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Healthe Trim Review – Is Healthe Trim Safe?

Looking at the product it goes without saying the full intention behind what is intended to be accomplished. Many weight reduction brands fall under the exact same category, claiming to help give off a healthy vibe with weight degradation being the utmost goal. The real strategy behind the marketing of Healthe Trim is to act as if one’s health will be expanded.  No doubt that a the first thing supplement brands offer is a marketing strategy on the forefront, claiming grand results and real good expectations.

Establishing the real full scoped out reality is tedious since all the labels and marketing found in supplement brands claim real branded results. Without having the information and knowledge of all the proper resources to find, one can fall prey to marketing and fake representations.

Therefore with keeping this idea intact, this guide will supplement you with the full rounded expectation and found knowledge of what is to be claimed here. Simple and efficient, it allows you the chance to accurately judge for yourself.

What is it?

With just over a million bottles of Healthe Trim sold, this natural supplement has been created to provide an increased metabolism and energy reserve. Of course one of the main features behind this product is to help customers lose weight in a fast way.  Over 6 different varietals exist of this brand, all with their unique set of characteristics. For example some have added thermogenics in raspberry ketones, others contain fiber, one has added vitamins and minerals, another is meant to work even harder and finally there’s a cleansing formula. Overall however the same basic gist is that this supplement contains ingredients that are naturally sourced.

Apparently they even offer assistance from diet coaches which isn’t really fully explained in detail. It appears that one has the ability to ask diet related questions but no mention is given as to the credentials for these people. It’s important to make sure one is getting information only from a trusted source.

There’s slim pickings on the website. A blog is offered giving generalized health information and a FAQ section as well as a brief description of the product but no customer testimonials are given.  It is noted on the FAQ section that purchases are available on a monthly subscription based plan. This type of salesmanship locks people into contracts that make it impossible to get out of until the contract expires. This can be problematic for those who do not want to expose their sensitive credit card information to a company. It also is an issue because one is obligated to pay whether or not one sees a change in their body fat. A 30 day money back guarantee is offered however one still has to pay back shipping and handling fees.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

However with all that stated it becomes important to figure out the full breakdown of how Healthe Trim works, if it even works at all. So let’s uncover the details below.

Who makes it?

Straight out of the state of Georgia is the company HealthyLife Sciences, LLC. Their main focus is on providing the lineup of Healthe Trim.  Their website claims to offer customers friendly and informed information needed. Also their manufacturing practices are focused on providing all natural ingredients. These ingredients are all GRAS certified meaning the FDA has deemed the additives inside to be generally recognized as safe. While it does not mean one can take as much as one wants, in moderation there tends to be no to little side effects present.

The Federal Trade Commission released 2 statements on this company.  One open letter that is open for viewing states the company willfully lied to customers on Healthe Trim and it’s abilities to decrease weight, improve metabolism and reduce appetite.  This forced the CEO to follow a plea deal that meant he would no longer be able to help sell any supplements of this kind.

Due to this open letter it also for a short while banned these brands from producing any more content. This occurred in 2023 and what is seen now is a revamped version that does not have the same overblown marketing claims that once were found. Though because of this seedy history there needs to be extra emphasis on tracking the company for bold claims. Many of the claims offered on the website make these products seem like a fine choice. However due to the past history one cannot take the company for their word.

Other claims also come from multiple online accounts stating the auto renewal program is difficult to escape from.

Does Healthe Trim work?

Nearly all the reviews on beg to differ with this company’s claims. Many customers have added they felt no changes in their bodies.  This wouldn’t be so bad had the money back guarantee be in full effect. Not only do customers complain but they also say they tried to get their money back as promised by the manufacturers, only to be ignored. With so many negative reviews it’s hard to take this brand seriously.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Far more satisfying customer approved brands are now readily available for consumption.

Healthe Trim Ingredients and Dosage

This was extremely hard to find. Yeah there’s a few mentions as to the ingredients but no strength of each ingredient is available. There’s 6 ingredients that are explained as being in the product but without knowing the full details of how much it’s impossible to truly figure out the products use.  For example there is some green tea caffeine added which should be taken in moderation. A full dose is supposed to provide 175 mg of caffeine. Also included are antioxidants in resveratrol and metabolism boosters in garcinia cambogia.

A slow acting appetite suppressant can be found in caralluma fimbriata(it can take months to work) and hoodia gordonii which is meant to suppress appetite, however results have been limited.  Coix seed is also added to the mix which is known more commonly as job’s tears. This is added to prevent fat buildup and prevent bad cholesterol from forming. Still more research is needed. Unfortunately without knowing how much of each is to be expected one cannot make a truly sound decision here.

I usually like to provide a label but the manufacturers have failed to allow anything to be observed.

Are there possible side effects?

Until more information is added about the nutrition facts all that is noticeable is this. Yes the caffeine found inside can have some harmful effects potentially. This includes rapid heart rate, anxiety, insomnia and many other issues. Once again not enough is provided by the makers to ease one into understanding what to expect.

The other ingredients are all suspect until further notice is provided by the manufacturers on a clear label. Since the manufacturers claim their ingredient are GRAS certified, it only makes sense that it would be revealed and easy for customers to make their own informed opinions. One noted effect that has sprung up on customer accounts is the rate of energy that was hard to deal with. Caffeine may be the culprit but it’s hard to tell without the nutritional label.

Appealing Products are sold that have fully disclosed ingredients without fear of side effects.


So many issues are apparent here that make this an underwhelming product. First things first is the company history. Every claim of weight reduction was immediately struck down by the FTC. Since this occurred in 2023 it’s still a fresh mark on the brand’s history. The company should really acknowledge these facts and provide even more information. Instead they went the other route and decided to instead become even more mysterious.

No nutritional label is offered. Instead there are brief mentions as to the possibilities that can occur. Without fully knowing the exact amounts of each ingredient one is putting a lot of faith in a company with a terrible history of lies and manipulation.  These lies have been well documented and it forced the company to go under and to be officially banned. They resurfaced and while one would assume they would totally change the way they operate, instead they went down the same path and kept themselves hidden. No details are given as to how they changed their ways and what type of oversight is added. This is essential as one is taking the company for their word even though they have not earned it.

Looking at the reviews cements these points even further. Customers complain about not feeling any results. Worse off they also add they were not able to get their money back. This type of business practice is bad even if the company has a decent history. Couple this with the fact they have lied about their representation of their brand it makes it hard to take them seriously.

All together you won’t know what you’re getting until you buy it, many have complained of no money back guarantee, and of course you’re handling money with a company that refuses to give much information as to how they handled their troubled past. There’s clearly too much at stake without any major reason to try Healthe Trim.

Looking at the high rated products will assure you get all the right supplementation for your weight loss goals.

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