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Herbalife Total Control Review – How Safe and Effective is it?

When a popular brand commits to providing a supplement a lot of attention and fanfare often follows close by. It can appear that just by association alone there can be a lot granted. So taking a product like Herbalife Total Control, still  there has to be a clear examination to secure the information gathered. Too many times a supplement will come promising everything while failing to deliver what one requires. So how can one filter out the good and bad?

Particularly when supplementing with a thermogenic one must pay strict attention on establishing a tight ship. If you miss the important information out there then there is no true way of knowing what will come about. Buying a product on name brand alone is no proper way of finding out the reality.

Therefore that is exactly the reason this review has been outlined, it allows for a proper expression and finely detailed well rounded information.  A lot of details exists out there and only the most accurate made it to this review.

What is it?

Featuring a bold red fireball looking image on the front of these weight loss products, it appears the intention is to incinerate fat. On the label itself it mentions this product is intended to be a thermogenic/metabolism booster.  Another common aspect found in thermogenic products that also plays a role here, is the fact it is meant to increase overall energy and in turn elevate alertness. There isn’t much explanation as to this product’s uniqueness, although they do mention it is a blend of caffeine and proprietary blend of tea extracts. In fact it is pretty straightforward without adding much allure as to how they formulated this combination and what type of studies went into it. Although they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee for this product so that at least is beneficial. However it is limited due to the fact you have to seek a third party distributor that submits the claim form within the 30 days. More on that in the “Who Makes It?” section.

It is worth mentioning that much like other thermogenic supplements this one does contain caffeine. Therefore anyone sensitive to caffeine or unwilling to submit to a sudden increase might do best to avoid it.  Thermogenics also are a common sight in the world of weight loss supplements for their relative ease to make with caffeine.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

However this product needs to be reviewed to see how their specific formula ranks. Therefore the details surrounding Herbalife Total Control are pinpointed.

Who makes it?

The multi level giant Herbalife International of America, Inc is behind this product and they began their operations in California, however they are now worldwide. In fact they currently offer their distribution in over 95 countries.

Due to their multilevel marketing strategy their products are only available through 3rd party sellers who often run their own small operations. Essential anyone looking to purchase Herbalife products in bulk can then become an entrepreneur of sorts.

There have been a number of Federal investigations by the FDA and the FTC.  Also they have had civil suits taxed on. In 2023 a scientific analysis showed their supplements contained lead to which the company settled out of court for $300,000. The Spaniard and Israeli government ran their own studies and concluded there was also lead in their products. This surfaced after people who supplemented with these brands showed cases of liver failure and lead toxicity. Herbalife counters by saying they were in the legal limits of lead.

The Federal Trade Commission is currently under the process of reviewing the company over held accusations of Herbalife allegedly running a pyramid scheme. Unfortunately due to the amount of information there is a waiting period in order to secure results.

Does Herbalife Total Control work?

Well looking at the reviews online wasn’t as helpful as I would have imagined. Because a lot of the marketing and salesmanship is left to regular people there are a lot of unverified reviews online with positive remarks for this product. What balances it out is the almost equal amounts of negative reviews on sites like

To the people so say it works there is a lot of claims from people exclaiming “I don’t work for the company”, so it is a bit confusing to distinguish reality.  One common negative comment is simply “It didn’t work”. So there is a lot of confusion as obviously some of the positive reviews are doctored. What is important to remember is that this product contains a decent amount of caffeine which will produce effects on the body. It just depends if one can handle these effects.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Only customer approved brands make the Top List of the very best supplements.

Herbalife Total Control Ingredients and Dosage

As expected it has a mixture of unknown quantities of certain teas. Found here are green tea, black, and oolong. All of which provide some antioxidants and of course caffeine. Also added here are ginger root extract presumably to help with digestion and pomegranate rind is also added for t what appears to be a boost in antioxidants as well. Though there is no explanation by the manufactures these are the common reasons as to why they are added.

Added to the mix is a heaping serving of 84 mg of caffeine which combines the caffeine found in the teas and of course they added their own caffeine to compensate.  The label states to take a pill 3 times a day. Excluded from this are people who have sensitivity to caffeine, high blood pressure, cardiovascular issues, those under 18 and pregnant women. Typically caffeine laden products also add to not take it too early in the day. Particularly this product has 252 mg of caffeine if taken at the recommended dose. It is a significant amount and of course it should be taken cautiously and with a slow ease as to avoid any of the possible pitfalls.

Nothing added here is really groundbreaking and really the same benefits can be found with a tea blend. It can be purchased for much cheaper and with less caffeine.

Here lies an up to date supplement facts list:


Are there possible side effects?

As is the case with supplements containing caffeine there is a host of issues found. In fact some have reported experiencing these issues. Some possible negatives include headache, dehydration, insomnia, tremors, increased heart rate, and difficulty concentrating. Of course the risk gets increased if one were to supplement too late in the day or alongside other caffeine sources.

Recommended by the makers themselves is a consultation with a healthcare provider to accurately figure out dosing. However side effects may still be felt and the range of negatives shifts from person to person.

Avoiding potential adverse issues is now easy with the right brands backing you up.


It’s confusing to see such a big company add very little description to one of their products. This is the reality with Herbalife Total Control, very little exists to support its use yet it sits there. Only the most basic description that could be given to any generic thermogenic is offered here. All the benefits of it being a unique product are thrown out the window and instead you get a fairly standard offering of ingredients. First off the tea blend added here is not explained in detail as to why each strain was selected. One can make assumptions but it’s the company’s responsibility to clear up any doubts. One important question that needs answering is why this brand? If one can purchase the same ingredients from any store with a decent amount of tea blends then why should one require extra supplementation for an elevated cost?

Another important question that has to be answered is what makes this product unique? Looking at the label and lack of information it really appears to be a run of the mill product. Weight loss can certainly be reduced albeit slightly when introducing caffeine but it can be sourced from many cheaper sources. So far it is hard to really see the benefit of paying extra for what is a completely unoriginal blend of ingredients.

What is also cause for concern is the amount of positive reviews left by people who sell this product. It really fogs up the unbiased reviews that should exist. Luckily there are plenty of negative reviews which show how ineffective the product has been for many. Most of the complaints are from customers who claim they felt nothing change. No weight loss of any kind was experienced by many disgruntled customers.

Until more information exists about how this product is any better than a standard tea bag it remains to be seen what if any benefit can be obtained. At the price point here anything worth more than a box of tea is far too expensive. The ingredients simply are not any better than any other tea blend. More justification is needed to show why it is worthy of purchase.

Purchasing the right brand can be a tricky task when you don’t know what to look for, so take advantage of this guide intended to showcase on only the greatest.

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