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Lipozene Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

One night while watching television I happened to see a commercial I thought would be identical to the array of other I had grown accustomed to. Seeing so many of these products on a constant basis, afterwhile they seem to be a bit interchangeable. Always offering generally the same things, it’s as if they only difference is the label of the product itself. What made this one in particular stick out in my mind, is that I have heard about it before. It wasn’t just some obscure brand from some country on the other side of the world. It’s name was familiar, yet I had never paid much attention before. This weight loss pill was Lipozene. The product asserted that it was only meant for people who had more urgency than the casual dieter in adjusting their Body Mass Index (BMI). I had seen commercials on more casual weight management pills, but this one stood out specifically in my mind and triggered my curiosity.

After researching, I decided to write my findings in the following article.

What is it?

Lipozene is a diet pill that retails itself to be specifically for people who obese and are having trouble managing their weight. It stresses that this product is not for the average consumer. Almost sounding to have been created from some form of wizardry, Lipozene makes assertions that regular exercise and an adjusted, low-calorie diet are not necessary to have results be detectable.

This product does not trigger any thermogenic agents into action, nor does it launch energy levels or metabolism into high gear (on it’s own that is.) Instead it is used to kill the pangs of hunger that keep people overeating.

Lipozene makes declarations that it contains no stimulant based ingredients and additionally does not cause adverse reactions in it’s users. Top rated product also make similar statements. Of course as a disclaimer, they find need to mention that potential consumers should check with their physician before using.

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It’s a bit as if they aren’t as confident in their statements as they like to come off as.

Who makes it?

The Obesity Research Institute are the ones who may be accredited with giving life to Lipozene. The name alone is enough for the casual observer to make the assumption that this company is the real deal. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has even accredited this company as having an A+ rating. Despite this however, the company has not been accredited.

Checking the links under the BBB’s there are other websites that have decried this company, such as and, who have made allegations that this company has produced products that have had fradulent marketing practices.

The two other products that got The Obesity Research Institute on the lawsuit hitlist were Propelene and FiberThin. The company was forced to make customer amends of $1.5 million in the early summer of 2005 from these products.

Does it work?

Having come from a company with such a history, I was more than a bit skeptical about how well Lipozene actually worked. A bit more digging and I was able to surmise that there were allegations that this product may also be just like the others that lawsuits were raised against.

Lipozene avows that it works through making the user feel making the user feel full. It does this through it’s sole ingredient, a fibre known as glucomannan. While the company’s website does issue information about this ingredient, there the difference to note is that the website is talking about the ingredient and not the product itself. Top Rated Products have studies that are done on them, not their ingredients.

Because of this difference, I cannot confirm that Lipozene is competent in living up to its assertions.

The company also likes to gasconade that there are no side effects from use of Lipozene. But what has concerned me, is that what is being ingested is a fiber that expands in the stomach. It reminds me of another such fibre, known as guar gum. The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) had banned this flora substance from use because if ingested without water, there is the possibility that the user may asphyxiate if the fiber expands in the esophagus. It couldn’t help but make me wonder if this product may have a similar adverse reaction.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

In conjunction with this product, The Obesity Research Institute also boasts another one of it’s products, by the name of MetaboUpPlus.

What’s MetaboUpPlus?

MetaboUpPlus is a stimulant based product that consists of vitamins B12, B6, green tea and kola nut. The theory that this company likes to run as closer to fact, is that if taken with Lipozene, not only will the hunger be successfully curbed, but the metabolic rate will be heightened as well.

What The Obesity Research Institute failed to mention however, (and what got them into heated water in 2005) was that the product also had synephrine and chromium included. Synephrine is an incredibly robust stimulant that is a chemical twin to ephedra. As some of you may already know, ephedrine was outlawed in 2004 for the potentially dangerous side effects it had cause users, such as myocardial infarction (heart attack) and even death. Some experts fear synephrine isn’t any better.

Lipozene Ingredients and Dosage

Users are instructed to take 1 dose of 2 capsules as many as 3 times a day, 30 minutes before meals.

  • Konjac root extract- 1500mg

What are potential side effects?

While there are no listed side effects, that hasn’t left me concern free of this product. As stated earlier, this product is a fiber that is similar in essence to guar gum, and as such there is a potential for this to be a choking hazard if not taken correctly.

There is a theory that products that are use as a basis for calorie reduction may also sink blood sugar levels. Low blood sugar levels (also known as hypoglycemia) are when glucose levels in the body hit close to depleted amounts. Symptoms of this condition include: loss of coloration in skin, fatigue, blurred eyesight, tremors, manic depressive symptoms, nervousness, sleeping problems, hunger, difficulty thinking and hypertension.


Just looking at the manufacturing company’s history was enough for me to start to wonder if this product really could live up to it’s claims. With the product also claiming that diet and exercise aren’t necessary, I became even more skeptical.

Including a product like MetaboUpPlus did nothing to assuage my growing discern for this product, if only exacerbating my former beliefs. Overall though I just could not find enough evidence to support any pronouncement that this product may in any way aid people in dropping weight to a more manageable level.

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