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greenteaHAWAII Review – The Truth About This Product.

Tea, specifically green tea has had a popularity in several products for reducing the pounds. Whether it be to provide something like antioxidants or just a bit of caffeine, green tea makes the rounds as a popular additive. Since people assume tea of any kind is healthy there is often liberal usage of this. However anything taken without a watchful gaze can lead to some serious potential neglect and unwanted side effects. Most notably is the possible caffeine shift that occurs in the body, too much of it may be harmful.

It is especially hard to know what to expect with something like greenteaHAWAII which is a fairly new company that has no long held history. So to help satisfy desires of knowledge, I’ve taken all the available information from customers and of course through an examination of its ingredients.

Also plenty of energy was fed into understanding the manufacturers intentions vs the actual evidence. So here you can view all the most important questions answered in their full entirety.

What is it?

If you’re looking to lose between 5 to 100 pounds, this tea formulas has marketed itself to supposedly help you reach that goal.  They ask a series of questions that have obvious answers such as “do you want to feel good?”. I don’t think anyone would say no, but it does lead into the pitch of what this product is meant to do. Which is essentially a green tea drink intended to be drank daily for optimum results. Of course to get rid of the boredom of drinking the same thing they add 3 distinct flavors. Their original blend, a pineapple strawberry option and a raspberry lemonade. So all together there is a lot of variety here.  What is intended to occur with this tea blend is equivalent to 70 cups of tea per one dose.

There’s claims this product amounts to 70 regular doses of green tea in terms of weight loss. Also it claims to have antioxidants in one cup of tea equivalent to 45 servings of a regular cup of green tea. This all comes from a powdered extract intended to produce even greater benefits than plain old tea.  The idea why a powder is added here is because it retains a lot more nutrients and it becomes easier to mix into liquids. Since these numbers are very exact it would have been nice if they included studies to show how this was possible. Instead it’s left to be assumed this product works in such a grand way.  They do offer a few video testimonials and a couple of Facebook interactions of people supporting the product as proof. However it is difficult to assume it is actually true as often these can be paid off.

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One interesting aspect of this product is that it promises over 200 health benefits including a reduced risk of cancer, a promotion of much healthier skin and teeth, and a stabilized mood. So clearly a lot is intended to occur here, however it requires more research in order to figure out its true potential. This is where I step in.

Who makes it?

As their name implies Green Tea Hawaii, LLC has their operations settled in the state of Hawaii. Their website focuses on energy and weight loss products featuring ingredients such as garcinia cambogia and raspberry ketones. These ingredients have gained recent popularity due to their reported ability to reduce weight.

The National Advertising Division reported this company’s claims of providing health benefits to the FTC. Apparently a lot of bold promises were granted which did not actually have any evidence to show how it was attainable.

There is also a very odd offering in their money back guarantee. Products can be returned if they are used however, they must be returned within 14 days of shipping. Unless one lives in Hawaii there is a delay in shipping and in fact it can take a number of days. If the product is shipped from the manufacturers to you theses days count as time ticking off the 14 days. After you get to use the product, if you do not feel anything there is a highly likely case that you will miss the money back guarantee window. This means the money back guarantee is a bit shady as it is very difficult to have it returned in a timely fashion.

Does greenteaHAWAII work?

Looking at the testimonials it appears that people have claimed to experience results. However one interesting contradiction remains. Many of the videos start with people who say they aren’t familiar with the brand. By the end of the video these same new users say they have noticed a reduction of weight. So this makes no sense, how could they have a history of weight loss with the product yet be unfamiliar with it? This blatant lying is really confusing as it is not hard to see right through it.

Looking at the reviews online there has been mixed opinion split exactly down the middle. Some have said they experienced nothing, others leave a positive review on the taste but they add nothing else. So it is hard to interpret exactly what is to be expected.

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Looking at the very best reviewed items makes it easier to find the right product.

greenteaHAWAII Ingredients and Dosage

There is a lot of mystery here as there is no explanation as to the exact amounts of sweeteners or active blends. However we do know there is green tea which has been reportedly treated to preserve quality. Green tea of course is known to contain antioxidants for a healthy immune system.

Noni is a fruit added to give off a dose of potassium as well as properties related to a healthy immune system. Unfortunately there is a warning on Noni tea for it has shown a huge potential risk in many people for causing liver damage.

L-Theanine is extracted from green tea and is intended to promote relaxation and a reduction in stress. It is usually paired next to caffeine and to cut through the stimulatory effects and instead cause a general feeling of ease. Still however none of the ingredients except the green tea have shown an effect on reducing weight. Even the green tea has been limited and of course, it can be purchased for much cheaper. $69.95 without shipping and handling fees added are needed to get a 60 day supply. Far more expensive than any other tea blend that exists.

It was hard to find but here is a sampling of an ingredient label:


Are there possible side effects?

Since the warning of noni tea has been reported on multiple health sites, it bears repeating that there has been an increase in liver damage in those who drank it. Since the blend here is a proprietary blend you won’t know exactly how much is added here. Therefore it causes a potential major liability.

Also there are no reported studies on this specific blend given by the manufacturers. They claim their green tea is much stronger so this may mean the potential for side effects in their green tea formula could be magnified.

Artificial flavors are also added here, and this can come from a number of different substances. So it becomes important to watch out and figure out any changes in the body that may arise from this additive.

Finally there is the effect that caffeine may have on the body. The makers once again neglect to add how much is inside per serving, so it must be exercised with caution.  They often cite very exact numbers so it is hard to know why they wouldn’t add the caffeine content. To prevent any issue it would be advised to watch out for an overconsumption of caffeine.

Side effects are not a mandatory issue when supplementing with the proper brands.


There is a lot of exact numbers thrown about on the company’s website. A 15% to 20% decrease in appetite is cited. 45 times more antioxidants are here than any a simple cup of tea. Clearly all this is very impressive, if only it had the data to back it up. That is what is apparent here and that is why a FTC investigation went into the statements made here. A lot of scientific numbers are present without any of the trials needed to secure the facts. Obviously they came up with these numbers using a system to measure it, so why is it now mentioned? One reason might be the apparent lying which has been seen in one of their videos. Supposed first time users turned into long term users by the end of the video. It is oddly placed and no explanation is given at all.

The amount of mystery surrounding this tea is far too much to ever be taken seriously. They add many unverified claims that seem too good to be true. Also the manufacturers add a silly money back guarantee that would be nearly impossible to work. Just 14 days are given to return the product back to Hawaii which starts as soon as it ships.

There just isn’t any evidence to support this product’s use and the price tag and bad money back guarantee make it hard to see much benefit.

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