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Forskolin Fuel Review – All You Need to Know About This Product.

Some of the most popular weight subduction products available on the market are known to be synthetically created ersatzes that have their origins in laboratories. Although this may be true, that doesn’t mean that all weight management supplements come from this place of origin. There are also products that are known to come from natural sources. To some people, these kinds of products may seem closer to ideal, because there would seem to be less of a risk of adverse effects, or so the makers of such products love to gasconade. This however, may not be always so. And while there are cases of natural substances being harmful to overall health, there are others that produce no real effect in regards to a subtraction of pounds. Still that doesn’t stop the wide audience of users from still hoping that there is a naturally derived diet pill that will get them to see the thinner versions of themselves that they thought was real only in dreams.

Forskolin Fuel markets itself to be such a product. But is it really that good? Or is it possibly a scam? Find out in today’s article.

What is it?

Forskolin Fuel is a diet pill that is derived from a substance known as coleus forskohlii. This flora corpus has recently became incredibly popular, thanks to the endorsements of a certain doctor who hosts a television show based on wellness and health. Coleus forskohlii  has been asserted to intensify the metabolism of fat molecules, although the truth about this may be a bit more questionable (more on this below.) There are also declarations that this plant based byproduct will not cause any side effects, even though there is scientific material available that would point to the contrary. The official website of this product however, does not mention this.

In fact, the official website doesn’t mention much of anything in terms of how this product works. Sounds a bit strange, especially when there is an entire section dedicated to explaining what Forskolin Fuel is, but the text that is offered is no more than promises; optimistic marketing copy used to lure potential buyers in. There are benefits listed later, however the scientific studies that are mentioned are not cited. Topically there may seem to be evidence that points in Forskolin Fuel’s favor, but again, this is just clever wording. If anything, the website of this product is used to get people excited, so much so that they aren’t thinking right, which is why there is a big arrow in the middle of the webpage for prospective buyers to “hurry” and get a free trial.

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This is something to be wary of, as there are plenty of scam products flooding the market that offer free trials, only to have these customers realize all too late that they have been put into an auto-shipment program, the likes of which may be incredibly difficult to get away from. And as the next section of this article will explain, the manufacturers of this product are not unfamiliar with this practice.

Who makes it?

The company that is behind Forskolin Fuel is the Santrinico Enterprises, which is based out of Lacarna, Cyprus. This company is known for producing many dietary supplements, however there have been numerous complaints regarding the practices that this company utilizes.The cardinal problem people derogate is the auto-shipment feature that many of their products have encased with them. What makes this company even more questionable is that they have no official website, which is strange, considering in the contemporary world how important it is for a company to have such a thing. To some extent the company does understand the importance of social media, and it does offer Facebook pages on some of their products, such as Forskolin Fuel, but as is the case with the product that is the topic of this review, the Facebook page is not frequently updated. It never looks good when a product’s marketing pages aren’t kept up to date.

Does Forskolin Fuel work?

Popularity is one thing, but just because something is beloved by a wide range of people, that doesn’t mean that it actually is as good as it is retailed to consumers to be. Sometimes people believe in the hype because the excitement that these goods ensue is too overwhelming to overcome. It is true that there have been clinical studies performed on Forskolin Fuel’s primary (and sole) ingredient, coleus forskohlii, but these results are much less optimistic than what is being advertised about the flora corpus. Studies that were performed on obese women uncovered that while weight gain may be mollified, weight loss was not bolstered. When tested on overweight men, it is true that testosterone levels were positively affected. While testosterone is vital for weight management, this test was only done on fifteen male test subjects. This is too small an amount for this to be called conclusive at all. It is not known if the benefits would transfer over to women. Further studies on coleus forskohlii have revealed that there is not a sufficient amount of data that would point to this substance being a truly robust weight loss supplement. Because Forskolin Fuel is only sold through the website that sells it, there are no independent reviews on this product that would at all authenticate any of the allegations that it makes about itself.

EDITOR'S TIP: Check our list of approved diet pills to make a right purchase decision!

Top Rated Products may be comprised of well recognized ingredients, but these ingredients are known to crusade against obesity, unlike the one in the example above.

Forskolin Fuel Ingredients and Dosage

There is only one ingredient in Forskolin Fuel, which is the flora known as coleus forskohlii. As stated earlier, this substance is used to quell hunger and accelerate metabolism, although studies have not agreed with the marketing copy that has been produced. A single serving of Forskolin Fuel has 125 mg of coleus forskohlii. The company that manufactures Forskolin Fuel does not mention how this product is to be ingested. There is a void in the place where it would be mentioned to take this with water, with food, during a certain time of day, how many a day to take or if there is an optimal amount of time that this should be taken in, be it in the long-term or on a short-term basis or if there is a maximum amount of this supplement that should not be exceeded in a given day.


Are there potential side effects?

Although Forskolin Fuel is filled with a substance that is known to be natural, that doesn’t however mean it is free of adverse effects. This runs contra to what the advertising copy on  the product has informed consumers. There is the possibility that this product may increase bleeding in cases that pertain to bleeding disorders or injury. There is also the possibility that this supplement may lower blood pressure when used in conjunction with heart related medications. Individuals with blood pressure or heart conditions are not advised to use this product, and neither are women who are nursing or who are in stages of pregnancy. Because of the possibility that this may interact with certain kinds of medications, it is recommended to consult a healthcare professional before use.

Top Rated Products do not contain misleading advertising copy that may lead users into believing that their products may not entail side effects when in reality there is the possibility of them being experienced.


Some weight management pills love to ride on the fact that they are filled with natural ingredients. While this may put at ease people who are uncomfortable with laboratory made ersatzes, that doesn’t mean that these natural ingredients are by definition superior. On the contrary, they may be just as impotent as synthetically made weight loss pills. The clinical trials that were performed on coleus forskohlii, the sole ingredient in Forskolin Fuel, was not found to be a very compelling substance, and did not show much in terms supporting a subtraction of weight in the users who this substance was tested on. And this is notwithstanding the auto-shipment feature that may be included when this product is not even purchased, but when the free trial is ordered! With such negative aspects pertaining to all parts of this product, I would advise that you save your money for a diet pill that will actually get you the results you want, while at the same time having not only scientific data to bulwark it, but being at an affordable price as well.

Top Rated Products never include hidden auto-shipment features that are a trademark quality of scam products.

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