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LeanSpa Review – Does it Really Work?

The addition of exotic ingredients inside a supplement is a not an uncommon thing to see. It is often included due to the belief that it will cause a change that has not yet been seen in any other supplement. So the promise of an easy to attain benefit is the real kicker here, since it is new then it is believed to provide new changes. However although some ingredients have been touted as being good, it remains to be seen as to how well some of these additives are, and if actually affects weight loss.

Often times there is either not enough research, or only poor research exists to conclude there would be functional results available. So therefore it requires a lot more effort than just what an ancient tribe or culture uses it for.

Accumulating all the information is my goal, to truly see what a product like LeanSpa can provide.

Taking customer accounts and company history into consideration, all of it is here to be examined in full.

What is it?

3 of the main targets are said to be offered here in order to promote weight loss. It includes an increase in metabolism, a decrease in overall appetite, and a drop in body fat. Created for both men and women, the belief here is to provide real weight loss for people who need it now.  It also intends to give off healthy blood sugar levels, decrease bad cholesterol, promotes a healthy cardiovascular system, and give off extra reserves of energy. However one has to commit also to a diet and exercise regiment to truly see results.

The other acclaimed highlights by the manufacturers is the belief that supplementing with this product is an all natural way to gain results. There are also claims which say it is an all natural supplement. However the reasons why this cannot be verified is due to the lack of an official website. No real way to determine what the reality is exists here, since all the marketing is left for others to take care of. This also makes it hard to know what the actual truth is behind the product and if all the claims made are not provided by anyone affiliated with the making of it.

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Even more troublesome is the fact that retailers of this brand are only featured on Ebay, which offers no money back guarantee. Either way there is more to expose about this brand.

Who makes it?

The name of the company is also LeanSpa, LLC. It is unknown where they operate from and apparently reaching the company is no longer possible.

When the company was operational several customers left warnings to other potential clients claiming they were fibbed into a supposed money back guarantee and free trial. Apparently many have been charged repeatedly month to month without a way to cancel payments. Many customers have added they once tried to call and email the company with no one answering the phones.

It also came to light that the FTC intervened and made sure the company live up to its payment of over 400,000 claim forms for money back returns to customers. Apparently the company was hit with a scam allegation that the FTC confirmed.  The claims made by LeanSpa were fraudulent and this caused there to be a discontinuation on the brand. However it still exists and is marketed by some.

Does LeanSpa work?

An unfortunate consequence of the FTC notice was that many customers have said they did not see any of the supposed results promised by the brand. So according to the FTC, all the positive claims made were all part of a scam, affirming the product does not work at all.

It becomes really hard to know exactly what the deal is with the product as most of the customer accounts have more to do with the salesmanship instead of the usefulness of the product. Most of the reviews have to do with overcharging and an inability to get a hold of the company.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Reputable companies with useful brands can give off the weight loss needed for a fit body.

LeanSpa Ingredients and Dosage

It is unknown how much of each ingredient is inside but there is a notice of what is found inside this brand.

For example there are antioxidants in the form of green tea and acai berry. Antioxidants of course can prevent the buildup up stress which leads to obesity.

Also added here is Garcinia Cambogia which is a metabolism increasing tropical fruit. Included as well is 5-HTP which is a serotonin boosting hormone. However, it is noted that taking too much of it can cause a series of issues. In theory it works to promote mood and prevent the rate of hunger. Also Octopamine HCI is here which is a stimulant, intended to increase the rate of fat loss.

Chromium makes its way here, often found in foods this ingredient allows for healthy metabolism. Caffeine is here in unknown quantities, however it does allow for a stimulated and thermogenic quality for weight loss.

Unfortunately no label exists for the LeanSpa brand.

Are there possible side effects?

It is unknown exactly how old the batches that exist are, all that is known is that the company no longer is allowed to make this product. So all the brands that exist are not only old, but do not come with any sort of guarantee to ensure one is getting the right amounts or even if the product has any additives inside. So the transaction process will make it all fall on the customer, since there is no company which is held accountable.

Not only is it unsafe to get the product if it was untampered with, but one does not know exactly how much of each ingredient is included inside. Just looking at the ingredients is not recommended to take too much 5-HTP. This potentially damaging hormone needs to be balanced in a gentle way inside the body. Too much can disrupt sleep and mood and in turn cause a series of damaging effects.

The documented effects of caffeine over consumption are also quite known. With there being a potential for harmful effects such as tremors, jitters, anxiety, sweating, insomnia, vomiting, headaches, rapid heart rates and several other potential pitfalls. It is important to realize once again, since it cannot be stressed enough. One does not know how much of anything is inside here. The reason why this product has failed to be produced in recent memory is because of the scamming aspects. Also the FTC recommends to dispose of any and all bottles of this brand to avoid any of the potentially harmful side effects.

You can take the proper supplements without having to worry about the potential side effects found.


It is hard to see how this product could have been any more concerning to customer safety and overall satisfaction. The fact that there was government Federal investigations, then finally leading to an acknowledgment of a scam makes it hard to see any benefit. Still the product remains and is sold via a few internet retailers. So the reality is that found here are what the FTC sees as a scam tactic full of empty promises that have not been fulfilled. So bad was this scam that over 400,000 customers were reimbursed in full. So while the product exists in unknown quantities, it remains to be seen as to what the benefit gained from it could possibly be.

You won’t know exactly what is in it, how much is in it, if it is actually safe, no guarantee, and there is no way to know how fresh the batches are. It remains clear that the FTC had good reason to stop the product from continuing its salesmanship. Too many customers complained of there being a month to month charge on their accounts and no way to communicate with the company to stop them from making these bogus charges. So all that is found here is a lot of empty promises proven to be completely untrue according to the Federal Trade Commission.

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