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L-Carnitine Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

If there’s one group of people that understand how fitness and nutrition play complementary roles with each other to guarantee optimal physical results, it’s bodybuilders. While they put most of their attention on fitness, they also realize the importance of nutrition, and the importance of making sure the amount of body fat they have is only of an optimal amount. These sculptors of the body are more than just meatheads that they are stereotypically portrayed as; they are very knowledgeable about what supplements are important to take for overall well being.

Weight loss is one of the facets of health that they are also knowledgeable about as well.

While maybe for a differing reasons than for someone who is afflicted with being morbidly obese, the general information that would be knowledgeable about amounts to about the same thing. In the following article we will break down one of these supplements that they are known to take, L-Carnitine, and if it is compelling enough to aid in weight management outside of the fitness world.

What is it?

1905 was the first year the scientists were able to synthesize the amino acids methionine and Lysine. The aftermath of these fusion of acids is what we now know today as L-Carnitine. While possible to make synthetically, this has also been acknowledged to have been found in food sources such as whole wheat bread, bacon, fish, macaroni and asparagus.

This ersatz has been marketed as something like a panacea, being able to remedy such ailments as infertility in men, an array of heart related disorders and bone diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Additionally it is chock full of antioxidants that support the immune system. There are Top Rated Products that are available that may also include other health benefits in addition to weight loss.

There has also been some evidence to show that this substance may help in the war against weight gain. With use of this, thoughts of hunger are quashed while the user is simultaneously given a rush of energy. It’s these two factors that have led to L-Carnitine popularity among bodybuilders, especially those who are in competition.

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As I have researched however, there may be issues with the studies that were preformed.

Who makes it?

L-Carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid, that is not only produced in humans, but in food products as well. Moreover, it may also be synthetically created. There is no single conglomeration that holds the reserves of L-Carnitine all to itself, but instead many companies either add this as an ingredient to their diet pills or sell it off as a supplement all it’s own. Some of these include Optimum Nutrition, Swanson Premium, GNC and NOW Performance.

Since it is naturally occurring in foods, I find it hard to recommend spending money on supplements of this product, when you can just as easily find it somewhere else, possibly for cheaper too.

Does L-Carnitine work?

While there are obvious upsides to the use of L-Carnitine in regards to overall health, the studies that have shown this to fight as an opponent to weight gain are not quite as conclusive. It is true that there were studies done to see if this was a truly robust substance or not, but the groups themselves were very limiting in size. More studies with bigger groups would need to be done to show that this is truly a dynamic mix of amino acids.

As it stands now though, I can’t say that this is really any better than other substances that are available, such as camellia sinensis, which also goes by the name of green tea. While this substance has been known to be valuable in aiding weight loss, the ingredient by itself isn’t guaranteed to show those results. The same may very well be true of L-Carnitine.

Since this product may not be as compelling a substance as some diet supplement companies may retail it to be, this really puts into question whether getting this in supplement form is really worth the money you could spend, when you can just as easily get it from food sources, such as chicken and fish, to drinks such as orange juice. It makes me wonder; if it’s so widely available, what makes it so special that it needs to be taken in a supplement?

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L-Carnitine Dosage

The accepted dosage for L-Carnitine ranges between 500-2,000 mg, which are to be taken on a daily basis.

Are there potential side effects?

Even with the array of health blessings that L-Carnitine may endow to it’s users, that does not make it free of side effects. Heartburn, stomach discomfort, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting and producing a fishy smelling odor that emanates from sweat, urine and breath have been reported by people who have taken this amino acid compound.

Additionally, there may be more severe adverse reactions that people in the past have also encountered. For people who are prone to having seizures, this substance has been recognized to make these happen more frequently than they had been before. This substance may also cause kidney damage in some users.

People with hypothyroidism may also experience a worsening of their symptoms if they take L-Carnitine. Finally women who are currently nursing or in stages of pregnancy are not advised to take this substance.


If you are looking to get into an athletic competition, this may be just the substance that you are looking for. There are a wide range of benefits from taking this product. However when it comes to weight management, the results may be much more modest than people would like to believe. In fact if you are obese and looking to lose weight for health reasons, this may sorely disappoint. That isn’t to say that it isn’t good, it’s just that the results may be unassuming.

Furthermore, in spite of their being health supplements that feature this amino acid mix, it is widely available from a vast array of foods that you can buy in the grocery store. So being that it is so widely available, and very possibly not as potent in aiding weight loss as advertised, I don’t see how I can recommend people buy supplements of this.

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