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Li Shou Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

With so many weight loss products available, it there may be difficulty in deciphering which ones are truly competent and which ones are nothing more than duds. Because of this, some people may be attracted to diet pills that seem to come from a more traditional background. Products such as Li Shou, which originates from China, tries to use this appeal to it’s potential buyers.

What is it?

Li Shou asserts that it heightens the metabolic rate, as well as quashing the appetite. In addition to this, it specifies that it will incinerate fat from certain sections of the body, such as the gluteus maximus, the face and hips, although why these particular areas and not over the course of the entire body, I am not too sure. In addition to this I find it peculiar that, in spite of this product being from China, the image displayed on the website is written in cyrillic, which is the Russian written alphabet.

From my first glance I was already skeptical about this product, as the text is not written in perfect English. Coming from China I can understand they not everyone over there can write English with a level of natural fluency, but it does not work to support its legitimacy. Apparently there are fake Li Shou products in circulation as well, so the company created a section of it’s website to address how to surmise if your purchased dietary supplement is a fake or not. Honestly this was have never seen something like this, so it was a bit surprising.

In 2023 there was some controversy over this concoction, as it was never mentioned in the packaging, but Li Shou contained sibutramine, which is a substance that was removed from use in diet pills because of the negative adverse reactions that it may potentially cause some users. Li Shou asserts that it does not contain this substance, as listed in their Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

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So does this product work like it is retailed to? Or is this just a dud of a product that won’t do much of anything, except have your wallet feeling thinner? In the following article I will break it down.

Who makes it?

Li Shou makes no mention as to who it’s manufacturer is. When I checked the Contact Us area, which usually has some kind of information as to where the business is located, the only thing that I was supplied with was to give my information to them, so that they could contact me. It’s never a positive omen when a company doesn’t want to name itself. It could possibly be because they are trying to obscure information from potential buyers. I have encountered numerous diet pills that have operated in a similar fashion, and each one had some kind of issue with their product, be they possibly dangerous or part of some kind of scam. Seeing this void of information with this product seems to confirm my suspicions that there is something about this product that the makers want to keep hidden. For otherwise, shouldn’t they be proud to announce their name? Wouldn’t brand recognition only be good for business?

Does Li Shou work?

This product declares that it will magnify the metabolic rate as well as annihilate fat deposits, yet there are no clinical studies provided anywhere on the official website that would support any of this. Instead what we are given is badly written advertising copy, which does little to convince me that Li Shou really does work as intended. What makes this product all the more confusing, is all the knock off versions that are available as well. Simply searching up Li Shou brings out various auxiliary websites that all claim to have the actual product, so it’s hard to decipher if the website that I was on really is the legitimate one, or if one of the others is the one that features the actual product. Because of all this confusion and lack of any real data, I cannot say that this product is known to actually work.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products always supply their possible clients with firmly established data that proves that their product does indeed work as they are marketed to.

Li Shou Ingredients and Dosage

Li Shou is very secretive about what ingredients constitute it’s make up, which is not a good thing. The homepage of this product mentions that the key ingredients in this are bitter orange and tuckahoe lotus but there is a void of information on what else this this product is comprised of. Nowhere on Li Shou’s website was I able to find a label. Sibutramine was found to be within this product back in 2023, but the makers of this diet pill declare that their product is clean of this substance. Of the two ingredients mentioned, I was only able to find information on bitter orange, which is known to be a powerful stimulant. Because of this I have no idea how this product is supposed to live up to the statements it makes about itself, and how it is used to target fat deposits in certain designated areas of the body. Furthermore there is never any mention about how much of any of the substances are concocted in this product. Personally I refuse to trust a product that declines to inform me about major aspects about it before I purchase it.

Top Rated Products always proclaim a complete list of the ingredients that may be discovered within them, and would never hide potentially dangerous substances from their users.

Are there potential side effects?

This foreign made concoction asserts that there are only minimal side effects that may be experienced from its use. These may include slight dizziness and the possibility of the mouth to becoming dry. However I find it hard to believe that these are the only adverse reactions of this product, as bitter orange, also known as synephrine is one of the ingredients that is mentioned on the homepage of this product. Bitter orange is known to be chemically nearly identical to ephedra, which was banned in the United States because of the potentially dangerous adverse reactions it has been known to cause people to experience. Being so similar to ephedra, there is a risk that bitter orange may react in a similar fashion when ingested by people. Some of these side effects include hypertension (high blood pressure), rapid heart rate (palpitations), cerebrovascular accident (stroke) and heart attack (myocardial infarction).

Although asserted to not contain sibutramine, this product was once known to contain it. Adverse reactions from this substance include a heightened pulse and blood pressure levels, which lead sibutramine to later become illegal. It is because of this ingredient that the FDA has previously warned people to immediately stop using this product if it has already been in use.

The makers of Li Shou advise that women who are in stages of pregnancy or who are nursing, as well as children are not recommended to take this product. If you are someone with a pre-existing health condition, it is recommended that you talk to a healthcare provider before using this product. There is the possibility that Li Shou may negatively react with any one of the previously mentioned conditions, which is why it is important to talk to a professional beforehand.


Just looking at the the poorly written text on any one of this product’s webpages should be enough to deter people from buying this product. If a product can’t promote itself in proper English, it loses a lot of legitimacy. Moreover, despite the allegations that it makes about itself, there are no clinical trials provided that would support the argument that this may indeed assist with weight management. Furthermore, the product is incredibly vague about what ingredients may be found in it, or for that matter the amount of which these ingredients are found in.

From its shady past of including unannounced ingredients to the lack of clinical studies to the possible counterfeit copies of this product that you may accidently buy, this is a prime example of the kind of product that you want to stay away from. You are better off sticking to a product that is found closer to home, that actually has evidence behind it that it may get you the results that you are looking for.

If you are looking for a product that will definitely get you the results you are looking for, check out our page on Top Rated Products.

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