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Lean 650 Review – Is Lean 650 Safe for You?

For people who find themselves immersed within the fitness world, it may be a constant struggle to find the correct dietary supplement. There are too many products available that aren’t meant for the athletically minded, but for casual dieters who don’t know anything about fitness. It’s sad that the market has accustomed itself to these individuals, as there the focus on physical perfection that athletes seek may be overlooked. Luckily not all products are like this. There are supplements available that are meant for people who have more of an incline to physical fitness, more than the common layperson. That’s where products such as Lean 650 stake their allegations. It’s with the fitness minded people in mind that this product is meant for.

Of course the question is; does it really operate as well as it is retailed to?

Or is this just another product that makes a plethora of promises that it will inevitably fail to keep? Find out which of these sentences rings more true than for this product in the review below.

What is it?

Lean 650 is a dietary supplement that is meant for use in athletically minded individuals. This is in spite of the company declaring that their users are derived from an assortment of backgrounds. People who want to subtract pounds from themselves on a basis that is closer to casual may also want to use this concoction. Individuals who are obese and seeking to lose weight due to health related concerns may not be ideal candidates for this product. Lean 650 alleges that it may have it’s users incinerating fat, as well as giving their users a surge of energy unlike anything they have experienced before.

What makes Lean 650 stand out from the group, albeit not in a good way, is that it contains a substance known as 1,3 dimethylamine, which has gained a level of notoriety for being banned from use by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). This is because there are negative side effects that have been associated with use of this substance. Although the substance has been banned by the federal government, that has not stopped people from wanting to consume it, nor companies that will supply it within the concoctions that they create.

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Despite the uproar that this product may create, it is not available on the manufacturer’s website.

Who makes it?

Gen X Labs is the company that may be given credit for creating Lean 650. The company does not list its address on its official website. Established in 1979, Gen X Labs has made a reputation for itself as a producer of nutritional and sports related supplements. On the company’s About Us section, there are videos that feature interviews with the CEO of the company, as well as other information pertaining to the substance of the company, and what their core values happen to be. The company is also features fitness minded individuals who it sponsors. The company mentions that it’s users come from a variety of walks of life, yet at the same time, the official website feels more geared toward people who are very familiar with the fitness related world. This slant may turn some prospective buyers away from buying products that this company produces. What I do find a bit peculiar, is that despite its efforts to market itself in the most optimal fashion possible, the company has no presence on social media channels. I feel that without having a presence on social media, this may harm the company overall, as it has not adjusted to the contemporary world of marketing practices.

Does Lean 650 work?

Just knowing that the company who produced Lean 650 does not feature the blend on it’s own official website should be proof enough that there is impotency in this brew. But I will go into more detail to explain what else is not optimal with ths product. There have been a lack of inclusion of scientifically driven clinical studies that would verify that Lean 650 does indeed get people to subtract pounds from themselves in the most superb manner possible. The draw of this product is that it contains powerful stimulants, but just because a concoction may contain them, that doesn’t therefore mean that the product itself is so great. There are many diet pills on the market that attempt to persuade individuals that this all that is needed for weight management, when in actuality this is not true. While there are positive reviews on this blend, that does not mean that all reiews were of a positive nature. There were also users who derogated this product, especially in relation to the adverse reactions that were experienced by users (more on this below.)

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Lean 650 Ingredients and Dosage

There are 9 primary ingredients of which Lean 650 is comprised of. There are other ingredients, however they pertain to the imulsion of the product. Of these ingredients, only pyridoxine, also known as vitamin B6, which comes in amount of 50 mg, and with a daily recommended value of 2500%, is not concocted within the proprietary blend. The rest of the substances that are known to be in this concoction are within the proprietary blend, which weighs out to be 600 mg. These substances include caffeine anhydrous, L-carnitine, taraxacum offcinate, betaine anhydrous, methyl synephrine, green tea extract, 1,3 dimethylamine and cissus quadrangularis. these ingredients are known to be a combination of stimulants, as well as exercise enhancement substances. Not all of them however, have been proven to have a significant effect on weight subduction, such as cissus quadrangularis.


Are there potential side effects?

If there is one thing that Lean 650 is not free of, it is adverse reactions that may be experienced. Some of these pertain to the powerful stimulants that have been blended within this product, such as 1,3 dimethylamine and methyl synephrine. Adverse effects pertaining to these substances may include liver damage, vomiting, problems with sleep (insomnia), nausea, jitters, anxiety, myocardial infarction (heart attack), seizure, mood swings, cerebrovascular accident, accelerated heart rate (palpitations) and in extreme cases, even death. taraxacum officinate, also known as dandelion is a flora that is also notorious for the adverse reactions that have been associated with it’s use, despite it’s popular use in weight subduction products. This includes xerostomia (dry mouth), dizziness, thirst, rapid heartbeat and fatigue. Because of the stimulants that are found to be concocted within this product, it is not recommended to consume any other stimulants, with particular attention paid to caffeine related products. If you are on a form of medication, it would be advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using this product. Persons below 18 years of age are not meant to use this product. Because of the inclusion of 1,3 dimethylamine, individuals who are in sports related competitions may turn up positive on a drug test. Because of this, use of this blend is not recommended for these individuals.

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Just knowing that there are illegal substances that are found within this product may be enough reason to turn some prospective buyers away from using this product. There are no clinical studies that have been provided, neither on the ingredients, nor the product as a whole being that would insinuate that this is indeed an ideal supplement to consume. Moreover, there are reviews by disgruntled users that would further the arguement that this concoction should be avoided because of the negative adverse reactions that may be expereinced. While the presentation of this product may come off as incredibly enticing, that does not mean that it is guaranteed that the product will operate as sufficiently as it is lauded to. There are many different diet pills that are available that are known to be much more efficient than this concoction is. It would be wise to put time, energy and money into those products, rather than this one.

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