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hCG 1234 Review – The Truth About This Product.

A fairly new player to the game of supplements for reducing pounds, drops in vials are now created to assist for this specifically. One belief behind why this is better is due to the ability(or at least intention) of giving a purer extract capable of proving a fresh batch. However the problems with a fresh batch is it does not keep fresh as long as other supplements, it is often recommended within a short time window to ensure one reaps the rewards and not a spoiled batch. Most important to this is if what is provided is actually full of useful ingredients.

So with many drops you get the sold purpose of a supposed ability to inflict a simplified way to reach weight loss. For some this would be ideal as it can be added to water with one quick spurt. To people seeking this specific alternative I’ve taken the key parts needed on this brand in order to secure for you all the information needed.

A decision is easy to pick once you receive the full outlined details.

What is it?

All that is needed in this droplet vial are 2 ounces of liquid alongside a restricted calorie diet and a watchful support from this company. The needed restriction can be either 1200 to 1500 calorie days. The company also advocates fasting for part of the day and then adding a steak and a piece of fruit as the only sustenance. A bit radical of an idea for weight loss as it really hones in the fact one must restrict themselves to only a certain bit of nutrients.  However the specific abilities of this brand is meant to provide an ease into fasting which makes it a simpler process. Typically during fasting there is a metabolism slowdown as the body prepares it self for what it believes to be a stressful situation. So this brand helps subtract that aspect and instead it is meant to keep one steadily losing weight.

Also added to this mix are what are called “support specialists” which provide 24 hour support from a toll free line.  It is good that this is offered seeing as how it is ran every day of the year. However the real concern is why one would take health advice from strangers without certification. No emphasis is given to show how these particular handlers know anymore about nutrition than anyone else. This can be at the least a waste of time, and at worst a detrimental showing of bad information. Either way it seems like a new thing to add to a weight loss product but it needs more tweaking to ensure one is getting the right support. Sometimes no advice is far better than bad advice.

One single bottle will run $55.98 for a months supply. Keep in mind that if purchasing in bulk one will save a bit of cash. However at this price point it’s a very difficult thing to sell to customers. There is a money back guarantee offered but the details of the money back guarantee are a bit troublesome. One has to submit a full booklet of ones diet and basic routine alongside the product. Also proof is needed to show the customer attempted to contact the company at least 3 times for support. This is all expected in a 30 day period.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

However with all that set in place I’ve managed to combine all the most important details about this brand.

Who makes it?

Creative Bioscience LLC are the makers of this brand. They are based out of Utah and they are self described as the worlds most expansive provider of natural nutritional supplements. They claim to have won awards for their products yet no proof of this is evident anywhere.  For a company that claims to be world renowned they are clearly lacking much information in any realm to show how effective they truly are. For some reason they are hidden from sight and do not have much exposure offered about their brands anywhere.

Does hCG 1234 work?

There’s currently 148 critical reviews and counting on the effectiveness of this brand. What needs to be highlighted are two key points. First off the money back guarantee is very difficult to enact and customers have to jump through hoops in order to gain it. Secondly calorie restriction required by 1200 to 1500 calories a day is already a way to lose weight. This does not require any extra supplementation so its odd the company would add this. The only real benefit one can see though this is the fact that it supposedly makes it easier. Well this is where the critical reviews come in handy.

Many have added their own twist on this product’s lacking results. Some statements such as “total disappointment” “haven’t seen a change” and “worthless” are some of the many reviews that were left behind. Usually for supplements the reviews aren’t this harsh but clearly customers did not appreciate the lack of any noticeable changes. Therefore in regards to it working it still has no compelling evidence to explain how it’s better than just caloric restriction by itself.

EDITOR'S TIP: Combine this supplement with a proven fat burner such as Sletrokor for better results.

Far more satisfying options are available for critical weight loss.

hCG 1234 Ingredients and Dosage

This is where it gets really complicated. One has to watch out for several dietary demands beyond just supplementing with this product. It really is the opposite of convenience, It’s anti convenience. One has to rigidly track what they eat and to make sure one does not go over certain calories or this product will be rendered useless.

There are also a couple of amino acids which can provide energy and help sustain a body. Maca which is inside is also intended to provide energy and nutrients.  A immune system enhancing property in astralagus and other energy boosting properties can be found in the other ingredients. Of course it makes sense all this would be added as one has to eat less food meaning one has less space for nutrients. It’s not a bad thing it’s just a weak ingredient list that is far too expensive and it can be purchased for much cheaper when isolated into its whole food forms.

The full representation of nutritional facts can be seen in its entirety right here:


Are there possible side effects?

Well there is a warning sticker on the cases this bottle comes in that it has been shown to potentially cause cancer. This is often added as a security measure on certain brands as an ingredient found inside may have shown to cause cancer in large amounts. Other less harsh side effects include just overall bad taste given off by the product. Some have mentioned they did not like the flavor profile at all.

Some possibilities also with this much of a reduction of calories can also lead to fatigue, irritability, lack of sleep, restlessness, and overall inability to function at a high rate. Without getting sufficient nutrients there have been customers complaining of feeling a brain fog. This mental collapse is possible when restricting calories at this much of a degree. It’s often recommended to take this product with an emphasis on sating indoors and without much activity. In fact in the FAQ section they mention exercise should be limited to small things like walking and light jogging. So for those in need of sustained energy thought the day one might have to plan for the occasional fit of sluggishness.

Taking a look at the High Rated products will make it easy to make an informed decision.


In the journey of weight loss some have often reported fasting as a credible device for assuring one can drop weight. This can certainly have an effect but the results are short lived once one goes back to normal eating;  it then becomes an issue in having to teeter back and forth from gains and losses. So this product was created to help ease one into a state of weight loss. It does not lead to weight loss, it just makes the transition easier to handle.

However in order to attain real functional weight loss one needs to keep in mind the ideas presented by this brand can be done without any added supplement. Watching what one eats is already a recommended thing. Also making sure one eats only between 1200 to 1500 calories is a standard deprivation tactic that can be applied without dropping money. This product not only costs a lot of money but it requires customers to do a lot of the heavy lifting. It does not make it an easy transition and instead requires you to do a lot of maintenance. So therefore while this product does have some solid advice, the salesmanship of their brand gives no valid reasons as to why one should experience it.

Seeing how it actually functions one comes to the realization that it just doesn’t work to reduce weight. It’s just a supplement to fasting. Looking at all the reviews further cements this fact. People felt cheated and even worse the money back guarantee is incredibly difficult to gain.

Looking at all the products on the market can become tiresome, and that’s why the Elite Products that exist now were created.

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