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Glucomannan Review – Is Glucomannan Safe?

With so many health supplements available, it may get overwhelming as to which is the best one to use. Having numerous options available may be beneficial in some aspects, but the downsides of this is the confusion that may be experienced as a result. While some people don’t mind taking supplements that were made in laboratories, other people instead like to opt for all natural substances to help them manage their weight. There is comfort in substances that are produced from the Earth. Glucomannan is such a substance that some people have turned to for assisting them in finding the inner, thinner self that they have been struggling to make seen to the world.

This plant root has been known for it’s ability to help people forget their hunger, and because of this has been used either on it’s own, or combined with other ingredients that aid people in managing their weight.

However, the ultimate question remains; is this substance truly robust enough to live up to the declarations that companies make for it? The answer to this question is found below.

What is it?

Glucomannan is a natural fibre that comes from the elephant yam, otherwise known as the konjac plant. The fiber itself is water soluble and is commonly found in diet pills. Not only has this been used in health supplements, but it’s use has extended to culinary dishes and herbal mixtures as well.

Of the konjac plant, 40% of its dry weight is belongs to the fiber. Taking this fibre may help alleviate constipation, as well as even out cholesterol levels. When ingested with water, the plant root expands in the stomach, giving the user a sense of fullness.

Additionally, Glucomannan also postpones the stomach of becoming completely empty. This is also a contributing factor to quashing any potential thoughts of eating. Because this plant root is a fibre, it is also known to proscribe fats and proteins from being absorbed into the body.

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However there are potential drawbacks of this substance. Because it is known to expand with water, there are concerns that this may be a choking hazard (More on this below). Additionally, there are a multitude of companies that have had lawsuits thrown at them for making false claims that this substance is more sufficient in curbing weight gain than it really is. Top Rated Products would never be caught making false allegations.

Who makes it?

The konjac plant that Glucomannan is derived from is a flora that is native to southeast Asia. The plant may also be found in parts of Japan and China as well. Being that it is a natural substance, there is no one company that holds a tyrannical hold on this seedling.

There are however, a plethora of companies that utilize this substance along with others in diet pills. That’s not to mention, that this may be taken by itself as it’s own supplement. Some of the companies that sell this plant byproduct include Nature’s Way, Fiberweigh and NOW Foods. Because of it’s popularity, Glucomannan may be purchased any number of ways, from the online marketplace to the retail store that carries nutritional supplements.

Does Glucomannan work?

This fibre is known to expand in the stomach when water is added to it. It’s with this belief that calorie intake is postulated to fall, which then has the end result of the user shedding off excessive pounds. There are many companies who have marketed this substance based on this.

Despite these allegations, there have been many lawsuits against companies who have done this. So while this may make you feel full for a little while, I cannot say that it will actually help you lose any weight.

Any glucomannan supplements that say they cause weight loss are leaving out that there are other factors at work. These other facets include thermogenesis, heightening the metabolic rate, hopping up energy levels or dismantling fat deposits. Without addressing these other areas, weight loss becomes a much more distant goal.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Use of this substance does not automatically mean weight loss will be an inevitable end result.

Glucomannan Ingredients and Dosage

It is advised to take 1 gram of Glucomannan three times daily to have some effect in weight management. Users are informed to take this supplement 15 minutes before a meal and with 1-2 glasses of water (amount not specified). It is important to take with water, because otherwise it may become a choking hazard.

Glucomannan is it’s own substance and is not made up of anything else.

Are there potential side effects?

While this fiber may be all natural, that does by no means equate it to being free of side effects. Since this fibre is known to expand with water, there have been some concern for this being a choking hazard. In this sense, it is similar to guar gum, which has been outlawed for this exact reason. While not the same, I can’t help but draw parallels between the two.

Glucomannan is also known to sink blood sugar levels, which may not be good for people are diabetic or who will be undergoing surgery. For people undergoing surgery, it is recommended to stop taking this plant root 2 weeks prior to the surgery date.

Lastly because Glucomannan is known to increase the flow of urination, some users may experience diarrhea as a result.

Top Rated Products are free of such a varied list of adverse reactions.


A trick that companies like to use on their prospective buyers, is informing them that the ingredients in their product are “all natural”. Such is the case with health supplements that include Glucomannan. However just because a substance was not made in a laboratory, that doesn’t mean that it’s some elixir of weight management by default.

The only facet of weight loss that is addressed by this substance is quelling appetite. While not feeling hungry does certainly support weight loss, it cannot be relied on solely as a means to drop pounds off the body. There have been companies in the past that have tried to market this as such, but ultimately they were sued for false advertisement.  If you are looking for a potent weight loss supplement, your money and time are best spent elsewhere.

Top Rated Products don’t have a tendency to disappoint as this substance does.

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