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LipoBlast Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

There are weight management products out there that are regarded in high statuses for the promise of optimal results that they deliver. Then there are diet pills that only say that they will get people to lose weight, but lack any actual results. Still others are concocted of ingredients that may be considered dangerous. Other products gasconade that they are herbal and made of natural ingredients. LipoBlast goes an alternate route.The marketing of LipoBlast is interesting, as I have not seen a diet pill before advertise that it was originally made as a narcotic in mind. It was only after trying to create a legal high, that the creators of LipoBlast realized that their creation had potential to act as a weight loss aid. Or so they say.

What is it?

LipoBlast is a diet pill from Brazil that asserts that it was originally created with weight management not being its primary goal. It just so happened that shedding pounds from the body turned out to be a byproduct of LipoBlast use. The official website asserts that users may be able to lose anywhere from 10-30 pounds a month from using this product. And that’s without including regular exercise, nor a diet that has a deficit of calories! Already this foreign made concoction is sounding too good to be real. When I have read up on diet pills that sound this way, they usually are.

The makers of LipoBlast allege that through use of this concoction, users will have fat smoldered off their frames, their metabolic rate intensified, their energy levels soaring and any hunger pangs that may be experienced will be quashed. Additionally, this byproduct of substances declares that it will elevate the user’s state of mind, which was the original purpose of LipoBlast, before it was “discovered” that it may also act as a weight management aid. Despite mentioning these different qualities, there is no mention as to how any of this is accomplished, or for that matter, which ingredients are used to meet these ends.

The official website doesn’t offer much more information past the first paragraph, as the rest of the single page of the website is dedicated to testimonials and offers on buying the product. I can’t really say that any of this makes me confident that LipoBlast will work as it is advertised to. The presentation of this product on such an incredibly bland website makes me feel as if the manufacturers didn’t spend enough time on it. This runs contra to weight management products that are seen as more legitimate.

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The more information that is provided, the better. This is something that the creators of this concoction seem to fail to understand.

Who makes it?

LipoBlast is manufactured by a company of that shares the same brand name, which is known as LipoBlast International Labs. The company is not featured in any way on LipoBlast’s website, other than it being mentioned on the label. The most that this company is featured on, is the LipoBlast product website. The company explains nothing about itself, and completely lacks any kind of social media presence. In addition to this, the company provides no blog with health related articles, nor any community section where users may congregate and share stories with one another. Because it lacks so many different facets of information that more legitimate companies make sure to include, it goes a long way in damaging the reputation of the product that they are attempting to sell to prospective buyers.

Does LipoBlast work?

While consistent exercise and a proper diet are essential to facets to any weight loss program, these two words aren’t even mentioned on the official website. There are also no mentions as to people having to adjust their lifestyles to see any kind of results, which further jeopardizes the legitimacy of this product. Furthermore, LipoBlast features no clinical trials that are provided that would prove that either the individual ingredients, nor the concoction as a whole would be in any way beneficial in terms of weight loss. Because there are state of mind intensifiers concocted within this brew, I feel that some users may think that they are actually losing more weight than they actually are. Adding onto this, the reviews that I’ve seen on LipoBlast are dismal at best, with a majority of users giving this blend a 1 out of 5 star rating on Negative reviews range from people experiencing absolutely no change in their weight, to some users even gaining weight after they started using this product!

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LipoBlast Ingredients and Dosage

There are a total of 18 different ingredients that have are known to make up LipoBlast’s ingredient line up. The official website does not mention at any point how much of the individual ingredients there are, nor what their recommended daily amount is. The only thing potential buyers are supplied with, is a list of ingredients, nothing more. These ingredients include octopamine, epigallocatechin gallate, yerba mate, theobromine, tyramine, hordenine, DMAE 2-dimethylaminoethanol, DiMethionine, n-Methylaminoethanol,  3,3’4’ 5-7 pentahydroxyflavone, pheneyethylamine, ascorbic acid, ginger root, grape seed extract, pyridoxine HCl, cococa extract, panththenic acid and magnesium. These ingredients are known to be a mixture of stimulants and state of mind magnifiers, as well as digestive aids the likes of which include ginger root. In regards to dosage amounts, users are only informed to not take more than 4 pills of LipoBlast within a given 24 hour period. There are no instructions when to take the pills, if to take them with food or water or any information of that sort. The official website also fails to provide its prospective customers with a label that showcases any of the ingredients that LipoBlast is comprised of.

Are there potential side effects?

As the official website of LipoBlast fails to use the words “exercise” and “diet”, so to is there not a single mention of any adverse reactions that may be experienced. That doesn’t however correlate to there not being any side effects. It’s just that it isn’t mentioned. People who have used LipoBlast have derogated this concoction for inducing bloating, headaches, palpitations (rapid heart rate) and dizziness. Because it was initially concocted to effect the mood of the user, people who have a history of substance abuse or mental illness are not recommended to use this blend. Women who are nursing or in stages of pregnancy, persons below the age of 18 and individuals with pre-existing health conditions are not advised to take this product. What makes LipoBlast potentially even more hazardous, is that there are no amounts listed to any of the ingredients! It is almost as if with taking this concoction, you are shooting at shadows, hoping that nothing bad happens! I also couldn’t help but feel, with the warnings of the potency of this product, that this is really just used so as to make LipoBlast seem like a better product than it actually is. While there are reports of adverse reactions that have been experienced, there are still others who mention no side effects as well.

Top Rated Products always have a complete breakdown of the ingredients that are within them, as well as individual amounts that are clearly specified.


They say that first impressions are everything, and from the very outset I was having issues with this product. There is only a single paragraph that is provided for potential buyers of this concoction to have any idea as to how it works. This byproduct of substances fails to provide any clinical trials, information as to how to take these diet pills or ingredient amounts. Failing to mention how exercise and a proper diet play into the whole scheme of weight management make this concoction come off as even less legitimate. With so many incredibly negative reviews, I cannot say that this product will do much of anything, or even for that matter, if it’s all that safe to use either. If anything, you should use this byproduct of substances as a template of what a bad diet pill looks like, so you will be able to identify and stay away from them in the future.

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