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LeptiLean Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

Losing weight is an endeavour that many people across the country are trying to accomplish. To some people all it takes is to make sure that they are dieting correctly, or maybe adding a bit of regular exercise into the mix. But for some, it’s simply not that easy for these people to see a subtraction in the total amount of weight they carry with them. Sometimes this is because of health complications, but there are many reasons why people may have trouble losing weight. That’s where the diet pill comes in, promising results in the form of a capsule, as is the case with LeptiLean.

Coming from a manufacturer that is far from obscure, LeptiLean has gained notoriety by some who believe that this byproduct of substances will get people to lose weight through enhancing the metabolic rate, as well as quashing the appetite. So is this product really as astounding as the company that manufacturers it alleges it to be?

Or does it fall far short of it’s marketed assertions? The article below will examine this concoction in fuller detail.

What is it?

LeptiLean is a weight loss pill that concentrates its powers in two different aspects of weight management; through heightening the metabolic rate and through the quenching of hunger pangs. In addition to this, there are other aspects of health that are asserted to be improved as well with LeptiLean use. These include keeping the blood glucose level well governed, assisting cardiovascular health to be more optimal, as well as ensuring the overall health of the user is at it’s apex.

Other than what was just previously mentioned, LeptiLean also mentions that it’s use does not include thermogenesis, which is known way to get the metabolic rate working at a higher level. This is done by raising the core temperature of the body, and while in fashionable use for some, not everyone is known to be a fan of this method. This concoction also gasconades that it is free of caffeine, a common ingredient in diet pills that is known to cause adverse reactions in users, especially when it is taken in high amounts.

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With a little bit more information regarding the instructions on how to take this concoction, as well as warnings and a brief mention of what the ingredients that comprise LeptiLean are, the official website does not offer much other information.

Who makes it?

AdvoCare is the Plano, Texas based company that may be credited for creating LeptiLean. The company was formed in 1993, and is known to operate as direct selling company. This means they hire people to become independent distributors on their behalf. While this has garnered AdvoCare a great deal of money, (not to mention over 500,000 distributors as advertised on the official website of the company), the company has also created the AdvoCare Foundation, whose mission statement is to give back to the community that the company serves. Additionally, the company understands the importance of social media, and has a presence on Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

In the years since it’s creation, the company has also been known for it’s own share of problems. In 2023 the company was brought to court and forced to award $1.9 million in damages over business practices that it employed that were of a deceptive nature. Only a year prior to this, a swimmer of Olympic caliber known as Jessica Hardy tested positive for having clenbuterol, a breathing enhancement substance that is banned, in her system. She blamed the AdvoCare product that she had been taking, but the company fought back. The final outcome of this episode resulted in the product in question being tested, and it being found to contain the banned substance.

Does LeptiLean work?

Despite originating from a company that is recognized in the health supplement world, that therefore doesn’t automatically correlate to the product itself working. There are no clinical studies provide on the official webpage of this product. Neither are there studies that prove the ingredients that constitute LeptiLean, nor the product as a whole that are used to support the assertion that this concoction does indeed work as well as it retailed to. Moreover, regular exercise and diet, two crucial aspects of weight management, are not so much as even mentioned on the official webpage.

In addition to this, the official website offers no customer testimonials that would verify that this byproduct of substances does indeed operate in an efficient manner. When I check third party sources, such as, the total reviews amounted to a mediocre 3 out of 5 star rating, with the majority of people rating this product a 1 out of 5 stars. There are numerous reviews that mention that LeptiLean did nothing for them at all, with one user in particular mentioning that she actually got more hungry after using this concoction!

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LeptiLean Ingredients and Dosage

There are a total of 11 different ingredients that LeptiLean is comprised of. Of these ingredients, only two have their daily recommended value established. These are biotin (1 mg, 333%) and vitamin A (1,429 IU, 30%). Of the remaining 9, all but 3 may be found within the proprietary blend. The 3 substances that are excluded from the blend are PhosphoLean (100 mg), naringin extract (125 mg) and cat’s claw extract (50 mg). The rest of the ingredients are found in the proprietary blend to have a total mass of 300 mg. There are no individual amounts listed for the specific ingredients that the blend is comprised of. The substances that make up the proprietary blend, which is known as LeptiCore, include guar gum, blue green algae extract, pomegranate extract, gum arabic, beta-carotene and locust bean gum. Users are instructed to 2 capsules on a daily basis. There is no restriction as to when to take this concoction, other than to take the capsules 45 minutes before a meal. This gives the product a greater pull than stimulant based products, as those concoctions aren’t meant to be taken at night, lest sleeping problems (insomnia) be experienced.


Are there potential side effects?

Despite the negative reviews, one upside about LeptiLean use is that there haven’t been any reports of adverse effects being experienced. This is one major advantage the product has, since it does not contain any caffeine. I find it worth mentioning that guar gum is known to be an ingredient within this product. This substance in some cases has been known to be a choking hazard, as it may block the esophagus or throat. As no one has reported from this issue arising, I can only surmise that the amount it is present within LeptiLean is not that high, as its amount is not listed. Still, I would exercise caution and take this product with water. This concoction is only meant for use in individuals who are of 18 years of age or older.

Top Rated Products are meant for use in adults only, or unless otherwise specified.


There are many different ways that diet pills may offer their customers a chance to lose weight. In the case of this concoction, it is through stimulating the metabolism and quashing thoughts of hunger that may have people overeating. In spite of confident advertising copy that alleges that this diet pill operates as it should, there are no scientifically driven clinical studies that were provided on the description page of this concoction. No scientific data may be found either on the product as a whole or the ingredients that it is constituted of. There are also numerous negative reviews, with people derogating this product and it’s inability to work as it should. Without mentioning how exercise and diet play a role into weight management, I can’t say that I am surprised that this has turned out to be so.

Weight loss is something that takes more than just a diet pill to achieve. If one does not make a change in lifestyle, the results that are sought after may very well not even materialize. It’s important for diet pills to mention this, otherwise many people will be disappointed in what they see.

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