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Liponox Review – Is Liponox Safe for You?

When selling their products, diet pill companies have been trying to figure out ways to capture the imaginations and attention of their prospective buyers. Some of these methods are overt, with websites featuring text that says ORDER NOW, or possibly underlining their text so as to draw the reader’s eye into what the company sees as an important selling point. Using pictures of smiling models who are either in bikinis if women or shirtless if men, go a long way into luring people towards products. But not every tactic that is employed is overt. There are subliminal ways to catch the attention of potential buyers. The color coating in the background of a website may give the subtle hint of a product as well.

Featuring a webpage that has a black background that is contrasted by a smiling couple in fitness attire, Liponox declares itself to be independent from all other weight loss products, and instead it implements an entirely new formula, the likes of which are much more superb as opposed to any competing products.

What is it?

Liponox alleges that it bulwarks carbs, levels up both a user’s energy and metabolic rate, as well as quenches any hunger pangs that may have users eating more than they should. Although proclaiming itself to be unique in addressing so many different elements of weight loss at once, in reality I have seen many other diet pills that have made similar declarations about themselves.

The official website also make sure to mention that it isn’t some kind of phenomenal diet pill that people can use to lose weight on it’s own, but that to see the best results, it is advised that people have a healthy diet and regular exercise incorporated with use of Liponox. There is also a mention in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section about if this byproduct of substances isn’t for any specific person. The response to this I found a bit odd, as the company states that 99.3% of people did not have satisfactory results. I have no idea where this number comes from, but it contradicts the rating that gave it, with an average rating of 2.7 out of 5 stars.

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With a price tag at $59.95 a bottle, this product is by no means cheap. If anything you are going to see the size of your wallet shrink with this, because each bottle of Liponox is meant to last approximately 18-28 days, depending your personal dosing. But sometimes when the price is high, that means that what you have in front of you is truly a product of quality. So is this the case with this concoction? Or in actuality is this just an overpriced dud? The following article will answer these questions.

Who makes it?

Liponox was brought forth into this world by the Provo, Utah based XPI Supplements. The company does not supply it’s location on its official website, so instead I had to get this information from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)’s website. The BBB has christened this company with an F ranking, as there have been an assortment of complaints failed against this company. Complains range from collections issues to billing issues, warranty problems, advertising complaints and issues with the product itself.

The official website of this company features more than just Liponox that are for weight loss, and instead features other products that are meant to support fitness, testosterone levels and protein supplementation. Besides featuring these products, the website offers an array of fitness and health related articles, and also links to their social media pages, yet it lacks any clear “About Us” section which summarizes who the company really is.

Does Liponox work?

Topically what seems to separate this product from many of it’s competitors, is that there are studies provided on the official website that are used to show that the ingredients included are indeed robust enough to allow people to drop pounds from their bodies. Of the ingredients, Chromax, Green coffee extract and razberi-K all have studies included with their summaries on the website. However, each of these studies has issues that the main website does not mention. In regards to chromax, while the study included does mention that chromium picolinate does aid in suppressing weight gain, this was done on individuals who had type-2 diabetes. The study makes no mention of people without this condition, or other conditions. Razberi-K is mentioned to assist in keeping the amount of fat from elevating; however these tests were done on rat test subjects. What the study does not mention is that when the key substance to this, raspberry ketones, was give to humans the same results were not seen. Lastly (the one that I find particularly amusing) is the study on green coffee extract, because if you read the abstract of this study to the end, it even states that there isn’t enough evidence to support that this substance would be in anyway efficient in aiding weight loss! It’s as if the people who put the link on this product’s webpage didn’t even read the source they provided! And if this weren’t enough, independent reviews I found from were overwhelmingly negative, with the majority of reviewers rating this product a measly 1 out of 5 stars. The reason people disliked this product so much is because they decried this product for not having any result in weight loss at all, with one user complained that at most all she was able to lose was no more than two pounds.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Liponox Ingredients and Dosage

There are two sets of ingredients that are included within Liponox; ingredients that are found within the proprietary blend and ingredients that are separate from it. The ingredients that are not in the proprietary blend include Cissus quadrangularis (150 mg), irvingia gabonensis (150 mg) and  GreenSelect phytosome green tea (150 mg), Even though well known in the diet pill world, irvingia gabonensis is not known to be as robust a substance as is advertised in aiding weight loss. Of all these substances, there is no amount given for what the daily recommended dosage is.

In the proprietary blend, the ingredients that are included are guarana, oolong tea, green coffee bean extract, white tea, yerba mate, kola nut, DiCaffeine malate, green tea, black tea  and gotu kola. The amount that these come supplied in the proprietary blend total out to be 565 mg. Of all these, there is no given amount for any of the specific ingredients, so we have no way of knowing exactly what ingredients come in a competent amount and which ones come in amounts so small that their effect would be no greater than a placebo. Just like the ingredients that are not found in the proprietary blend, there is no mention as to the daily recommended dosage of any of these ingredients either.

From what I gather from what is listed, there are an assortment of stimulants included in this concoction, as well as appetite quenchers and metabolic enhancers. Based on the negative reviews that I have read on this product however, I cannot say that the amounts that they come in are sufficient enough to support weight management.


Are there potential side effects?

If there is one things that Liponox is not in short supply of, it is stimulants. All ten of the ingredients within the proprietary blend all have caffeine in some form, and that’s not even including the 150 mg of GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea that’s not in the blend! While not as powerful as some other stimulants, such as bitter orange or 1,3 dimethylamine, that is not to say that there is a lack of adverse reaction that people may experience from this. Some of these adverse reactions may include anxiety, hypertension (elevated blood pressure levels), sleep disturbances, accelerated heart rate (palpitations), jitters, headache, nervousness and nausea. If you are someone who has a is known to be sensitive to stimulants you may not want to take this product. Although the official website makes no mention of women who are breastfeeding or who are in stages of pregnancy, I would advise first seeing a healthcare professional before using this product, as there may be a chance that this product may adversely react with the baby/fetus.

Top Rated Products are not known to be so dependent on stimulant based substances, which are known to adversely affect some users.


While actually supplying clinical data is a definite plus for this product, the fact is though that the data that is provided doesn’t necessarily point to the overall product actually being competent enough to aid in weight loss. In fact, what is provided doesn’t really show that the ingredients in this product are known to be all that robust either! While the offical website may talk very confidently about itself, independent reviewers have voiced opinions that run contrary to the advertising copy that this product displays. It is because of the reasons that I already have voiced that I cannot recommend this product to people who are looking to shed pounds from their bodies.

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