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Kola Nut Review – The Truth About This Product.

With the invention of the diet pill, people have been able to lose weight in incredible ways that were not possible at any other point in time. Laboratories produce concoctions that in times prior to the contemporary, were but the substances of dreams. Synthetically combining chemicals together, mankind has made marvels that continually improve after every passing year. However, just because these synthetic products may be created, that doesn’t mean that the Earth is devoid of substances that may be able to provide people with the same results. Even before these miracles of modernity came into being, health experts were turning to the trees, shrubs, the flora that surrounded them, looking for substances that may be beneficial for health. Kola Nut is one of the substances that was discovered, and only recently, has it seen attention in it’s possible ability to aid people in subtracting pounds from themselves.

So what is the real story behind this naturally made product of flora? Is it a truly dynamic weight loss aid? Or is it just retailed to the public to be? The answer is broken down below.

What is it?

The Kola Nut is a product from evergreen trees that are native to Africa. Although native to the African continent, it has since spread to the west, to places such as Brazil and the West Indies. The tree that it comes from grows purple spotted yellow flowers and fruits that are in the shape of stars. It’s about twenty feet high and goes by a name that we are all familiar with; Cola. Since the origins of man, people have taken this seed and used it for its stimulant properties for which it is known for. Kola Nut is known to not only contain caffeine, but theobromine as well.

There are many different ways that Kola Nut may be used. It may be converted into a powder, mixed into a drink or simply eaten whole. The aroma of Kola Nut is known to be similar to a rose and sweet, which is what has enticed so many people to consume it over the centuries. Traditionally, the Kola Nut was used for ceremonies in Africa. Despite its bitter flavor, it was readily consumed either in group settings or by individual users.
More currently, this natural flora byproduct is known for it’s use in the incredibly popular beverage that we know as Coca Cola. The stimulant properties were utilized into a drink by a pharmacist in Georgia in 1886. Since then health experts have raised questions as to the health benefits of the soft drink. But that didn’t throw the Kola Nut completely into obscurity as people began to pay more attention to the things they consumed. Nutritional supplements were quick to jump on this stimulant, and use these properties to enhance the products they manufactured.

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Nowadays the Kola Nut is seen as a safe all natural ingredient that is trusted by people around the world for the benefits it may bring to it’s users.

Who makes it?

There is no single manufacturer of the Kola Nut, even though it has been cultivated for centuries. While it’s cultivation started in Africa, the slave trade is responsible for exposing the western continents to this substance. Although used by several different manufacturers, there isn’t a single one that has a monopoly on this naturally occurring substance. Kola Nut has been used as an ingredient in various products, and as a standalone supplement as well. Companies that are known to produce products that contain Kola Nut include Mason Natural, Swanson, Torani, Starwest Botanicals and Caribbean Dreams.

Does Kola Nut work?

The reason that Kola Nut is used, is because it acts as a stimulant. Despite this, it’s active ingredients don’t come in high amounts. If this substance was used on it’s own, the effects that it would produce would be mild, especially in comparison to more powerful stimulants, such as guarana, black tea leaf and bitter orange. Because of this it is better to be used as a complimenting substance, rather than a primary one. The theobromine that is present within this substance is known to elevate a user’s state of mind, but again, it comes in very small amounts (more on this below.) Factors that are important for weight loss include triggering thermogenesis, incinerating fat deposits, magnifying the metabolic rate and blockading fat from being absorbed into the body. All of these factors are not at all addressed by Kola Nut use. This is especially true, if users are not already exercising on a routine basis and dieting with the right kinds of foods. These are two astoundingly important aspects of weight loss that most diet pills that contain Kola Nut fail to mention, or if they do, it is not highlighted enough as it should be.

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Kola Nut Dosage

The reason that Kola Nut is as beloved a substance as it is, is because it contains caffeine. It doesn’t come in high amounts though, as the concentration that is in is only 2.0-3.5%. Theobromine is also known to be present within this flora created byproduct, but the amount that it comes in is merely 1.0%, possibly even less. In spite of its widespread use in the plethora of products that contain it, there has not been enough scientific data that would lead to a proper dosage amount. The dosing generally is related to the user’s health, age and an assortment of various other conditions. Although not containing much theobromine or caffeine and being an all natural substance, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t dangers from consuming Kola Nut. In fact, if taken in excess, use of this substance may lead to adverse reactions (see the next section.)

Are there potential side effects?

Being that it is known as a stimulant, Kola Nut is known for causing adverse reactions in the people who may use it. While usually safe to consume, these types of reactions happen when the quantity that is consumed is known to be larger than normal. Side effects that are known to pertain to stimulants include anxiety, nausea, hypertension (high blood pressure), nervousness, irritability, palpitations (rapid heart rate), jitters, arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) and ringing in the ears. It is also possible to experience withdrawal symptoms if Kola Nut use is prohibited. This may include anxiety, dizziness, irritability and headaches.

There are conditions that are known to worsen if Kola Nut is taken in too high of a dosage. People who have diabetes may experience their condition worsen, although more studies still need to be performed on the substance. Diarrhea may be worsened from the caffeine content, as well as symptoms of IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) if they are being experienced. People who have blood disorders may experience an exacerbation of their condition, because the caffeine that is present may cause blood to clot. Because it may affect blood sugar levels, it is recommended to stop use of Kola Nut for at least 2 weeks prior to surgery. While safe to consume for women who are nursing or in stages of pregnancy, if consumed in too high a volume, it may cause an early pregnancy, possibly even a miscarriage.

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In spite of being so beloved by people around the world, that doesn’t mean that this substance is also known to reduce the amount of weight that people carry with themselves on a daily basis. Kola Nut is known to be a stimulant, but the amounts of theobromine and caffeine that may be found within it are not of substantial enough amounts to produce a great enough effect for weight management. While it may be useful as compliment to other ingredients in diet pills, on it’s own it’s usefulness is limited. If you are looking to lose weight, I would suggest looking into other substances that are known to be more potent in the chemicals that make them beneficial for weight loss.

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