another issue present here that needs to be taken into account is why the brand claims to be a protein supplement. This might mean there are actually other ingredients inside which may increase the rate of potential side effects. Blindly taking a product of any kind is not recommended as it can cause a series of possible issues.

Avoiding any potential negatives is something you should expect and receive, and that is why the top listing was created.


The most glaring issue spotted here is something that requires an immediate response in order to take the product seriously. It requires some sort of explanation to fully explain what they mean. So many contradictions come up and none of them are explained at all. For example the product claims to be a protein supplement, yet no protein is found at all. They also say it is best to be taken as a 90 day strategy, yet no explanation is given as to why. The 90 days is not seen as integral in the study of the ingredient profile. Just one ingredient is added in Raspberry Ketones, and no study has shown that 90 days is optimal. Also the brand claims to be free of any side effects and issues, yet how can one verify this without an ingredient label?

Another concerning fact is that the brand is really expensive when you compare it to other supplements with Raspberry Ketones. At the very least they could have explained why this brand has a superior extract instead of just letting go of several claims without reasoning. Not enough history is established for this company as well. It has been operational for some time yet little reviews exist but a handful of people claiming either no results or limited results. So in short, there are far too many questions that remain unanswered.

Without knowing the ingredients inside, quality of the brand, why it is labeled as a protein supplement, why there is limited reviews, and why 90 days is needed for supplementation it simply casts a ton of doubt.

Receiving a quality product that you enjoy is possible when you supplement with the proper brands that exist now.

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