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Garcinia Cambogia Select Review – Is Garcinia Cambogia Select Safe?

One of the often seen exciting realities of products intended to help rid pounds, is that there is a sudden exposure to ingredients not often seen in many countries. Many times it comes from a naturally derived ingredient seen as remedy used for many different unique purposes. Countries housing these ingredients add that there is plenty to be gained. Since there is a history of native usage,  many brands flock to use it in their supplements.

However a tradition of use surely is not sufficient enough evidence to satisfy curiosity. One must find whether the effects are positive and if so how good beneficial and strong does it stand? Well to figure this out you need either a lot of research or a true guide that has the details mapped out in full.

This disclosure is here, ready to read and pick up in a simple to read way. So you get the real noted evidence available and the format to make the search a real breeze to comprehend fully.

What is it?

Before any real information is revealed by this product you’re hit with an order page where you are to submit credit card information. An aggressive marketing tactic for sure, but Garcinia Cambogia Select does claim to do some good so it’s worth digging into. The real intention behind this formula is to provide a boost in serotonin; meaning it leads to a better mood, a decrease in appetite, and the formation of fat is also declined. All of this is said to come about with the addition of their Garcinia Cambogia extract. They run their marketing campaigns on television and a few video testimonials are added as proof positive it works.  They have about 4 customer testimonials on their site, all of them claiming they have tried countless supplements without success. There’s even images of women in bikinis on their site who look fit and trim, however it does not appear they have any testimonials. They even offer 3 videos from women who have claimed to have lost weight from Garcinia Cambogia. However they do not claim to have experienced results from this specific brand of Garcinia Cambogia Select.

There is a claim that this specific brand is the most potent extract form and that it is of the same “proven source” found in clinical trials.  They claim other company’s don’t have the right strength or weight loss properties as this brand.  It is reported that Garcinia Cambogia Select meets the criteria for a doctor recommended portion of Garcinia Cambogia. Apparently this means there is 50% of the active compound found inside these products. What is not explained however is what is meant by a doctor recommended sample of Garcinia Cambogia. No study is cited to show any doctor who has a specific recommended dosage, it does not exist.

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Also not explained is how this product is intended to burn off fat quicker, they do not mention what they are comparing their fat loss speed to. Still there needs to be more information gathered to make a good decision on this product. So here are the results…

Who makes it?

The manufacturers of this brand are Santrinico Enterprises, though they do not offer much information as to how they manage their company. In fact the only information provided by the manufacturers is to say they are not responsible for any of the marketing claims offered on their official website. In their terms and conditions section they also reiterate this point by saying no opinion of any kind is meant to hold the company accountable.  Even added to this clause is the inability for a customer to sue the brand in case of any wrongdoing.

What is offered by the company is a 90 day money back guarantee. The only real issue is there is a shipping and handling charge as well as a $10 re stocking fee. Also the item returned must not be opened. It doesn’t make much sense if one is ordering just one bottle to try. If one does not find that it works you cannot get your money back.

A red flag is raised by the lack of company information available. There is a website and a country of origin found on another website claiming they are based in Cyprus. However after digging deep I noticed the company manufactures a few other weight loss products. Apparently many customers have tried calling the company for a way to cancel shipment. However many customers have claimed the customer service representatives claim to not be able to hear them on the phone. Until more is uncovered the company is far too unknown to ensure a safe transaction.

Does Garcinia Cambogia Select work?

The only reviews not left by supposed customer testimonials on the website are on As of now the overwhelming majority claims it to be useless and without a function. Only 8 out of 36 reviews left were positive, meaning there could be a margin of error for the placebo effect.

Until the company unseals the evidence of why this brand works better than others, it remains to be seen if any effect can be gained.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

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Garcinia Cambogia Select Ingredients and Dosage

Inside are three ingredients, potassium which has numerous uses including blood pressure control, calcium for healthy bones and of course Garcinia Cambogia with 50% HCA.

HCA is short for hydroxycitric acid, and it is the compound intended to produce a faster metabolism and overall better fat loss in the body. Dosing should be taken at 1 capsule 30 minutes before a major meal.  This is meant to help reduce the fat content in one’s stomach and of course, it is intended to include fat loss.

While the company proudly states they are made in the US, after researching them it is said they operate in Cyprus. Until more information is handed it is hard to know if they are truly GMP certified, which ensures quality of ingredients.

Nothing out of the ordinary in these ingredients, however it needs to have more information to show how they extract their ingredients.

The company offers a hard to read label of their product in a miniscule size.:


Are there possible side effects?

With the limited information that exists all that is known is that the product has not worked for many. Of course there still is the fear with the obligatory contract that is processed each time a transaction is made. The contract basically mentions how any of the statements made for this product working or being safe, are not to be taken as something to hold the company accountable for. Also there is fear of how they handle any and all claims. You essentially forfeit your right to sue and bring about a class action lawsuit as the terms and conditions state. So with the unknown factor lying here it really is a warning sign that this company has backed itself to make sure a customer cannot complain of any mishaps.

No fear of side effects are needed, nor are they present in the top ranked products.


There is a lot of companies that feature Garcinia Cambogia in many different strengths and fashions. It has gained a lot of headway after being featured on television programs due to it being all natural and a well marketed ingredient. This product has been one of many that currently exists in the market arena. However they fail to add any significant reasons beyond just a bold marketing pitch.

The lacking amount of information about the company is one major risk factor. With the amount of negative reviews on previous brands of the company it is hard to take them seriously. Add to the fact they are very secretive and it becomes increasingly hard to trust them. Then there is the numerous reports of customers trying to cancel orders and stop being charged on their credit cards. Many mention the customer review people on the phone claimed to not be able to hear them. So it may be a crummy phone reception on their part, or it could be the makings of a potential scam.

It also seems too good to be real as the manufacturers make a lot of bold claims of being the very best. They claim they feature a far more superior product, yet their terms and conditions remarks otherwise. Any and all claims made by the company are said to be just opinion and that it cannot be held accountable against them. So basically any information provided by the manufacturer is to be taken as just a fabrication. With no way to actually put their statements to use it does not allow customers the right to verify the supposed benefits.

Without a reliable customer service record, a lack of company security, no money back guarantee on opened items, and an overwhelming amount of negative reviews it makes it clear. Compelling reasons for trying Garcinia Cambogia Select are non existent.

Overall much more established, well reviewed, and substantial changes come when you supplement with the right brands.

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