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Glucocil Review – Does it Really Work?

While there is truth that obesity is a horrendous epidemic that people across the country are increasingly afflicted with, that doesn’t mean that it is the only ailment out there. There are other health complications that people may suffer from, and some of these may have a relation with obesity. These ailments include abnormal blood sugar levels, problems with the heart and problems with insulin levels being of an optimal nature. Glucocil attempts to alleviate all of these conditions. In some ways, it almost seems more about these other conditions than weight loss, as weight management is not the first point that is brought up, but it feels to be included in the package as an add on.

While this may seem to work for some, I can’t help but feel that if people use this product, they should think more about the other benefits that this may create, rather than weight loss. There are diet pills that I have seen in the past that have operated in a similar manner, and it has tricked people into thinking the product is something that it doesn’t actually happen to be.

So is that the case with this concoction? The following article will break it down.

What is it?

Glucocil is a weight management pill that focuses most of its energies on the regulation of blood sugar levels that also support blood vessel, circulatory and heart health. The product also assists in the healthy regulation of glucose, which is probably where the name for Glucocil came from. In terms of weight loss, the concoction asserts that it acts as a prohibitor of carbohydrates being absorbed into the body. There are also allegations that with the proper regulation of blood sugar levels, the end result of this is the user feeling a magnification of their energy levels, as well as a quelling of their appetite.

The issues I have with Glucocil however, are that there is a lot of focus on the blood sugar level aspect of things, with the effects on weight management seeming to be something of a side effects that also occurs with use of this product. While this may be the case, it doesn’t give off the aura that this may be completely depended upon to rely on this.

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In the very least though, the makers of this product understand the importance of both exercise and diet, and they still make sure to mention that Glucocil is not some miracle concocted by humans.

Who makes it?

Neuliven Health is the San Diego, California based company that may be accredited with bringing Glucocil into existence. The company asserts that it has been in existence since 2003, and that much like their product, they have a focus on blood sugar levels. The company really does not have much to say about itself, as it instead opts to put most of their energies in their Glucocil product. This is so much so that when I found a link to the company, I was redirected back to the Glucocil official website. The most they offer about themselves is a brief text after clicking “Neuliven Health” at the bottom of the webpage. While the company does have a link for their Facebook page, they do not seem to be active on any other social media platform.

This company is not without it’s own share of controversy. In 2023, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) sent a letter to the higher ups of Neuliven Health, stating that the company had made false claims that Glucocil was able to act as a cure to the blood sugar levels that may be afflicting people. Since then, the company has changed the wording of their product.

Does Glucocil work?

While there is some truth in that Glucocil’s official website does include scientific studies, it is not specified how these studies pertain to weight management. What we are offered are various mentionings of different studies done on individual ingredients, but there is no mention how this plays into weight loss at all, or for that matter, governing blood sugar levels in a superb manner. On the surface this may seem to be substantial, but the lack of clarification makes it not so. What may on a topical level seem to correlate to weight loss, is that with the proper regulation of blood sugar levels, people will then therefore not be eating the same quantities of sugar filled foods, which then may have an effect on weight loss. While this is an interesting theory it does not mean that people will actually lose weight from this method. There is some mention that Glucocil acts as a blockade contra to carbohydrates, but the ingredients that may act as such may not be the best to be used to attain this goal. This is backed up by independent user reviews that I have read over, where people decry this blend for not having any effect on the amount of pounds they carry around with them. There were a few good reviews, but these more pertain to blood sugar levels rather than weight loss.

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Glucocil Ingredients and Dosage

There are a total of 15 different ingredients that are listed to be contained within Glucocil. Of the 15, 5 of these are not included in the proprietary blend. These 5 substances are the only ingredients in Glucocil to have their daily recommended values listed. These ingredients are cyanocobalamin, or vitamin B12 (15mcg, 251% the daily recommended value), thiamine hydrochloride known as vitamin B2 (4mg, 266%), chromium picolinate (200mcg, 166%), pyridoxine hydrochloride as vitamin B6 (4 mg, 200%) and vitamin D3 (200 IU, 50%). The remaining 10 ingredients are all within the proprietary blend, which has a combined mass of 1050 mg. All of these don’t have their amounts listed, so we have no way of ascertaining which of these substances is potent or impotent. The only exceptions to this rule are omega 3 fatty acids (350 mg) and fish oil (1200 mg). This list includes alpha lipoic acid, cinnamon bark powder, banaba leaf extract, cissus quadrangularis, gymnema sylvestre extract,  mulberry leaf extract, phellodendron bark extract and insulina leaf extract. While there are ingredients that are known to regulate blood sugar levels, such as mulberry leaf extract, as well as there being joint remedying substances such as cissus quadrangularis, carbohydrate absorption prohibition is not a primary quality of the listed ingredients.

Users are instructed to take one softgel before lunch and repeat before dinner for the duration of the first 3 days of use. Ensuing this trifecta of days, users are instructed to repeat, except now using 2 soft gels before each meal. The meals don’t necessarily have to be lunch or dinner, but the two biggest meals consumed over the course of the day. If the concoction is forgotten to be taken during a meal, it may be taken after it has been ingested.


Are there potential side effects?

The official website for Glucocil mentions that individuals may experience gas, loose stools, constipation and bloating from the carbohydrate blockade that it provides. The makers also mention that acid reflux or heartburn may be experienced if this concoction is taken before meals, so if this happens, it is recommended to be taken after instead.

Top Rated Products don’t hide from their users the negative side effects that may be experienced from their use.


There may be some truth to the blood sugar level regulation that Glucocil may offer it’s users, but that does not mean that weight loss is necessarily part of the package as well. There are clinical studies provided, but they in no way mention how weight loss is proven from the ingredients that this concoction is comprised of. To bulwark this, there have not been many users that have reported significant weight loss. It is true, that they may praise the regulation of the blood sugar levels, but that is not the same as subtracting pounds. There may be health benefits associated with this product, but before you spend the money it is going to take to buy this product, you may want to be sure of exactly what your health goals are. If it is to drop weight, there may be better products out there that may aid you in reaching that goal.

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