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Fucothin Review – Is Fucothin Safe for You?

Delving into the vast world of patented extracts seems like the ideal solution to lose weight. It means there had to be a strict amount of testing in order for there to be a government sanction allowed to sell and market this extract. It is however not a free pass, the patented ingredient may still not be worth it and there still could be some major issues involved. All it really means is a lot of testing was performed, whether or not it is promising is another question.

However in the world of extracts the process usually makes it so that any company can use it for a certain fee. So while the manufacturing may still be good, if there are introduced ingredients or if there is a fault with the implementation of ingredient to capsule, then problems can arise.

One of the perks of having a patent is that there are studies available for viewing.

So all this information comes to raise another important question, what can Fucothin actually do?

What is it?

It is essentially the combination of pomegranate oil and brown algae intended to lead the body towards thermogenesis. Of course this implies it should have the ability of improving the metabolism and in turn lead to less calories absorbed. People who this ingredient are the intended customers are people willing to put up a diet and exercise in exchange for weight management and a proper metabolism. So while a lot of the supposed science is supposed to show fat loss, the product really markets itself as a management tool, not a weight loss factor.  The company also adds that one should expect for an 8 week daily usage in order to finally start seeing results. Of course this is one of the longest time frames ever seen for results to show themselves. Also it is repeated by the manufacturers that it requires caloric deprivation as well as exercise.  Of course caloric deprivation by itself is a method of achieving weight loss so it leaves a bit of doubt as to this product’s rate of effectiveness.

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Still what is offered here is an all natural combination intended to produce weight management results. So it definitely demands a full review to analyze what it can do within the body. So here is Fucothin and its full story,

Who makes it?

This Florida based company named Garden Of Life, LLC is self described as a company that combines nature and science. Their products are available in both online and physical retailer shelves and they house many different brands.

In 2023 after the FDA exposed soy in their vitamin c product the company voluntarily recalled their one brand. In 2004 the company was busted for making grand claims on many of their products without sufficient proof. Apparently the marketing made it seem like it could cure or otherwise aid in certain diseases which required proof. No proof was offered so they had to abandon their marketing ploy to suggest such beneficial aspects.

Another exposure lead by the FDA showed that there was lead contained inside the meal replacement brand this maker formulated. This lead to a warning label which expressed the potential for lead contamination to be stated on their brands. The company refuted and said the lead levels are naturally seen in the wholesome vegetables they add.

Does Fucothin work?

Apparently a study conducted by the company under an 1800 calorie restriction showed that the women who the study was performed on, showed a 13.9 pound weight loss. In comparison to the placebo group who only lost 3 pounds. This study was apparently performed under 16 weeks, and of course 1800 calories for most would be considered a sizable deprivation.

While these results seem promising on paper, the truth is many customers who have left reviews on have said they felt nothing. In fact this is split right down the middle with half of the 200 customers who left reviews exclaiming they felt no change whatsoever. With this much room for error and the unknown quality of the supposed original clinical studies, it leaves plenty of doubt. It is not often that this many people will claim no results from a supplement without good reason. For many it plainly did not produce results.

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Far more substantial options exist to help provide weight loss.

Fucothin Ingredients and Dosage

It is a bit strange to see the dosage requirements which claim there is advance use. At 9 capsules a day with 8 oz of water per serving one can expect a full stomach on water alone. Also 9 capsules is a high number, this means the product is either not concentrated enough or that there is an inherent weakness in supplementation.  Also some prices for this brand reach out at $51.41 for a 10 day supply assuming the recommended advanced usage.

The two ingredients added to the mix are brown seaweed extract and pomegranate seed oil.  Pomegranate oil has shown an improvement on skin and a reduction of lipids. However this is often the case for healthy oil extracts. Also brown seaweed extract is full of antioxidants and it has shown a potential for providing anti inflammatory effects. However not enough studies have been conducted to showcase this. So most of the research has been left to the company who sells and markets this brand.

Here is a supplement facts list for Fucothin:


Are there possible side effects?

Well there is a lacking amount of information provided by the addition of these ingredients. Oils of too much of a rate will produce higher risks of lipids and seaweed is known to house a lot of iodine. Too much iodine can lead to a potential for a hyperactive thyroid, which may go against any benefits to weight loss.

Until much more is revealed it leaves a lot of doubt as to how this product is intended to be a safe addition. Also problematic is that since the research has been left to the manufacturers, there is a lot of trust placed on a company who would benefit from making this ingredient mixture look good. The company has had a history of recalls and the FDA has made a clear warning of this. However since very recently there was an issue of high amounts of lead in the company’s products, it leaves a lot of room to chance.

Much more favorable options exist in order to provide safe and effective weight loss.


All natural is only good when a product can ensure overall quality of use and a historical usage. Fucothin does come in as an all natural mix but it does not have the substantiated firepower from customers to really make it appear to be the top shelf supplement. There is a lack of information provided as to the long term use which is important considering it is intended to work deep within the body. A thermogenic compound should have a lot of research developed on it to ensure one will receive consistent and safe results. This factor is clearly missing in Fucothin.

Also there are many bold claims made by the company that are quickly refuted by themselves. In one of their own studies they showed a good amount of weight loss, yet they also maintain it requires diet and exercise just to manage your weight, not lose it. This fact needs to be brought up more so customers truly know what to expect.

The issue that remains looming is how so many customers have reported feeling absolutely nothing. With half the rated reviews coming from people who saw no change whatsoever it calls into account how the process really works.

A past history of safety recalls, lacking valuable information as to long term effects, large amount of users claiming no effects, and an expensive price tag weight Fucothin down significantly. Not enough reason is given as to justify the cost or even use of the product. Too many claims that are not found according to customer accounts is what really sinks this ship.

Making the transition to a proper weight loss product is no longer a chore when you have access to the top tier supplements.

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