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Hydroxycitric Acid Review – Does it Really Work?

What is it?

Though it sounds like a harsh chemical Hydroxycitric Acid is simply an extract from a fruit entitled Garcinia Cambogia; it can even be extracted from the roselle plant in order to help one burn fat. In the giant world of weight loss there are often a jumble of rehashed ingredients though this fairly new ingredient is now being added to many supplements as an approach to shed weight.  One of the reasons for this product’s popularity is the feature it had on the Dr. Oz show. On the show there was an expressed belief that this extract could provide significant benefits in several facets of weight loss.  Now while this endorsement surely is a positive action, what still needs to be seen is whether or not this extract actually works to provide a purpose.  The belief is that when supplementing with this extract it will have a positive effect on the brain. Luckily this extract has been researched and in fact some studies have actually been conducted by scientists. I’ll dig out all the material out on this ingredient later in this piece.

Commonly extracted from the tropical Garcinia Cambogia’s rind, it was at first used for cooking in tropical climates.  The idea behind the extract however is to increase metabolism, decrease appetite, and even potentially effect the rate of cholesterol in the body for the positive. This is what the manufactures who add this product to their supplements would like one to believe.

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Further knowledge is needed to make the right choice however. It’s great this product is relatively new in the realm of weight loss, but what is needed is further knowledge of his exactly this will effect the body.

Who makes it?

A ton of companies add this ingredient to their products in varying doses. Commonly one sees a 500mg available but as mentioned, there are multiple different strengths. Also worth noting is the reality that some add this as a stand alone while others include it into a blend of other ingredients.

It therefore becomes important for potential customers to really examine the company’s history. One good way of assuring quality is to find out if the company offers a GMP certified product. GMP ensures good practices in terms of manufacturing, meaning there is a control over how the product is created. This should be a vital step as one needs to ensure the quality is top notch. No better indicator simplifies this search than to assure a GMP certification.

Does Hydroxycitric Acid work?

Here is where it gets very interesting. There has been a 12 week study done to test its effects on hard to get rid of visceral fat.  People who ranged from 20 to 65 years of age were tested and their BMI was also tracked.  The results came in and drum roll please. What came was a positive change where both men and women of all ages showing a decrease in weight. Full recognition of an ingredients effectiveness is a difficult thing to attain, and that’s why one cannot declare this product as being 100% functional and useful. What also adds to the issue is whether or not the company manufacturing this extract handle it in a way to retain all nutrients. However with the studies that exist now it does lead one to believe Hydroxycitric Acid in it’s safely produced form shows some promising results.   Companies will often add this product can improve blood sugar levels(a study on mice showed this effect) and some add it will reduce LDL cholesterol(also performed on mice).

In final since it takes quite a lot of research for an ingredient to be considered a working functional tool, it is believed this product may produce results.

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Hydroxycitric Acid Ingredients and Dosage

Figuring out how much to take and what’s inside really depends on what brand one is to encounter. There are some brands that feature extra ingredients and some that add even more nutrients such as potassium and chromium. Therefore one has to really pay attention to the manufacturer’s label and ensure one is getting a sufficient amount of the ingredient per the cost. Some brands have anywhere between 200mg to 1000mg and there is no universal “recommended” strength level. As with any supplements one has to track their own use depending strictly on what the manufacturers labels state. Commonly the case remains the same. It’s not often that manufactures of this brand will add any noticeable side effect warnings on their bottles. This isn’t to say one cannot experience side effects but the ingredient tends to be recognized as a safe addition to one’s diet.

Though there are numerous brands one typical example for a label comes in the following form:



Are there possible side effects?

Well this is an interesting question to note. Of course any brand that has faulty manufacturing could provide harmful potential side effects. As of now however, the Hydroxycitric Acid has not shown any noticeable drastic side effects though one must watch their intake in moderation just like any other product. Certain individuals have reported headaches and nausea however this might be due to the manufacturing process as opposed to the ingredient itself.  In fact in 2023 a company had to recall their Garcinia Cambogia blend due to liver problems in some customers. Keep in mind that the brand had other ingredients and the issues may not have been due to the Garcinia Cambogia. As of now no other products containing this ingredient solely have shown any risk of liver damage.

Some labels state that this product should not be used in combination with blood thinners, diabetes medicine and pain medicines. The reason for this is because of the believed effect on it lowering blood sugar levels. It may dip ones blood sugar into unsafe levels therefore some manufacturers add to take this supplement under the watch of a doctor for extra assurance that it will work effectively and safely.

I cannot stress enough that you have to find for yourself the right company that does not have any extra additives that are not needed in a weight loss product.  Even with major promises and popularity a company can still produce an inferior product.

Take into account a great business profile which ensures you receive the right brand for weight loss.


This product is featured in many different brands due to the belief it is a weight loss ingredient. Many ingredients come and go and many claim the exact same thing in the weight loss industry. The belief is of course that this brand is particularly far more efficient for helping one boost their metabolism and reduce hunger. Also the claim to fame is due in part because it comes from an all natural source as opposed to synthetic chemicals or harsh additives.  It is good that there is some research completed on this ingredient with promising results. The way it is intended to work is by getting rid of fatty tissues within the body.  Also serotonin is elevated in the brain which essentially tricks the mind into assuming it is not as hungry. Even added to the mixture is the ability to reduce the rate of hunger, which means less calories in and more weight loss in the future. So not only is the product intended to help you eat less, but it works to get rid of the fat tissue buildup that often occurs while giving a boost in mood.

What is left then is figuring out which brand has the best extract. So many add this ingredient in varying amounts, with or without extra ingredients and in many different pill amounts. The flood of brands featuring Garcinia make it extra hard to know which is speaking the truth and which has the highest potency. This can require a lot of research but luckily the research found here can help you discover the right approach towards a good brand.

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